Comments - Man Wins BMW 3-Series for Making 5.9-Second Video Short

Published: Jun 13, 2012
Description: BMW recently ran a competition for its North American fans, setting them the task of creating a video that showcases how much they 'desire' the new 2012 3-Series.
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Noah Gavurin Oct 24, 2012
they probably still have to pay taxes but those taxes wont be nearly as high as the price of the car
Bob Thebuilder Jun 15, 2012
They still have to pay taxes on the car right?
Brad Wood Jun 14, 2012
Cool vid. As for the GTR vid proposal...., just show a bunch of pre-teen boys in camp sleeping and dreaming. That's who gives those cars cred anyway ;-)
Brendon Davis Jun 14, 2012
Haha. That was impressive.
Cody Gillard Jun 13, 2012
that asian guys face reminds me of leonidas from 300
Vito Portanova Jun 13, 2012
That was good. Lol
Evan Wolfe Jun 13, 2012
Awesome video but imagine trying to make a vid for the 2012 Nissan GT-R. 2,9 seconds XD
Logan Delony Jun 13, 2012
That's hilarious
Ben Norton Jun 13, 2012
Haha that was so funny
Dave Stewart Jun 13, 2012
Yea you guys calling it dumb dumb kr not they won a BMW lol
Bryan Garza Jun 13, 2012
That's crazy, why didn't I hear about this competition!
Oscar Galvan Jun 13, 2012
Give them credit They only had 5.9 seconds to work with
thelornin Jun 13, 2012
That Was ASWOME!!!!
Description: The only catch was that it could last no longer than 5.9 seconds - which is about the same time it takes the car to sprint from 0-60mph. From 2,000 entries, the final winner was picked from a panel of...
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Brandon Carr Jun 13, 2012
1:47 and 1:49 were hilarious
Dillon Dixon Jun 13, 2012
Haha they need to hire these guys to make their commercials.
Description: Test Drive Nostalgia was the name of the winning video, created by Earl Duque of LA. The short video sees him and a friend reminiscing about test driving a BMW 3-Series, while incorporating footage fr...
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