Description: The highly-anticipated 2013 Aston Martin Vanquish has been spotted before by CAR without any camouflage, however we could only make out the rear-end. has just released a video showing off ...
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Quint Do Jun 14, 2012
I would be glad to see if ford didn't own them anymore
Thibault Leroy Jun 14, 2012
@Evan i agree i prefer old porsches as well but i would rather get a newer Aston over an old one
Michael Douglas Jun 14, 2012
They are owned by prodrive
Michael Kozlowski Jun 14, 2012
@ Quint. I'm pretty positive ford doesnt own them anymore. I could be wrong though.
Quint Do Jun 14, 2012
Gorgeous, it's a shame that Aston Martin is owned by ford though, just look up the new ford fusion and you'll understand if you don't know what I'm talking about
Alexander Gomez Jun 14, 2012
Daniel Craig would be proud.
Evan Cook Jun 13, 2012
@Thibault that's exactly what I'm saying. They're cheaper to buy, maintain, insure and they look better. I'd rather have an old classic Porsche or Aston Martin any day.
Michael Emery Smith Jun 13, 2012
This is the same car that was the DBS concept at Concour de elegance.
Josh Melhorn Jun 13, 2012
Nice video...... Lol
Abraham Mendoza Jun 13, 2012
They'll say its the best car on earth.
Tanton Stoneman Jun 13, 2012
Oh my god, when Top Gear gets their hands on this...
Thibault Leroy Jun 13, 2012
thats like saying why would you get a new porsche when an old one from like 30 years ago still looks exactly the same
Evan Cook Jun 13, 2012
Why the hell would you get a new Aston Martin when a used one from like 8 years ago still looks exactly the same.
Tin Nguyen Jun 13, 2012
The rear is weird. Somewhat disappointed. The DBS was sexy and elegant. They could've given it more power. Why change it when it's so perfect.
Michael Douglas Jun 13, 2012
Has nothing to do with what a vanquish was. This looks like an ordinary db9. Where the original vanquish stood out from the rest. Bigger, more muscular, more of a car
Alex Medvedev Jun 13, 2012
I like the way this model looks others not so much
Thibault Leroy Jun 13, 2012
not much video but i like what i see!
Description: The new 2013 Aston Martin Vanquish will replace the out-going DB9 and is based on the Project AM310 Concept seen previously at the Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este. The Aston's 6.0-lite...
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Dom Nolan Jun 14, 2012
Stop arguing about the price, it's less than the Prius vanquish
Raed AlYousifi Jun 14, 2012
Is this the DBS or DB9 replacement? In one article it says DBS and this one says DB9...whaaaa daaa faaaa??
Esam Mohammad Jun 13, 2012
Not just US , that's alot of money everywhere in this world
Sebastian Grey Jun 13, 2012
No, it's $310,880. That's the symbol for British Pound, not the Euro.
Dan duzenski Jun 13, 2012
200,000 would roughly be $311,056.01
alvincar Jun 13, 2012
nice car but not effort!!!!
Chris Penza Jun 13, 2012
I'm pretty sure £200,000 is approximately $250,000
Thibault Leroy Jun 13, 2012
thats pretty expensive around 300,000$
Hank Austin Jun 14, 2012
@chris really? Try telling apart a GT2, a 911 turbo, a gt3, and a standard carrera... Yes you can tell the difference between the Boxster/cayman/carrera that's easy... With something like the rapide you can tell its a rapide because it has 4 doors...
Cody Gillard Jun 13, 2012
i never liked aston martins but mother of god thats sweet
Calogero Rumeo Jun 13, 2012
Porsche and Aston, you're saying how their models look similar and don't change over years? Smh. Just enjoy the beauty and style these cars bring to the table. Why change the beauty of them? If they are selling then there's no need for major change.
Josh Melhorn Jun 13, 2012
Damn that's beautiful!
Martin Dinardo Jun 13, 2012
looks like a jaguar but its ok came from the same place
Hank Austin Jun 13, 2012
@brian I can see your point, but I was talking about how people say they never change their style over time like Porsche does... Also a rapide is pretty easily distinguishable from this if you're not blind... I mean it has four doors and all...
Hank Austin Jun 13, 2012
@john I know they change but not nearly as fast as Aston Martins do
Theviper007 Jun 13, 2012
How come old pple have the bast cars
Theviper007 Jun 13, 2012
Where are the rims they put on before
gammo66 Jun 13, 2012
completely agree with hank, this is stunning I prefer the front & rear to the previous model.
