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Published: Jun 13, 2012
Description: Fans of steampunk art (all two of you) are going to flip when you see all of these steampunked cars. The rest of you will probably be scratching your head in confusion, which is okay. Steampunk art-ar...
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Phillip Greene Jun 13, 2012
Yeah its pretty cool I prefer the barn find flat clear over rust look but this is in the top three of my favorite styles
Kenneth Williams Jun 13, 2012
Havnt seen this in a while
Dale Schroeder Jun 13, 2012
Steam punk is basically the Victorian version of Star Trek, except even less believable in the technology department and with none of that pesky "social oppression" stuff that defined the era.
Description: Camaro purists are probably crying foul at this steampunked muscle car. Thankfully for them, this is nothing more than a conceptual rendering, showing how a Camaro with brassy rims, an abundance of ge...
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Phillip Greene Jun 13, 2012
Haha yeah I think this is badass and im about as bowtie crazed as it gets
Kris C. Lopez Jun 13, 2012
Stupid purists can't see past their own forehead
Phillip Greene Jun 15, 2012
You guys do realize thats paint right? With epic shading I might add if this were real and not just a f'in rendering it would be the the best custom paint work iv seen in a while
Shawlyn Wiesner Jun 15, 2012
I hate the gears!!
Payton Ringrose Jun 14, 2012
smart idea but looks totally dumb especially somethin as ugly lookin as the camaro ugggh
Phillip Greene Jun 13, 2012
Thats f'in ligit man I want this car just take an inch or two off the wheels and add it to the rubber and its perfect
Jack Hufford Jun 13, 2012
I agree with Kenneth.
Cody Gillard Jun 13, 2012
that is really cool but what if it got t boned
Duncan Gibson Jun 13, 2012
on any other car this would be cool, esp an old range rover or something
John Serely Jun 13, 2012
Forget the gears and it looks pretty cool
Devin Babyn Jun 13, 2012
Surprisingly interesting. Just gotta ditch the gears and that's a decent custom paint job
Kenneth Williams Jun 13, 2012
I like it minus the rims.
Brady Jacoby Jun 13, 2012
I wish (my) camaro looked that cool...
Igor Natsioks Jun 13, 2012
I hope that wheel is balanced with that extra metal
Kyle Smith Jun 13, 2012
Ya, I like the color.
Abraham Mendoza Jun 13, 2012
I actually like this. Makes the car look clean. The gears however, look kinda stupid.
Description: What you see below you isn't much of a car, but it's the truest steampunk automobile on this list. This DIY eBay find is actually powered by steam. It may look like hell, but with a few bras...
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Rúni Rasmus Stensen Jun 13, 2012
I don't know about you, but i think it's a disgrace...
Description: Tom Sepe's Whirlygig Moto is an electric motorcycle with a steampunk soul. The bike has the Victorian-era, rusted metal look down, and it even shoots steam out. Oh, and it also shoots flames. Win...
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Shawlyn Wiesner Jun 15, 2012
They "guy" looks funny!! Look at the face!! Lol
Phillip Greene Jun 13, 2012
This is definatly winning... You guys are just hatin the fact that you arnt this cool
Jack Hufford Jun 13, 2012
Typical stereotypes.
Michael Emery Smith Jun 13, 2012
@Porsche. Agreed.
Ben Bourdon Jun 13, 2012
90% of this photo is just that "man". Can barely see that bike...
Tracy Keiser Dron Jun 13, 2012
Leash is for towing purposes.... In case it breaks, u pull the whole thing with the neck... Heheheheh
Steven Nevets Jun 13, 2012
What's with the leash?
Ross Taylor Jun 15, 2012
i can get 50 miles to the gallon on this hog!
Domenic Sergi Jun 14, 2012
By bike... You mean scooter. Not bike.
Description: Carlex Design is the shop behind the steampunk MINI Countryman. This MINI is everything a steampunk fan could want. It has a coppered-out exterior, and an interior that would make Hayao Miyazaki blush...
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Phillip Greene Jun 13, 2012
This badass, with out that finish work this car is nothing but right now its so winning
Ben Bourdon Jun 13, 2012
Love to see this on a different car
Tony Flaherty Jun 13, 2012
That's the cooper vent runi.
Logan LeMonnier Jun 13, 2012
That's really cool
Rúni Rasmus Stensen Jun 13, 2012
What's that handle for on the side? O.o
Nick Sti Jun 13, 2012
With nice wheels, this wouldn't be bad
Brendon Davis Jun 14, 2012
I like this.. It still is gaudy as hell though.
Braydon Pack Jun 14, 2012
Add more black I think that would make it lots less bright
Philipp Kentner Jun 14, 2012
@Cody, no I think it says minesteam
Cody Gillard Jun 13, 2012
is it just me or does it say mainstream on the dash
Jesse Weis Jun 13, 2012
If this was a bit less bright, it would look ok
Ben Bourdon Jun 13, 2012
Better keep the metal polish handy
Jay Kolvenbag Jun 13, 2012
That thing in the seat cuts tour balls of, thats true
Cian Rules Jun 13, 2012
Looks like the time j clarkson made his own interior
Badoor Nassoor Mobarak Jun 13, 2012
The seats however , look like shit!
Badoor Nassoor Mobarak Jun 13, 2012
Kevin Watson Jun 13, 2012
I love it, inside and out. I really feeling the shifter very unique.
Abraham Mendoza Jun 13, 2012
Looks like a machine. I don't know bout this one...