Posted on: Jun 14, 2012
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Infiniti FX Fiddled by UAE Tuning Firm Matdes

A styling proposal for the Infiniti FX has surfaced from the United Arab Emirates.
Tuning projects from the UAE don't normally register on our radar, but this particular example, based on the Infiniti FX, has managed to surface. Created by the firm Matdes, a tuner that specializes "in creating distinctive individualization design programs for the Infiniti FX," this recent project is made up of a comprehensive selection of aerodynamic parts such as a new vented hood, redesigned front bumper and grille assembly, and front apron with LED lights.
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Also included are a wheel arch extension, side air vent, headlamp and taillight trims, side sills, and a rear bumper with diffuser and reshaped tailpipes. Completing the transformation is a new set of larger alloys and an assortment of body color wraps.

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by Adam Lynton
Infiniti FX Fiddled by UAE Tuning Firm Matdes
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