Description: A trio of drag races has been included in the latest video courtesy of Drag Times, and first up we see an Evotech-tuned 730hp Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG do battle with a stock Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG packing...
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Devin Babyn Jun 15, 2012
I know it's the sport model. I just mean it's not something that needs this kid of tune. It's just over the top and pointless. Do it to a Chally SRT8
Nick Smith Jun 15, 2012
Devin, I realize an SRT8 isn't a super car, but it actually is built for performance. A regular Grand Cherokee isn't built for "performance"
Shawn Sullivan Jun 15, 2012
And the jeep looks really good
Patrick Schalk Jun 15, 2012
People build 1000hp Gremlins and other crazy crap.
Oscar Galvan Jun 15, 2012
Because they can! Why not?
Devin Babyn Jun 15, 2012
I don't get why someone would waste there money running it up that high. It's not a performance vehicle so why push it so high. Just tune it to 6-800 that would be perfect
Jason Bartlett Jun 15, 2012
I've seen this jeep run on drag times before it ran against a porsche gt3 and a new skyline both runs we're full out the jeep ran low tens in the quarter both runs,and was well over 280 km hr on the big end ,it ran great.
Domi Bsaibes Jun 15, 2012
It's because of its aerodynamic shape, the more speed it gets the more air resistance it has. That thing is like a block ripping through speeds, it's natural for it to have lower acceleration at high speeds
Alex Klemstein Jun 15, 2012
I think the issue is its still an suv that weighs as much as an elephant.
Carlton Salmon Jun 15, 2012
Is there a speed limiter on the Jeep? It seems to slow dramatically in both races.
Description: Finally, a Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 with 760hp that has been given the once over by Hennessey Performance tackles the aforementioned 1,200hp twin-turbo Jeep. Place your bets; then sit back and enjoy.
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Alex Vasquez Jun 18, 2012
Noo, the jeep guy can't unleash 1000 hp in that kind of weather. That's why he keeps holding it back. Too wet for all that hp. Too scary. I wouldn't top speed my supercharged rover sport in the rain. It is an suv
Colby Church Jun 16, 2012
Plus since it was wet, he eased it up to about 80 before he put his foot in it. He was smart. A regular launch would've been a bad idea.
Colby Church Jun 16, 2012
If you've ever driven a Corvette, you understand why he waited so long to unleash those horses. My buddy stomped his 03 Z06 in 3rd gear one night without traction on and we did a 360. The vette's torque is unbelievable. You have to be careful.
Michael Ioia Jun 16, 2012
When Hennessey does the upgrades to the Jeep do they upgrade the drivetrain. Something went wrong but the world may never know ...
Parker Field Jun 16, 2012
Maybe the jeep had a limiter
Danyaal Farooq Jun 16, 2012
Like under and behind the jeep @3:34
Danyaal Farooq Jun 16, 2012
Something Definetley went wrong probably something to do with the debris from the jeep when it went against the vette
David Liebe Hart Jun 15, 2012
I honestly couldn't make my mind up between the two, the 'vette is nice, but I love the SRT sleeper idea
Byakka Hirakawa Jun 15, 2012
Woooo 20 sec mountain climber
Ryan Sansossio Jun 15, 2012
Im guessin the jeep guy upgraded the engine but not the drivetrain stuff. Too much power for the rest if the car to handle
Riley Gonzales Jun 15, 2012
The guy in the jeep looked like he was using the brakes the whole race on top of the hazards
Luke Davis Jun 15, 2012
Well the guy in the vet was obviously playin wit him u can hear it wn e shifts n that mk2 was rapid
Oscar Galvan Jun 15, 2012
The jeep seemed to have some problems after the quarter mile
Dylan Bruder Jun 15, 2012
Yeah that zr1 really took off when he let it loose after basically Rollin out of the line for traction
Vince DeMasi Jun 15, 2012
Why would they even think of racing in the rain it's dangerous and you get terrible times like the ZR1 13.8 in a 1/4 mile!?
Jackson Rojas Jun 15, 2012
I want to see the Turbo vs. the zr1
Jack Higgins Jun 15, 2012
The jeep took off then broke something
Zachary Cresent Jun 15, 2012
You can see debris come from under the jeep when it runs against the ZR1
Patrick Schalk Jun 15, 2012
Jesus that ZR1 took off. I don't think he even really hit the gas until almost halfway down.