Craig Lafey Jun 13, 2012
Damn that's sexy! 3rd favorite after the 65 DB5 and 2010 DBS
NalaKing Jun 13, 2012
Upwards 200k Quid ??! That's ferrari territory already
Pablo Herasme Jun 13, 2012
Like the bumper and headlights
John Serely Jun 13, 2012
@hank that was a terrible example haha. If you knew about Porsches, you would know they change lol
Hank Austin Jun 13, 2012
This is probably one of the most beautiful astons ever and all people do is whine about "how they're like Porsche with their design evolutions" they are most definitely not because Porsche doesn't change anything... This is extremely different
Hank Austin Jun 13, 2012
THIS LOOKS DIFFERENT!!! Jeez people stop complaining... Look at what it's replacing.... Does it look similar at all? No. Be quiet.
Matt Piccolo Jun 13, 2012
Dont get me wrong it's a sweet car!!!!!! But Aston Martin needs to make a new car... Instead of having like 70 models that look the same with different engines and wheal bases etc etc (and yes the 70 is a bit of sarcasm)
Cian Rules Jun 13, 2012
How many more cars can aston make that do the same thing and look the ssme
Calogero Rumeo Jun 13, 2012
All suited up, pulling in beside a top notch restaurant, your pulling your cigar out in the car while your dime of a lady gets out the car, you open that door and walk like a man. That's class ladies and gentlemen.
Zaire Wilkins Jun 13, 2012
well the wheels are diff
Derek Hedtke Jun 13, 2012
they're like porsche, they evolve their cars, i personally like that.
Wyatt Gordon Jun 13, 2012
Thats a beautiful looking thing. I like it alot!
Chris Penza Jun 13, 2012
This is great. I like it a lot more than the DBS
Matthew Mckernan Jun 13, 2012
It does look pretty similar to most of their other cars, but then again there was nothing wrong with any of there other cars. I think the minor changes make this car look absolutely stunning.
Thibault Leroy Jun 13, 2012
i agree that they can look similar but you can still tell them apart
Ken Louise Jun 13, 2012
Front splitter somehow looks sort of our of place in a supposedly elegant type of car. Still looks rather good though on the whole.
Kaigan Viner Jun 13, 2012
I like that front splitter
Carlton Salmon Jun 13, 2012
OMG I didn't think Aston Martins could get more beautiful. It's gorgeous.
John Serely Jun 13, 2012
Oh, and personally, I find astons very easy to differentiate between
John Serely Jun 13, 2012
This looks amazing!
Bijan Jahanpanah Jun 13, 2012
me too Ashton needs differentiate there designs more
Guo-Sheng Huang Jun 13, 2012
I would believe you if you tell me that this is the current generation car. I have hard time telling them apart.
Janak Solanki Jun 13, 2012
Oooh that's sexy
Theviper007 Jun 13, 2012
I like these lights the others are bad
Josh Banning Jun 13, 2012
I live it how the rear lights look like the Aston wings
Zachary Maurer Jun 13, 2012
Nice goin with the one-77 designnn
Zaire Wilkins Jun 13, 2012
every one here loves the chargers tailights
Zaire Wilkins Jun 13, 2012
lol im talking about any other bar tailights like the one-77 and charger actually look good
Carlton Salmon Jun 13, 2012
I wonder if they'll produce some white rear lights for the Vanquish, like they have on the current DBS? They'd look great on this car.
Jack Howard Jun 13, 2012
The charger bar light sucks compared to this
Melvin Cerrillo Jun 13, 2012
I love how the tailights mimic the wings of the symbol
Zaire Wilkins Jun 13, 2012
i hate bar tailights but the only one that can get passed me is the 2012 charger
Zaire Wilkins Jun 13, 2012
your looking at the symbol
Devin Mortenson Jun 13, 2012
I don't know why but I kind of see some shape in the rear end that reminds me of bently
alvincar Jun 13, 2012
not comment cause every part look nice
Thibault Leroy Jun 13, 2012
yea i love the one-77 style tail lights
Ken Louise Jun 13, 2012
The rear is nice but if it resembled the One-77 more, I think it will look better.
Puneet Dass Jun 13, 2012
It's playing peek-a-boo
Reid Huff Jun 13, 2012
Well that's better than having an aftermarket one stapled on.
Hank Austin Jun 13, 2012
I like it... Sort of reminiscent of the V12 Zagato
Sebastian Grey Jun 13, 2012
Ken, you want to grow a car wing on yourself?
Chris Penza Jun 13, 2012
I didn't notice that before I think it looks good
Ken Louise Jun 13, 2012
Ah the integrated spoiler. Hope it will grow onto me in time to come.