Description: Mercedes-Benz is celebrating 45 years of working with AMG with a special edition SL65 AMG 45th Anniversary model. As the most powerful production vehicle ever to come out of Germany, it cranks out 630...
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Manish Jaiswal Jun 15, 2012
Guys, anybody with me about the resemblance of the headlights with 2011 Opel insignia?
Hank Austin Jun 14, 2012
I wasn't talking to manish when I made that second comment I was talking about all the guys who compare this to the Camaro to this when this is WAY more luxurious
Rob walker Jun 14, 2012
The point Manish was making Hank, is that this article suggests the Merc is the most powerful car ever made in Germany but the Gumpert Apollo has more BHP. He wasn't getting involved in the Camaro/Chevy etc debate.
Hank Austin Jun 14, 2012
Does a ZL1 have adaptive cruise control? Wipers that turn themselves on? Lights that sense other cars? The finest leathers? A bang&olfusen sound system? Seats that heat you, cool you, and massage you? Heater vents in the back of the headrests? No. Be quiet.
Hank Austin Jun 14, 2012
@manish I hope that was sarcasm because even the gumpert Apollo shouldn't be compared to this
Manish Jaiswal Jun 13, 2012
Guys don't go out of the topic. I think Gumpert apollo is the most powerful German car with power output of 640 hp, 700 hp and 790 hp of three variants.
baldcoffee Jun 13, 2012
Im in love ya. very good. makes me happy.
Patrick Joseph Jun 13, 2012
I'm with Paul on this one. I completely agree. It's getting redundant and I have mentioned before myself. Why always bring up a mustang or a corvette or a camaro? It's got absolutely nothing to do.
Zachary Maurer Jun 13, 2012
You guys jay and Brady are just unhappy today... Their yaris didn't start today, lay off
Pablo Herasme Jun 13, 2012
Who the hell compared a chevy to a Mercedes, I'll pick the SL in a nano second
Paul Gladman Jun 13, 2012
you idiots will compare lap times and prices everyday and dont even track your cars or can afford a ZL1 or not even a base corvette. the people that can actually afford the cars only matter
Paul Gladman Jun 13, 2012
why do ppl always want to throw the ZL1 out there. they're not even competitors. NOBODY cares if the ZL1 has a quicker lap time. This is a top of the line benz with the same power but 20x the luxury. get them stupid muscle cars out of here
Harleigh Savanna Border Jun 13, 2012
Changing subject abit.... I've been thinking about powerful cars that have come out of Germany. That VW tourage thing with that v10 deisel? And the Audi Q7 v12 diesel? Aren't they meant to be stupidly powerful?
Kris C. Lopez Jun 13, 2012
Of course a zl1 could beat this on a track... Well that's because they aren't competitors at all the SL and the Camaro shouldn't even be mentioned in the same sentence. Apples to oranges people
Esam Mohammad Jun 13, 2012
It's stupid comparing camaros and mustangs to this car ! Camaros and mustangs are quite nice cars specially for the cash your paying , but this car is meant for luxurious cruising and am sure being in one of these will feel better than a Camaro .
Andrew Hubbard Jun 13, 2012
talking about. People like him drive me crazy.
Andrew Hubbard Jun 13, 2012
Jay you're so ignorant, when people go talking like that it means you have a shitty life. I bet you own some piece of shit car and have a shitty life and you're mad at the world, get off your high horse and realize you have no idea what you're
Dillon Dixon Jun 13, 2012
Wow Jay. That wasn't ignorant at all. You need better excuses to hate on American cars.
Harleigh Savanna Border Jun 13, 2012
I was just thinking... Is the gumpet Apollo german?
Jay Kolvenbag Jun 13, 2012
@brady the mustang and camaro might be 1/4 of the price but they will break down when you drive them out of the dealership they are built by fat bearded people who eat a donut and a burger every minute
Dillon Dixon Jun 13, 2012
@ethan you know the ZL1 pulled 1.03G on the skid pad. That's equal to the mp4-12c. Most of the time, Mercedes tend to oversteer around turns. I bet the ZL1 could beat this car.
