Description: British muscle car fans rejoice! The Euro-spec Camaro Coupe & Convertible models have finally made their way to Chevrolet showrooms. Don't get too excited however, as while the Camaro has bee...
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Carlton Salmon Jun 15, 2012
I have to say at those prices you get a lot of bang for your buck, but unfortunately it won't sell in large numbers here in the same way the Monaro didn't. Too big, too thirsty and no RHD all count against it. It's a pity, as I really like this car.
Bob Thebuilder Jun 15, 2012
Of rather have an Alfa for that money
repulse Jun 14, 2012
no right hand drive? wudafuq
Phillip Greene Jun 14, 2012
Quality isnt an issue its not the same in aperance the bmw has more wood trim and is more flashy but honestly iv driven 06 and up 7s, 6s and a few 3 series models and I would still take the camaro 2ss or zl1 8 days a week over those " luxury sports cars" which dont seem to have much torque till about 3.5-4k, just sayin its all about what you personaly look for in a car and I agrea I dont think th...
Patrick Joseph Jun 14, 2012
That's the stupidest thing I've heard in a long time. I'm a big camaro fan. I love this car. But no right hand drive configuration is a massive turn off for me. And what's with the price? Forget that. Terrible marketing right there.
Anthony Villa-Garcia Jun 14, 2012
The camaro is made in Canada.
Patrick Schalk Jun 14, 2012
I guess Logan doesn't understand the way the world works haha.
Jackson Michael Jun 14, 2012
Ya idk what would've made him think that
Kyle Anderson Jun 14, 2012
@Logan I'm not saying the Camaro is a better car than BMW or Benz etc. I'm just saying the reason it is more in the U.K. than in the U.S. is because it is an import, therefore try have to raise the price to cover shipment costs, customs etc.
David Gray Jun 14, 2012
Does euro spec mean they've made the car out of quality materials this time? :-)
Logan LeMonnier Jun 14, 2012
@kyle why do you think bmws are so popular in europe? Muscle cars may be special but they dont have the same quality. And if Europeans are going to pay a lot more due to taxes they should get right hand drive
Quinn Conner Jun 14, 2012
Comparable in price, NOT to be mistaken with comparable in terms of QUALITY like a Benz or BMW. Haha
Kyle Anderson Jun 14, 2012
The only reason the price is so steep is because it's an import, a Camaro for the UK is comparable to a BMW or Benz for the U.S.
gammo66 Jun 14, 2012
gorgeous car & its great to offer it over here in the uk but the price of our road tax & fuel prices will mean it won't sell well like the monaro
Patrick Schalk Jun 14, 2012
It'll be interesting to see how the Brits welcome the Camaro. The price is a little steep though.
Phillip Chan Jun 14, 2012
Yeah would be good if they bothered to convert it to right hand drive.
Hank Austin Jun 14, 2012
Yeah it's sorta like they took the number and just put a euro symbol in front of it...
Zeus Mocha Jun 14, 2012
Damn that's nearly twice as much.
Jakob-Kyle Gilbert Jun 14, 2012
It's ok it has still got a 6.2L V8 :L
Josh Grove Sep 27, 2012
To get the LEDs you have to buy a special package called the RS package. Available on the 2LT 2SS and a couple more trims. It's optional.
Luis Erick Marcano Schmilinsky Jun 28, 2012
No, the 2LT and the 2SS come with LED, I hear they will make the LEDs standard issue for all models
Chris Penza Jun 15, 2012
Only Europeans get the LEDs?
P.j. Reagan Jun 14, 2012
Now that is a nice car
Description: An optional 45th Anniversary package comes in at an additional £1,500. Camaro models equipped with the manual 'box feature an LS3 6.2-liter V8 rated at 426hp and 415lb-ft of torque; and can ...
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Chris Penza Jun 15, 2012
5.4 seconds is that right? It seems too long for me
Shane Conner Jun 15, 2012
@charlie best, well said. Not a fan of many American cars. American makers give too many choices in their models. Make it 1-3 ways and that's it. Wonder why they needed a bailout. To many options and money investing in too many options.
Charlie Best Jun 15, 2012
I must not know anything ? Ok well that's fine guys. All I was saying is that the camaro is not an impressive car in " my opinion". I would rather have a German or Japanese sports car. The only us cars that are impressive are the cts-v and the zr-1
Michael Nascimento Jun 15, 2012
Richard Hammond probably got the 1st one!
Carlton Salmon Jun 15, 2012
@ Cody. The Camaro doesn't have a live rear axle, the Mustang does. The Camaro has independent rear suspension.
