Comments - Mercedes Gives Details on Upcoming A45 AMG

Published: Jun 13, 2012
Description: Now that Mercedes-Benz is getting serious about the exclusive hatchback market with the recent introduction of the 2013 A-Class, it was all but inevitable that we'd soon hear about details regard...
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Jesse Weis Jun 20, 2012
Compared to the old a class, this is heaven on wheels. The old one was just a motorized triangle
Jordan Clegg Jun 18, 2012
It looks JUST like a Volvo but with Mercedes badges in it.
Stephen Krane Jun 14, 2012
Miley are you stupid, it's irrelevant because you can't randomly drop 650 pounds from a car and you can't make most the body fiberglass because unlike the vette the body is structualy integral
Stephen Krane Jun 14, 2012
The audi rs3 is far and away the best. I own a wrx and if price was t a factor I would have won over an sti or evo
Stephen Reed Warren II Jun 13, 2012
Really Mercedes? This shit is SO weak.
Domi Bsaibes Jun 13, 2012
Since when they use this color too? This is def not something anyone could expect from merc, it's just not mercedes-ish
Bala Uncc Jun 13, 2012
Who put Benz badge on this yaris?
Jackson Rojas Jun 13, 2012
I'd take a golf gti or an Audi a3 before I took tjis
Matt Piccolo Jun 13, 2012
Srry the Audi a3
Matt Piccolo Jun 13, 2012
Other than the wheals, I actually like this... Not as much as the Audi a1 though
Alex Klemstein Jun 13, 2012
Those wheels are awful IMO. Remind me of a flower. Throw some actual Mercedes looking wheels on it.
Extremis Colson Jun 13, 2012
Ewww hatchback?!!!
Matthew Mckernan Jun 13, 2012
If I could have any new German hatchback I'd pick the golf GTI. I know it's a VW and all but it just looks so much better than any hatchback from Mercedes, BMW, or Audi. IMO.
Rithhin Jawahar Jun 13, 2012
The Audi a1 is still the best hatchback of the 3 Germans IMO
Rithhin Jawahar Jun 13, 2012
Looks like a amg modified Toyota yaris... Looks nothing like the concept :(
Description: Said to be Mercedes' most affordable performance model yet, the A45 AMG will be going head-to-head with the likes of the Audi RS3 and the BMW M135i and will likely start at around £32,000 in...
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Todd Randall Jun 13, 2012
350+ HP actually
Brad Wood Jun 13, 2012
I will take the torque and balance of the BMW over this.
Description: Autocar is also reporting the A45 AMG will be equipped with a seven-speed dual clutch gearbox sending power to all four wheels. AMG, however, wants the car to have more of a rear-wheel-drive feel to i...
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Odise Cerriku Feb 12, 2013
Sam Grabel Jun 19, 2012
Other wise thay do
Sam Grabel Jun 19, 2012
Only in the us market
Ethan Amo Jun 13, 2012
Typical of Mercedes to have the absence of a manual...
Steven McGovern Jun 17, 2012
No way. Looks really really nice. Did a great job
Logan Delony Jun 13, 2012
That's really bad.. IMO
Dillon Magee Jun 14, 2012
Color is soooooooo weak.
Ryan Kimmel Jun 13, 2012
I'm not always one to echo the sentiments of other readers here... But, I love great hot hatches and I love mercs. Really, I do. This. Is. Not good.
Bala Uncc Jun 13, 2012
Looks like Mazda in this pic
Ryan Kimmel Jun 13, 2012
On another note. The front looks great and the red bit on the splitter isn't bad either. I'll have just the front end please. The rest needs a rework IMO.
Tj Diefenbach Jun 13, 2012
Bitch looks excited
Adam Wieland Jun 13, 2012
Looks too much like a Mazda 3
Brad Wood Jun 13, 2012
Tone down the "Mazda crease" and they might have something.
John Serely Jun 13, 2012
I do not like the red all
Matt Piccolo Jun 13, 2012
I like everything but the back
Domi Bsaibes Jun 13, 2012
It's ugly in every single way!