Description: An unrivalled collection of exotic cars has been up for sale via the simply-named website ferraricollectionfor for some time now. Many of the cars have been sold, many still remain; indeed ov...
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Abdoo Yukon Jun 16, 2012
Very bad looking frame body
Buddy Robinson Jun 15, 2012
I wouldn't, cause I'd be rich. No, I'd drive em till they break, then fix them
Kenneth Williams Jun 15, 2012
Well if I was that rich is buy 2 of everything and resell them for hefty profit down the line
Yves Corbeau Jun 15, 2012
What a waste... All those cars and never driven them!
Lee Cascio Jun 15, 2012
Brand new because it's never been driven.
Chris Penza Jun 15, 2012
Brand new 1994. Is that supposed to be an oxymoron?
Description: The Sultan of Brunei and brother Prince Jeffri, famed for their alleged multi-thousand collection, are more than capable. Adding further weight to the argument the liquidator owner hails from the roya...
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Mr Two Jun 16, 2012
soul maybe..feelings NO
Todd Muhlfelder Jun 16, 2012
They aren't even displayed well. If your not going to drive it then hang them in the house. I'm thinking one in the living room over the couch. Maybe two in the bedroom over the bed. Not hysteria parked like a ford assembly line.
Thibault Leroy Jun 16, 2012
@Cody and they also have a soul
Cody Andree Jun 15, 2012
Cars most certainly have feelings...... Fool
Landon Lauer Jun 15, 2012
big ferrari collection
Kyle Smith Jun 15, 2012
Looks marvelous indeed, I wouldn't personally pay 1 million for this but I can certainly see why the price is as such. It would be a great investment assuming the next owner continues to store it, could be worth more in the future.
John Serely Jun 15, 2012
It certainly looks great!
Jackson Michael Jun 15, 2012
Thanks Mr. Two I hate when people do lat
Mr Two Jun 15, 2012
cars dont have feelings fool
Justin Harris Jun 15, 2012
Can you imagine yourself staying indie for years without going outside once? I bet that's how these cars feel :(
Description: Although Ferrari enthusiasts were very keen on a drop top Testarossa, the Italian supercar maker decided Agnelli's silver-colored Spider would remain a one-off project. Of course independent tuni...
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Description: Priced at $950,000 the broker is based in New Zealand, but the rare Spyder Convertible, along with the other new, unused or original factory condition rare supercars, is located in a private garage in...
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Justin ChalkChalk Smalyinator Jun 16, 2012
Yay New Zealand!!
Logan LeMonnier Jun 16, 2012
I'm pretty sure that doesnt happen if they start the car regularly
Tanton Stoneman Jun 15, 2012
Update, most likely an upside-down straight twelve.
Tanton Stoneman Jun 15, 2012
I wouldn't buy that car. Flat engines go out of balance after only a couple months of being unused. That things engine is probably a downturned V by now.
Chris Penza Jun 15, 2012
Me too it's unique, but looks great
Andrew Hubbard Jun 15, 2012
I like the color.
Louis Marr Jun 17, 2012
What an amazing car
Luis M Lopez Jun 16, 2012
My passat is 2002.... Lol
Brad Wood Jun 15, 2012
Right! It's 10 years old and looks like it could be "Ferrari's latest supercar". Brilliant!
Danyaal Farooq Jun 15, 2012
Hard to believe this is a 2002!
Alex Santaspirt Jun 15, 2012
Hey thats mine!!
John Serely Jun 15, 2012
Love the Enzo. Still looks like it could have come out this year!
Alex Santaspirt Jun 18, 2012
Front is so ugly and 90s
Sam Oglesby Jun 16, 2012
Not the only one Brian I do to but the f40 is so much better car
Charlie Best Jun 16, 2012
Love F40, F50, and Enzo. They are all beautiful machines.
Logan LeMonnier Jun 16, 2012
Better looking then the Enzo
Nathan Enos Jun 16, 2012
Favorite Ferrari.
Cho Dan Jun 15, 2012
No 288 GTO. His collection is incomplete.
Alex Sundvall Jun 15, 2012
The f40 is actually behind the f50 guys...I saw it too.
Lee Cascio Jun 15, 2012
I'll take this one
Chris Penza Jun 15, 2012
I love this car, but it was a bad successor because of how great the f40 is
Hank Austin Jun 15, 2012
Whoa... You must be a mind reader... Or an electronic device mind reader... Can you tell the future too?... Am I ever going to own this car oh great one?
Chris O'Brien Jun 15, 2012
yeah, it's in the next picture.
Sam Oglesby Jun 16, 2012
Ahhhh loveliness
Tanton Stoneman Jun 15, 2012
I think the one under the cover is a 599. If you look it has a hollow mirror holder thing.
Cho Dan Jun 15, 2012
F40 is the best exotic car ever, period!
Brad Wood Jun 15, 2012
Fun to see these three consecutive photos of such amazing cars, F40, F50 and Enzo. Evolution of the Ferrari supercar. Can't wait to see the next
Brandon Scobell Jun 15, 2012
its a ford pinto under that cover
Chris Penza Jun 15, 2012
The 2nd greatest car to ever leave Italy. Aside from the zonda
Alberto Rajerno Jun 15, 2012
Wonder what the car under the cover is
Michael Nascimento Jun 16, 2012
Maserati Quattroporte of the the right under the cover
Andrew McNeal Jun 15, 2012
Why were the Mondials so bad?
Brad Wood Jun 15, 2012
The one car that wasn't worth buying.
Alex Santaspirt Jun 18, 2012
Only Ferrari most of us can
Ben August Jun 15, 2012
Only Ferrari worth owning
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Jun 16, 2012
No, the 612 is the ugliest one!
Roger James Franco Jun 15, 2012
I think the 599 is one of the ugliest Ferarris to ever come out of Maranello. Boring design. If it had a Hyundai badge on it no one would like it.
John Serely Jun 15, 2012
Love the 599! Gorgeous car!
Louis Marr Jun 17, 2012
The rims on that are nice
Bryan Bohling Jun 15, 2012
That looks amazing!
John Serely Jun 15, 2012
The California is one of my favorite cars
Blaze9794 Jun 15, 2012
I love yellow californias
William Forgham Aug 19, 2012
This is my favorite car in the world at the moment.
Scott Mitchell Jun 17, 2012
Not many people know or realize that the 246GT or "Dino" was NOT (at least in the official sense of the word.) a Ferrari. Its engine was built at Maranello and final assembly took place on a small line beside the old V12 final assembly line. "Dino" was the name of Enzo's first born son who was killed racing in the grueling Mille Miglia race. The car was the pet project of Enzo as a tribute to h...
Matt Piccolo Jun 15, 2012
This is one of the very few ferraris I don't like
Drew Weigel Jun 15, 2012
if i could buy this i would
Roger James Franco Jun 15, 2012
Now we're talkin. THE supercar of the 20th century full stop.
Sam Oglesby Jun 16, 2012
The best car jaguar ever made
Tanton Stoneman Jun 15, 2012
This car is my favorite.
Dale Fredriks Jun 15, 2012
My favorite in here by a thousand miles.