Quinn Conner Jun 14, 2012
@avery Like stated, uk prices. this Camaro costs £40,000/$85,000 New GTR costs £53,000/$100,000 New BMW M3 costs £50,000/$90,000 I'm sorry, the choice would be very clear to me if I had to take out a loan. One would just ask for a GTR over Chevy
Matt Piccolo Jun 14, 2012
If jack means an Evo or sti over a camaro I'm with him :) either new evo or 03-07 sti for me please
Cody Andree Jun 14, 2012
Jacks crazy. Just clearly
Jack Howard Jun 14, 2012
Yeah id definetly rather have a lancer evo or a subaru wrx or wrx sti
Devin Babyn Jun 14, 2012
Patrick, IS-F not LFA
Rubo Harutunyan Jun 14, 2012
I'm sorry sir but the GTR is no decent car it's a pure beast Good day to u
Patrick Joseph Jun 14, 2012
85k in US money. That's what £40k is worth approximately. Camaro all the way though. It's sad that you need a gtr or an lfa to compare to a camaro. It just shows that Japanese cars are either plain pooh or mad expensive "decent" cars.
Stephen Tyler Learn Jun 14, 2012
I think he actually only stated three cars. The gtr Evo and isf. Different trims don't really count in my mind
Abraham Mendoza Jun 14, 2012
Change the rules? I thought you would compare this car with others Japanese cars of the same price range cause that's what you're supposed to do. You don't see people comparing a Honda Civic Si with a Nissan GTR. Come now meow.
Callum Mckay Jun 14, 2012
My '70 GTO is just as quick... If not quicker than that to 60
Avery Williams Jun 14, 2012
@Quinn Clearly you didn't read the article. The UK Camaro is priced around from £35,025 to £40,025. So where you've saw 85K Camaro, i'm not sure.
P.j. Singleton Jun 14, 2012
5.4? In the U.S. the V8 manual hits 4.5 and the V6 is 5.7. Who's doing the test run? Jeremy Clarkson's mother?
Patrick Schalk Jun 14, 2012
Guess you didn't read the article Quinn.
Quinn Conner Jun 14, 2012
You would start to change the rules. This will be the last time I prove you wrong since you will just complain and change things to your liking. :) Gtr is 90k. This camaro in the uk cost 85k. I think that is a very fair comparison. Lol
Abraham Mendoza Jun 14, 2012
First of all, those Lancers are not mass produced and last I checked they cost around $60,000. Camaro to GTR? I know I said cars that could beat it, but I didn't mean cars that cost almost triple the cost. Guess I should've been more clear.
Patrick Schalk Jun 14, 2012
Hahahahaha Quinn you crack me up. Do you know how retarded it is to compare a GTR to a Camaro SS.
Matt Piccolo Jun 14, 2012
Yea I'm pretty sure v8 is closer to about 4.7-4.8... It's definitely not 5.4
Quinn Conner Jun 14, 2012
1/4 times V8 camaro, motor trend rates at 13.1 GTR spec v, 11.5 GTR r35, 11.7 Mitsubishi lancer mr fq400 12.2 Mitsubishi fq360 12.6 Mitsubishi fq340 12.8 Lexus is-f 13.0 That's 6 that (quote) " beat a v8 camaro!! Have a good day
Abraham Mendoza Jun 14, 2012
Japanese performance? Name 6 new cars that beats a V8 Camaro.
Domi Bsaibes Jun 14, 2012
Numbers are wrong. Should be 4.5
Patrick Schalk Jun 14, 2012
Haha Charlie must not know about anything. The numbers are WAY off.
Cody Fullerton Jun 14, 2012
*cough* live rear axle *cough*
Charlie Best Jun 14, 2012
Camaro is a joke guys. Mustang blows it away, Chevy just can't keep up with ford's performance or the Japanese performance. Sad
Charlie Best Jun 14, 2012
5.4 0-60? That sucks! 426 hp and that's all she's got? Not impressed at all for that engine or price. Major fail.
Dylan Bruder Jun 14, 2012
It's more like 4.5
Cezary Koral Jun 14, 2012
Those numbers are way off
Tom Mcleod Jun 14, 2012
0-60 seems way slow considering the V6 does it in just a few tenths of a second slower.. That can't be right.
Description: All models sold in Europe will have leather interior, specific suspension tuning on the convertible models for European roads, specific metric speedometer, and a large front license plate bracket.
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Patrick Joseph Jun 15, 2012
Pj did you not see I said I was looking forward to this. How is that hating. I hate the fact that Chevy just took the piss out of us and presents the camaro as a supercar worth 80k in your money. No wonder they nearly went out of business.
Ryan Biesbroek Jun 15, 2012
Well this beats drivin your moms camry around....
P.j. Reagan Jun 14, 2012
Well someone is a hate *cough* Patrick *cough*
Patrick Joseph Jun 14, 2012
All models sold...... I hope not a single one gets sold. It'll teach Chevy to go big or go home. What are we? Fools? I was really looking forward to this. What a disappointment. I feel let down.
Ruben Perez Oct 15, 2012
Nice need those lights for mine!!!
Vatsal Patel Jul 01, 2012
why cant we have these lights in The States?!?
