Comments - Hot Blondes Go Drifting in a BMW M3

Published: Jun 14, 2012
Description: Turner Motorsport is the latest company to bring us a video with hot girls being scared to death in a fast car. Although in this particular video short the girls actually love the ride, tire smoke an...
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statusone Jun 15, 2012
those glasses are idiotic
Mikey Jimenez Jun 15, 2012
@Russ who cares about boobies the girl without the sun glasses is gorgeous!
Carlton Salmon Jun 15, 2012
Girl without glasses is way hotter.
Calogero Rumeo Jun 15, 2012
I might be crazy but something about her face I find weird. Would I still spend 120 on a dinner for us two? Why not. Would I buy an expensive wine for the hotel? Probably not.
Russ Sugar Jun 14, 2012
Where the boobies tho? This is not a typical girl+car+drift video.
Kyle Rawn Jun 14, 2012
What happened after though? O.o
Scott Lenahan Jun 14, 2012
First girl... Prettiest girl ever on this app... Thank you carbuzz. Stunningly gorgeous!
Mathew Caleb Stanfield Jun 14, 2012
Yeah that cars just a bit shy of 80k or really shy of it depending on what your options are. Also that car can handle drifting you think they would throw that much horsepower in a car without the frame being able to handle it????
Zain Sheikh Jun 14, 2012
@ervis not 80 K . My cousin placed an order in 2008 for a interlagos blue E92 . And that chassis is built good it's meant to withstand the force of gravity against it . And thats why it has settings for firm for racing and soft for cruising
Calogero Rumeo Jun 14, 2012
She reminds me of Francine from American Dad. Naaaa I'm just playing. She's hot though.
Ervis At Jun 14, 2012
Cool video but drifting with an 80k car I don't know about that After drifting the frame is not as it was when it left the factory however she was right go fast lol
Phillip Chan Jun 14, 2012
I mean the one without the sunglasses on
Phillip Chan Jun 14, 2012
Yep she's stunning
Jackson Rojas Jun 14, 2012
I agree, she's HOT
Irish Jun 14, 2012
Wow gorgeous girl, naturual beauty.
Patrick Schalk Jun 14, 2012
Niceh. She kinda looks like Scarlett Johansen
Description: A BMW Performance Driving School Chief Driving Instructor was the on-track chauffeur for the pair of gorgeous Turner Motorsport Girls who were given a hot lap of Mid-Ohio in a E92 M3 coupe normally us...
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Joey Pena Jun 14, 2012
"hot" lap... anyone else find that funny?
David Liebe Hart Jun 16, 2012
Good lord she is fine
Rune Stallaert Jun 15, 2012
Scott Lenahan Jun 14, 2012
She is the type of girl that you get wowed by how gorgeous she is, yet she looks totally approachable and like she would be very real with you. I love girls like that! Not fake, she is just beautiful!
Avery Williams Jun 14, 2012
I agree with the last four comments. She's hot, sexy, and best of all, natural. Troy is right, you really can't fine any natural girls these days.
Troy Kessler Jun 14, 2012
She is beautiful and natural tough to find these days
Micah Lau Jun 14, 2012
Moreover, she is so hot, she makes me want to strangle a Siberian mountain goat with my bare hands.
Micah Lau Jun 14, 2012
@ Dillon: It should be obvious that we are joking about her being unattractive. I would consider buying her a fancy dinner to spend a night with her.
Dillon Dixon Jun 14, 2012
You guys are WAY too picky. At least she doesn't look completely fake. I find her very attractive.
sprinterdoug Jun 14, 2012
Maybe I'm a moron, but we need a Picture in Picture view of the outside of the car as it drifts.
Nick Benz Jun 14, 2012
Yeah and that fat roll in her armpit is just gross. How unattractive
Micah Lau Jun 14, 2012
She has a hair out of place - very unattractive.