Comments - Madman Mutilates BMW M3 Converting it to a Pickup

Published: Jun 15, 2012
Description: When an E92-based M3 targa-topped pickup was spied testing at the Nurburgring last year, news sites across the globe were scratching their heads wondering what the hell the M division was up to. As it...
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Description: This particular M3 pickup however, is no joke. In fact its currently on sale at and can be yours for 12,890 Euros. Power comes from a 3.0-liter straight-six with 282hp, it has a full leath...
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Abdoo Yukon Jun 16, 2012
What a 12.000 for this junk
Rubo Harutunyan Jun 16, 2012
I hate it and for 12k it's a too much takes the whole point of a e36 away corners but he likes it and he can do Wat ever he wants
Stephen Krane Jun 15, 2012
The m division actually built a pickup based on either the first or second gen m3, but BMW never commitioned it for production
Mathew Caleb Stanfield Jun 15, 2012
I saw an orange E46 M3 pickup last year at Bimmerfest East
Duncan Gibson Jun 15, 2012
Weve seen this before. Old news, people
Kyle Smith Jun 15, 2012
You can grab an E46 M3 in Germany for about 14-15k Euros as well I'd much rather have that. I'm not taking away from the work done here though, it looks good but it's not my preference.
Nick Schnee Jun 15, 2012
It's still very unique though. And 12K € is about 16K $, but I'm not really sure...
Kyle Smith Jun 15, 2012
It's not that much of a good deal, I mean this thing's 15 years old, probably has decent mileage on it and had been heavily customized which doesn't mean it's value will increase. In most cases, modifications done to a car decrease value.
Brandon Lidy Jun 15, 2012
12k euros comes out to about $20k right?
Nick Schnee Jun 15, 2012
12K for a One-Off M3 pickup? Sounds like a good deal.
Benjamin Davis Jr Jun 18, 2012
I doesn't look that bad!
jberaza Jun 17, 2012
looks fun as hell to drive sign me up
Billy Hreczanik Jun 16, 2012
Not bad looking actually lol I was expecting worse
Mark A. Young Jun 16, 2012
I think it's cool. At least this guy's BMW has some character.
Tony Flaherty Jun 16, 2012
Must be some fun to drift now.
Brenton Cozby Jun 16, 2012
why an M3. why not just the base 3-series? could have even used the diesel version. smh
Elias Harb Jun 16, 2012
He did a neat job though
Tyler Ocho-Cinco Jun 16, 2012
Not terrible looking. I'd buy it just to say I did.
Payton Ringrose Jun 16, 2012
thats things pretty sick
Scott Gracey Jun 16, 2012
I like it, business in the front, party in the back... Just like a mullet hahaha
Kris C. Lopez Jun 15, 2012
What?! sign me up!
Cory Allen Jun 15, 2012
Mutilated?!....ute's are badass!!!!
Darian Vorlick Jun 15, 2012
That poor, poor car.
David Liebe Hart Jun 15, 2012
I don't really get "mutilated" sure the M3 is different, but he did a good job converting it.
Ben Thompson Jun 15, 2012
Ugliest piece of shit I have ever seen
Riley Di Pol Jun 15, 2012
It's like a 240 truck
Tyler Ocho-Cinco Jun 16, 2012
Well what about the Cadillac Escalade truck thing? Still would rather have this
Lee Gardner Jun 15, 2012
Best in class towing and payload right???
Ken Louise Jun 16, 2012
The working man's performance ute aside from the Maloo
Trav Rowan Jun 16, 2012
Been done before. Some Aussie Pro golfer did a while back with a 5 series.
Riley Schreck Jun 16, 2012
I wouldnt call him a madman. I'd call him an inovator. This industry has needed a new el camino with power. I think the m3 pulls it off.
Chayton Garverick Jun 15, 2012
He could've rounded the edges he cut behind the driver and passenger
Chris Bullock Jun 15, 2012
A dark red or even a white interior would have looked better... but it's still cool
Dale Fredriks Jun 15, 2012
I actually really like it. Like, a lot.
Danyaal Farooq Jun 15, 2012
Not that bad actually ... But I would never buy it -_-
Eli Dirk Jun 15, 2012
all I have to say is....... lol
Kenneth Williams Jun 15, 2012
M engine does not make it an M3. Just means engine swap
Tin Nguyen Jun 15, 2012
Very unique. I'd buy it.
Clayton Corley Jun 15, 2012
Just needs tailgate
Emilio Ortiz Jun 15, 2012
Just because it has a M engine it means is a m3
Emilio Ortiz Jun 15, 2012
This is not an m3 it is just a 3 series
Matt Wolodkiewicz Jun 16, 2012
Yup not a fan of the yellow int
Maciej Moryl Jun 15, 2012
I want to buy this car except transform the interiors leather to a different color like red or tan or black and not yellow.
Michael Beach Jun 16, 2012
But a bed liner in it
Micah Lau Jun 15, 2012
That would be great to store ice and beer for a tailgate party.
Kris C. Lopez Jun 15, 2012
Interior is different it might take a while to get used to but this is one nice conversion
Kyle Smith Jun 15, 2012
The inside is worse than the outside and the outside is terrible!!!
Devin Babyn Jun 15, 2012
This is the mutilation
Tin Nguyen Jun 15, 2012
This yellow got to go.
Paul Scaccia Jun 16, 2012
Except for the yellow color, I like this conversion. Certainly nice racing seats. Well done I'd say.
Patrick Schalk Jun 15, 2012
Hahahaha wow. That is fugly
AM Odessit Jun 15, 2012
Does crapy stereo comes with it?