Comments - AC Schnitzer RAPTOR: Fastest MINI in the World?

Published: Jun 15, 2012
Description: German BMW tuner AC Schnitzer has created one hell of a fast MINI that has just posted a lightning quick lap time at the world famous Hockenheim circuit.
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Description: Based on the MINI JCW Coupe, the AC Schnitzer Raptor recorded a fastest lap time of 1m10.87s, which is 1.11 seconds quicker than last year's fastest MINI - another creation of AC Schnitzer dubbed...
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William Downs Jun 16, 2012
yea thats more what i ment, didnt wanna get chewed out cause i didnt mention muscle, its not perfect but i see way more clean imports now a days then fart cannon civics with there auto store stick ons and ghetto rims
Evan Wolfe Jun 16, 2012
Muscle cars are usually done right in the US but European n' Japanese cars are done bad here in the states :/ I hate ricers with their fart pipes n' crap. True JDM tuning relies on function over form
William Downs Jun 15, 2012
maybe where u live but round me its way better then it was years ago, imports are actually done properly not as many fart cannon civics, and muscle cars being restored for track and or strip use
Evan Wolfe Jun 15, 2012
Ha! Goes to show that automotive tuning still improves on something already good! But for the most part the tuning scene in America is dead. Prove me wrong... We tuners still tune but I'm talking about the whole lifestyle so don't get angry
Description: A host of upgrades transformed the JCW Coupe into a track demon. Engine power was increased from 208hp and 192lb-ft to 300hp and 251lb-ft of torque by adding a turbo and intercooler, an engine managem...
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Max Waite Jun 15, 2012
What is an ion battery? Perhaps Lithium ion?
Description: Finally it was given a new matt 'Racing Silver' body color and fitted with 18-inch Mi2 BiColor alloys. Inside AC Schnitzer added a roll cage, carbon racing bucket seats with Raptor logo, and...
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Jason Brower Jun 15, 2012
JCW minis are amazing stock, my cousin in law has one with only simple upgrades: intake, exhaust, coils, fuel pump, wheels an rubber and a tune. And that thing is a monster, it hold the ground so well it feels like being on rails.