Jason Bartlett Jun 15, 2012
The zr1 is for sure faster then a 13 second quarter mile car
Zeus Mocha Jun 15, 2012
so, the ZR-1 didn't seem like it went off the line right. Either it started at a higher gear for traction purposes or something was wrong with it as well.
Zeus Mocha Jun 15, 2012
The Jeep skipped a gear with the Porche for sure. You could see it went off the line right for a few feet but then something happened. It did better with the second run but I still don't think it went for the 1/4. Something was just wrong with it. Al
Craig Lafey Jun 15, 2012
They have a lingenfelter ZR1?! I have to see it. I love the ZR1 that's my dream car. It seems like there was something wrong with that Jeep tho. It wasn't even trying.
Sivert Grande Jun 15, 2012
The Jeep sure had some problems on the wet surface, so he only went for the 1/4 mile times. You can clearly see him brake after the 1/4 mile line.
Dillon Dixon Jun 15, 2012
Mmmm I love that ZR1. After seeing a lingenfelter ZR1, I really really love the ZR1.
Micah Lau Jun 15, 2012
Anyhow, either the Jeep was only concerned with 1/4 mile times or the driver is a big suck who pulled up (he *did* hit the brakes) after realizing that he was going to lose - making it a no competition, of sorts.
Micah Lau Jun 15, 2012
@Barry: You call rain?! There's nothing to call, it *was* raining in the video. Your statement is only valid had you posted the comment before watching the video, which is unlikely.
Walker Carroll Jun 15, 2012
A better would've been the E63 vs the ZR1
Lee Cascio Jun 15, 2012
He missed 2nd gear against the Porsche and gave up. I'm sure he was only going after 1/4 mile times would any of you guys feel safe trying to top out a 1200hp jeep Cherokee in the rain anyway?
Cameron Duncan Condy Jun 15, 2012
I would assume it had issues. Look at the second run km/h at the mile mark with 4 ways on....
Luke Murray Jun 15, 2012
Get that jeep running proper so it can do more than about 80mph then it will be a weapon took off well second run and so it should for 1200 Bhp
J'son DelToro Jun 15, 2012
I think the jeep only cared about 1/4 mile times.
uptown Jun 15, 2012
there was obviously something wrong with the jeep.
Barry Boo Wilson Jun 15, 2012
Uh ok that sucked. Plus before anyone one else I call wet again!
Lou Guerrero Jun 15, 2012
It pulled super hard the second run and coasts the rest of the way?
Matt Hall Jun 15, 2012
When the jeep was up against that Porsche it seemed to lurch or dive when it switched gears and it did seem slow for 1200 hp
Matt Piccolo Jun 15, 2012
That jeep seemed slow for 1,200 hp
Micah Lau Jun 15, 2012
The one on the far left looks like she's just about to crouch down to take a dump. The one next to her does not have a butt, she has a long back.
Mikey Jimenez Jun 15, 2012
The first one has some nice legs and her butt is nice to!
Phillip Greene Jun 15, 2012
Not a decent ass in the bunch....
Kyle Smith Jun 15, 2012
We need more photos like this on Carbuzz. Excuse me while I visit the restroom.
Calogero Rumeo Jun 15, 2012
The second from the left has a flatter ass than my grilled cheese sandwich.
statusone Jun 15, 2012
the sponsors across the skirts just looks ridiculous
Patrick Schalk Jun 15, 2012
Far right for me
Kenneth Williams Jun 15, 2012
No no no no no. None of them have any butt
Zeus Mocha Jun 15, 2012
The second from the left is flatter then the letter l in flat.
Dillon Dixon Jun 15, 2012
Any would be good, but I'll go with the second from the left for first choice.
Axel Cousins Jun 15, 2012
No to the girl in the middle and the girl to the right of her
Matt Sutton Jun 15, 2012
Um...where did their butts go? This pic makes me sad.
Clint Edwards Jun 15, 2012
Advertising, you're doing it right
Luke Murray Jun 15, 2012
Just need a bit of northerly wind right about now!!!
Lou Guerrero Jun 15, 2012
"does this skirt make me look like a gold digger?"
Matt Piccolo Jun 15, 2012
Oooooo... I'll take ughhh any? Lmao