Comments - Bugatti Veyron SuperSport Makes its Nurburgring Debut

Published: Jun 14, 2012
Description: Bugatti hasn't been to the 'Ring for an age, but for some reason has decided that now is the time to post a Nurburgring laptime for the Veyron Super Sport.
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Henry R Santos Aug 11, 2012
I don't care what they about the car that starts with k(konisegg) something like that if it has a more top speed but you foot your down in a rwd car with more than 1,000 HP your gonna spin out but not in a Bugatti with awd! 0-60 in 2.5 cool
Caribbeanenthusiast Jun 14, 2012
Just saw the vid, Koenigsegg vid +1, Bugatti vid 0
Caribbeanenthusiast Jun 14, 2012
When will we see a race between the Agera R and the Super Sport. looong overdue.
Janak Solanki Jun 14, 2012
That vid sucked.
Wilson LaFaver Jun 14, 2012
Finally. Was wondering when they were going I take it there. Wanted to know its time for a while
Thibault Leroy Jun 14, 2012
love the world record edition
Description: Just this morning the car was spied by locals acquainting itself with the Nordschliefe, and apparently its getting faster by the minute. Six years ago the standard Veyron posted an unofficial time of ...
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Ken Kirtland Jul 25, 2012
i like koeniggsegg since i researched them. i dont honestly care about the record as much as i care about people seing this car for what it truely is.
Christo Savaides Jun 15, 2012
Haters gonna hate.
Joshua Jun 15, 2012
This car is so over rated and priced... I'm glad most people see it for what it is.
Antonio Borja Jun 15, 2012
this car was made to break a world record of top speed. which is useless almost anywhere you live. so many other cars to choose from that is way more fun and rewarding I bet. agera all the way
Nav Sidhu Jun 15, 2012
Which one of u guys actually has the money to spend on a veyron ss, think of that before u start complaining about it
Pablo Herasme Jun 15, 2012
Quit slamin it for something it wasn't made to do.
Pablo Herasme Jun 15, 2012
@Ben no, I was pointing out how cars like Bugatti are NOT meant for track use.
Domi Bsaibes Jun 15, 2012
Oh crap just made sure that the zonda r is not even road legal!! Plz just stick to the bugatti guys
Carlton Salmon Jun 15, 2012
Agree with Christo, Payton and Oscar.
Domi Bsaibes Jun 15, 2012
Is the zonda r road legal???
Ben August Jun 15, 2012
@pablo: there's 38 cars that can't do 260, that ran faster times than this car. Does that count? Lol
Sam Saechao Jun 15, 2012
Tv and magazines compare cars and jet fighters. It's an age old debate. Jet fighter weighs so much more than the car and yet it can achieve top speed. Shows that lightweight ain't got shit
Christo Savaides Jun 15, 2012
I hate when people say it wasn't made to corner well. Yes it's heavy and yes there are other cars that corner better, but the engineers at Bugatti put a lot of effort into making the car feel like it weighs half of what it actually weighs.
Payton Ringrose Jun 14, 2012
like who cares if it cant do the ring like a pagani it is the fastest car you can ever have that you can drive to the grocery store
Oscar Galvan Jun 14, 2012
As Einstein once said "if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree...". The veyron isn't meant to go around the ring. Just like the lotus has great lateral g's it's top sped is not.
Pablo Herasme Jun 14, 2012
Tell me a car that goes 250+ and ever recorded a pretty good laptimes this goes to Agera as well
Clint Edwards Jun 14, 2012
The world's fastest does not mean the world's best. I can respect it for what it does but there are so many cars I'd rather own
Zach Sullivan Jun 14, 2012
@quadrophine well put
quadrophine Jun 14, 2012
but its the best at what it does. 260 mph in pristine comfort and luxury, if that's your thing your more than likely a douche, but that would be the car I would recommend to you.
quadrophine Jun 14, 2012
double clutch trans was veyron... I hate em, but considering the fact that most supercars now utilize this tech its a fairly important milestone. my guess is 732 or thereabouts. its not that bad for a track car, but its supposed to be more luxury than sport. I hate the veyron too.
Patrick Joseph Jun 14, 2012
I doubt a car can be the fastest in the straights and around a track at the same time. Being the best in your category is quite an achievement. If you don't like the car fine but thats you.
William Downs Jun 14, 2012
cant wait for ther agera to beat this things top speed record, then there will be a real car as top speed king again. V8, rwd, and a beautiful body, plus it can take a turn great
Ben August Jun 14, 2012
@cian: There's no "Ben Foster" posting in this thread, if you knew anything, you'd know that. Also if you're so obsessed with power:weight, why insult the only person who brought up power to weight, in terms of a MOTORCYCLE. Idiot..