Chris Penza Jun 15, 2012
Those lights are sweet
Paul Lissona Jun 15, 2012
I like the lights too.
Eli Dirk Jun 15, 2012
I think the lights look awesome on this camaro.
Cody Gillard Jun 15, 2012
i like those tailights they look pretty cool
Phillip Greene Jun 14, 2012
Afterburner kit looks better these look like a cheap led strip set
Matt Piccolo Jun 14, 2012
Not a fan of this car either way, but those tail lights are nicer than ours for sure!!! Lol
P.j. Reagan Jun 14, 2012
@Christopher, the next camaro generation is comeing out in 2015
Jamie Perigo Jun 14, 2012
Tail lights look better than Us version
Patrick Joseph Jun 14, 2012
It looks dated cause it took its inspiration from the original camaro. Then I guess the challenger looks dated too. I find it to be bang on. That's just me though.
Badoor Nasser Mobarak Jun 14, 2012
That looks good !
Christopher Alex Mohamed Jun 14, 2012
The look of the camaro is staring to show its age. An update is needed. Just a cosmetic update. No offense to camaro lovers.
David Pires-Ihsaan Jun 14, 2012
They look like glasses..
Domi Bsaibes Jun 14, 2012
Similar to the ones Hot Wheels made
Brendon Davis Jun 14, 2012
I kinda wish America had those taillights.
Tony Flaherty Jun 14, 2012
Read the article.
Dylan Bruder Jun 14, 2012
No they changed to meet uk standards
Jahaziel Ortiz Jun 14, 2012
American tail lights aren't like that? or are they?
Weston Pilley Jun 15, 2012
Not a single US state offers a European-spec plate. I wish because I've checked and suggested many times to my local DMV that they offer Euro-spec, they just look more sophisticated.
Shawlyn Wiesner Jun 15, 2012
This car looks freakin dangerous
Patrick Schalk Jun 15, 2012
Do Europeans need bigger mirrors because they suck at driving?
Phillip Greene Jun 14, 2012
Those mirors are so bad looking and not the bad as bad I mean goofy as hell bro
Josh Knight Jun 14, 2012
Dude they're rectangles
Patrick Joseph Jun 14, 2012
I know. In America it's a little square. With funny colours and stuff on them. Each state has its own.
Ben August Jun 14, 2012
No way! I didn't know that. Changing mine ASAP.
Stephen Wicoff Jun 14, 2012
You know, but each state offers the European-styled plate (with a higher price of course).
Ben August Jun 14, 2012
I always liked euro-plates. American plates have awkward proportions, that have a tendency to skew the look of the car.
Lee Oleinick Jun 14, 2012
Looks very nice from this angle. Wish the car was more rounded
Craig Lafey Jun 14, 2012
I hope those tail lights are on the 2013 and newer models.
Ghaith AL-sharari Jun 14, 2012
Ther better than the last one
Alex Klemstein Jun 15, 2012
Read the article.
Jason Bartlett Jun 14, 2012
Why is he not driving on the other side?
Michael Nascimento Jun 15, 2012
Patrick Schalk Jun 15, 2012
Cause Europeans think we are still in the 60s. A 2.5L 4 pot is probably considered a big block to them.
Mikey Jimenez Jun 14, 2012
Why does everyone think this is a big block??
Stephen Tyler Learn Jun 14, 2012
You mean small block
Phillip Greene Jun 15, 2012
Yeah kinda but there auxilary gages most cars dont even have them at all its really just to be retro cuz the first gen had 'em
Paul Dickey Jun 15, 2012
Those gauges are pointless down there.
Phillip Greene Jun 15, 2012
What ever dudes its all opinion, leather is leather, I like the sumple classic look I think bmws are too buisy and im 6'2 and I have no problem with head room or visibily and yes if I had 40k to blow I would definatly ditch the galant for a white 2ss with a flat black mowhawk
Domi Bsaibes Jun 15, 2012
Yep visibility is really bad. Challenger's interior is much much better than this
Ceyda Deniz Gurler Jun 15, 2012
Hey philip, why you're so angry dude? Did you buy one of these And told to people.. Hey guys this car is awesome especialy the interior :D
Wilson LaFaver Jun 15, 2012
Ya I have sat in a couple and visibility is really bad. Bad even for a sports car.
Matt Piccolo Jun 14, 2012
I was in one a few months ago and yes, they need better quality interiors no dout.. They also need to make it so you have something to rest ur arm on if ur under 6"6 as I'm 6"1 and couldn't rest my arm anywhere... They also need to prove visibility!!
Phillip Greene Jun 14, 2012
Dude your so a picture whore go sit in one if these and then tell me it needs a better inerior you cant see quality in a picture you tool
Ceyda Deniz Gurler Jun 14, 2012
Actually this monter deserves a better interior.
Riku Herukka Jun 14, 2012
The original camaro steering wheel looks better