Comments - Atypical Honda Concepts

Published: Jun 15, 2012
Description: In a perfect world, the much-loved and now sadly deceased S2000 would be rereleased, and at least one of these atypical Honda concepts would go from concept to reality. Unfortunately, we don't li...
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Description: Design student Michael Mcgee has created his version of a futuristic S2000. Mcgee's design was created for a competition sponsored by Honda. The competition challenged students to design an S2000...
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Rob walker Jun 16, 2012
concepts that are this unrealistic bug me
Description: Guangzhou Honda pulled a stunner at the 2009 Shanghai Motor Show when they pulled the wraps off of the Linian roadster. The Linian roadster is everything a good concept car should be. It has a futuris...
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Brendan Bell Jun 18, 2012
350z headlights and front end
Scott Gall Jun 17, 2012
looks more like a 370z front end then an Aston martin
Tyler Ocho-Cinco Jun 16, 2012
Ripped the front off from an Aston Martin. Usually China is the one with the cheap knock offs.
Chris Bullock Jun 15, 2012
This is awesome, but they will never make it...
Hank Austin Jun 15, 2012
Looks good, this could be an amazing car if they made it..
Matt Piccolo Jun 15, 2012
This isn't bad, the light stretches back too far but other than that, it's nice
Description: Nikita Kalinin's Honda X-Track is designed for both the street and the track. This hybrid concept features a KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) system to recapture energy lost during breaking....
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Nick Sti Jun 15, 2012
This would never happen, but it looks cool
Sam Oglesby Jun 15, 2012
Looks like a civic with a few panels missing
Description: The Honda Kaze is the epitome of an eco-friendly car. The Kaze's windshield is filled with transparent solar panels, its roof is fitted with a sail and it has a kite that deploys in case you need...
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Tyler Ocho-Cinco Jun 16, 2012
Sail car? James May had one on Top Gear and it didn't really work out.
Hank Austin Jun 15, 2012
I'm sorry but I really only have respect for cars that need a kite/parachute to stop themselves
Hank Austin Jun 15, 2012
Because the wind is probably moving at like 10mph and your car is moving at 0 because it's out of battery...
Tegra1 Jun 15, 2012
I will tell you SHIT,ok a couple of these concepts I would like to see on the road ,but this one no thanks it should have not been shown
Janak Solanki Jun 15, 2012
What exactly am I looking at?