Comments - Buick Reatta Meeting Held in Los Angeles

Published: Jun 14, 2012
Description: Time will tell if the Buick Reatta becomes a collectable classic, but from the looks of things it already has a decent following. When it was introduced in 1988 it came in coupe form, with the soft-to...
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Dale Schroeder Jun 15, 2012
Pretty much every car ever made has it's own owner's club. The Morris Marina has an owner's club. Heck, the YUGO has an owner's club.
Brad Wood Jun 14, 2012
It's not a "regatta". Unlike the other Buick's, this one is not a boat ;-)
Steven Whowhat Jun 14, 2012
@Ben. yeah so do civic owners.
Ben Bourdon Jun 14, 2012
I think they made this meet up just so they would all feel better about owning a Regatta
Christian De Prisco Jun 14, 2012
If this becomes a classic I will be king of scotland
Tj Blankenship Aug 18, 2012
I didn't know Buick made a LeBaron too. (;
Carlton Salmon Jun 15, 2012
It hurts my eyes...
Payton Ringrose Jun 14, 2012
looks like old rx7 meets k car in a weird fusion of metel and epicness
Brad Wood Jun 14, 2012
My dad was a Buick dealer at the time. I was a kid, who loved the automobile and most of its forms. This car looked bad in the showroom, let alone 20 years later.
Ben Norton Jun 14, 2012
I love these things! But would I ever buy one? No.
Stephen Wicoff Jun 14, 2012
These cars were and still are amazing. Yes, bland looking but the power from the engine proves otherwise.
Paul Lissona Jun 14, 2012
American cars during that time were horrible.
Ben Bourdon Jun 14, 2012
I don't think it's fair for you to pity us when it sounds like you're alone with your understanding of why this car is so special.
Lou Guerrero Jun 14, 2012
You guys just don't understand what this car means. Pity.
Hayden Osteraas Jun 14, 2012
These are horrendously ugly cars from an era of car making that should just be forgotten.
Logan Delony Jun 14, 2012
Probably the most pointless meeting I've ever seen.
gammo66 Jun 14, 2012
not only did someone actually buy this they then decided to meet other very strange people who did the same, police should of raided it & kept the weirdos away from the normal public
Logan LeMonnier Jun 14, 2012
Eh never liked these
Brendon Davis Jun 14, 2012
Ha ha.. My Dad should’ve gone to this.
Moe Sargi Jun 14, 2012
Burnn itttt!! Burnt it with liquid fire for the love of god This is ridiculous
Jerrod Swenson Jun 14, 2012
I thought the Olds Totonado/Buick Riviera were first but it may as well be since they were basically the same car.
Lee Cascio Jun 14, 2012
The same reason any niche car is popular. You have to think what the rest of cars looked like in 91 they had nothing on this thing.
Paul Trahan Jun 14, 2012
One of the first cars I can remember that had a touch screen dash.
Evan Wolfe Jun 14, 2012
Um... I really don't see why this car is popular
Description: The Reatta was also hand-built at the Reatta Craft Center in Lansing, Michigan. Power came from a Buick 3800 V6, with output rated at 165hp and 210lb-ft of torque, with 1991 models getting 170hp and 2...
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Stephen Wicoff Jun 15, 2012
But that was the hp before gm refined the engine. My dad's 2000 buick has the same engine but with 210 horses and it's not supercharged.
Brad Wood Jun 14, 2012
GM's 3.8L V6 produced 165HP. Boy, have we (thankfully) come a long way in performance. Is the Mustang V6 not double the HP, with better MPG, out of the same displacement? I can't wait to see what we have in 20 years from now.
Ryan Kimmel Jun 14, 2012
I dated a girl in high school that had a coup. Her dad had the soft top. Neat cars. May not be classics but oddly they were being collected.
Christian De Prisco Jun 14, 2012
I think that time has thought us that technology becomes obsolete but great designs will never fade off. So it had this touch screen whatever, even if it had a coffee machine dude the design is will be crashed!
Paul Trahan Jun 14, 2012
Yea it was pretty cool! Way ahead of it's time.
Sam Oglesby Jun 14, 2012
Talk about jumping the gun it had a tablet pc to control the cars functions before tablet pcs were invented
Paul Lissona Jun 15, 2012
Haha yah but silver is usually nice.
Carlton Salmon Jun 15, 2012
The colour suits the personality of the car.
Ben Bourdon Jun 14, 2012
No way!!! A gray one?
Carlton Salmon Jun 15, 2012
Anyone notice how bland all the colours are? Suits the car perfectly. And just look at the hundreds of eager enthusiasts filling up the place! This club meet has a sure fire hit on its hands!!
Ben Norton Jun 14, 2012
They should have made these RWD with a turbo version kinda like the old regals. Woulda sold like hot cakes
Ben Bourdon Jun 14, 2012
Wow they got the red ones AND the white ones?? What an exotic meet!
Jason W. Evers Jun 14, 2012
3800 was a torquey motor
Jake Marra Jun 14, 2012
Well cause theres nt to many options with these i remember my neighbor had one of these and i thought it was pretty cool
Jerrod Swenson Jun 14, 2012
With the 3800 as the motivational force, I can understand why the vast majority of the cars would keep their hoods closed.
Dale Schroeder Jun 15, 2012
Man, put those hoods down. That wheezy little early '90s V6 isn't something you should be trying to show off.
Ben Bourdon Jun 14, 2012
Pretty exciting meet. You could see a Reatta with slightly different wheels, color, or roof than yours. Pretty unique...
Dylan Bruder Jun 14, 2012
Not gonna lie I kind of like them if I found one cheap I might pick it up haha
Carlton Salmon Jun 15, 2012
I don't think this is a club meet. I think it was just an excuse for owners to abandon their crap cars and scarper!!
Ben Bourdon Jun 14, 2012
That convertible white one is pretty awesome. Oh wait
Ryan Kimmel Jun 14, 2012
No pics of the dash?