Comments - Chris Harris Goes BMW Budget Rallying in Old 3-Series

Published: Jun 14, 2012
Description: Moving away from his standard escapades behind the wheel of the latest supercar, Chris Harris has made the excellent decision to undertake a spot of BMW rallying in an old 3-Series.
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Omar Aboul-Houda Mar 28, 2013
I want one of these.
Patrick Joseph Jun 14, 2012
The last thing he said made me laugh. I expected some cheesy bullcrap.
Cian Rules Jun 14, 2012
Top gear went rally cross completly diffent
Darren Nardo Jun 14, 2012
Chris Harris is the man!!
Paul Lissona Jun 14, 2012
I like e30 BMW a lot.
Thibault Leroy Jun 14, 2012
i felt like they were trying to copy top gear
Dylan Bruder Jun 14, 2012
Haha pos trailer and land rover xD
Lou Guerrero Jun 14, 2012
Looked like a fun guy trip
Moe Sargi Jun 14, 2012
A bmw with hyundai stickers on the side loool
Description: Having spent £4,000 on a E30 BMW 325i and after leaving it in the shed for a few months, Harris finally decided to get the car to Phil Price Rally School in the middle of Wales for some sideways ...
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Logan Delony Jun 15, 2012
Especially the rover
Clint Edwards Jun 14, 2012
Cheap until you price parts
Cian Rules Jun 14, 2012
Two of the best cheap cars you can buy