Cian Rules Jun 14, 2012
Mr ben foster if you new anything you would no that its power to weight that matters no one ever said bhp matters at all
Ben August Jun 14, 2012
Lol isn't someone defensive. And "afraid" is right. They are afraid that people will see this fraudulent imposter fail at doing what cars are supposed to do: drive.
Corey Alan Kelley Jun 14, 2012
My f150 would run a 7:40 wtf
Ben Bourdon Jun 14, 2012
I think this is why Bugatti hasn't been running this car on the ring; they knew a bunch of kids like you would just compare it to every other car and slam it for being so powerful, but not having the best time.
Ben Bourdon Jun 14, 2012
It's really in a class of its own. And I don't think Bugatti is too interested in beating everyone at the ring. They made the SS to achieve a higher top speed than any production car. A lot of the insults toward the car are just plain stupid
Sam Saechao Jun 14, 2012
My pedal bicycle can corner better than a Bugatti and your Prius.
Ben Bourdon Jun 14, 2012
Just because it doesn't post the fastest time on the ring doesn't mean it's worse. The Veyron was made to achieve a very high top speed while still being very easy and comfortable to drive (at least when you're not going 250+mph).
Ben August Jun 14, 2012
Are you serious? People, magazines, tv shows...all of them. They all compare bikes and cars, it's an age old debate. A 600cc (160hp, 170mph) bike destroys this 1200hp 268mph car, by 30 seconds. It demonstrates that HP doesn't mean shit.
Pablo Herasme Jun 14, 2012
7:25 +- who compares a motocycle to a car!?
Joe Lamouk Jun 14, 2012
Somewhere between 7:25 and 7:15 I'd say...
Zaire Wilkins Jun 14, 2012
7:35 cause 1 its heavy 2 the AWD system isnt good like the GTR's AWD set up
Tyler Tarbox Jun 14, 2012
@Ben Agreed. It's definately not the best
Ben August Jun 14, 2012
Hell even a 600cc motorcycle can lay down a 7:10
Ben August Jun 14, 2012
@brandon: if the Veyron is the best, why are there 38 lap times posted, that are faster vs. it's 7:40? Or maybe it's not the best...
Matt White Jun 14, 2012
@ken. The tires. Done.
Lyomp Jun 14, 2012
@ken soo youre saying that a production car going 258 mph isnt a engineering pinnacle? Does your car go that fast?
Brandon Carr Jun 14, 2012
@Ken that's a lot coming from a guy that probly drives a Prius. The veyron is amazing for so many reasons it's hard to explain. You only hate it because it's the best. When the agera r beats it's record you'll probly hate that to.
Brandon Carr Jun 14, 2012
7:26 for me. Just guessing
Jose Miguel Fernandez Jun 14, 2012
Can't imagine it going under 7:20
Matt Piccolo Jun 14, 2012
Is say low to mid 7:20's
Wyatt Gordon Jun 14, 2012
@Carlos, the world record edition goes 268 mph but all the veyron ss that are not W.R edition are limited to 258
Ken Kirtland Jun 14, 2012
Also, nothing makes me more mad then when someone says its an engineering pinnacle. 5000 lbs, a tad bit over 1000 hp out of and 8 liter w-16 thats just sad. they went through no struggles to make this car, they used everything that had already been done. someone tell me one big inovation brought to us by the veyron or the ss.
Jason Brower Jun 14, 2012
@ivan the pagani r could do a 7:24 with James may driving. It's record is a 6:47
Ken Kirtland Jun 14, 2012
i dont like bugatti either, id say around 7:43ish doesnt accelerate good at all past 60 and turning is rubish.
Ivan Rudnitsky Jun 14, 2012
@Sean - I also don't like them. Pagani Zonda R did it in 7:24... Suck on that Bugatti.
Sean Wallace Jun 14, 2012
Am I the only one who doesn't like Bugatti
Dillon Dixon Jun 14, 2012
7:26 Is my guess
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Jun 14, 2012
The top speed is 268 not 258
Domi Bsaibes Jun 14, 2012
Let's see who's gonna be closer :D I say 1:25
Jesse Weis Jun 14, 2012
The 7:20s range is my estimate. Though that might be a bit optimistic, since it weighs so much.
Dylan Bruder Jun 14, 2012
I'm gonna guess a 7:29 or a 7:33
Antonio Borja Jun 15, 2012
really rich mans toy. I'll own two one day. minus today
Payton Ringrose Jun 14, 2012
still a sick looking ride hell id take one