Youssef Jaber Jun 13, 2012
It not quicker than a porsche 911 turbo s or the gt2 rs
Thibault Leroy Jun 13, 2012
@Brandon yes it is (thats why the veyron ss is the fastest production car in the world) but the Veyron is French not German.
Jordan Massenburg Jun 13, 2012
what about the sl65 amg black series?
Brandon Lidy Jun 13, 2012
Is the Bugatti considered a production car ?
Bryan Garza Jun 13, 2012
Freakin AMG and their torque!
John Serely Jun 13, 2012
They are completely different cars, Brady. Nice try though
Devin Babyn Jun 13, 2012
I wouldn't even say it has a power advantage since there's so much more torque and only a little less HP
Ethan Amo Jun 13, 2012
Yea, I agree, the SL65 will handle better than any american car. Even though the mustang has the power advantage, this mercedes has the handling, and quality.
Josh Banning Jun 13, 2012
Are you being serious Brady. No way does an mustang or a camaro handle or brake better than an SL.
Harleigh Savanna Border Jun 13, 2012
Brady? Did you just say a mustang GT500 handles better than this and is quicker lol did you not read the thread, it's the fastest thing to come out of Germany. That includes the sls and r8 v10
Brady Jacoby Jun 13, 2012
...and for a 1/4 of the price you can get a ZL1 or a GT500 that handles better, brakes quicker, and accelerates faster!
quadrophine Jun 13, 2012
I would've preferred the v8 those amg 8s sound so nasty. 12 cylinders only sound good when you wind em out, those 8s make me smile all the time.
Anthony Villa-Garcia Jun 13, 2012
I feel like if mercedes tried to obtain the fastest production vehicle, then they could win easily. They make crazy fast cars!
Zachary Maurer Jun 13, 2012
@shivam... The first comment was ok, but you didn't have to throw in that second comment, that was a really jack a$$ move
Rob walker Jun 13, 2012
Apologises, spelt your name wrong
Rob walker Jun 13, 2012
If you've got an iPhone Shivram, it was built in China, but you wouldn't say it was Chinese, would you?
Karl Hinz Jun 13, 2012
Aucctally the Mercedes sl 65 Amgen black series produced 661 hp
Rob walker Jun 13, 2012
I read it, hence why I doubted the integrity of the article. Why else would I make the point? The Veyron was concieved, designed and engineered by Volkswagen. It was built in France but it's as German as Frankfurters as far as I'm concerned.
Shivam Patnaik Jun 13, 2012
God gave you access to the Internet but forgot to give you some education. Read it well, understand and then comment. Don't prove the world that you are a certified fool.
Shivam Patnaik Jun 13, 2012
@Rob Bugatti is owned by VW a German company but it's made in France and according to this article this car is the most powerful to be made in Germany.
Rudolf Dassler Jun 13, 2012
It's a Bugatti, so it's french. VAG's ownership doesn't count there...
Rob walker Jun 13, 2012
erm, isn't the Veyron a Volkswagen?
Description: The matte gray Mercedes SL65 AMG 45th Anniversary Edition will be produced in a limited run of 45 units. The roadster utilizes a twin-turbocharged V12 with the aforementioned power numbers said to be ...
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Kris C. Lopez Jun 14, 2012
Merc are part of the few manufacturers that would strap twin turbos on a already stupidly power ful engine. I remember hearing somewhere that this V12 could handle absurd amounts of boost before it explodes just imagine the power this thing can achie
Cian Rules Jun 14, 2012
If you remember the last sl65 amg it had to mutch tourq and the traction control couldnt handle it im sure its been detuned
Erick Bernal Jun 14, 2012
Oh that's right it's a V12. Well that's not that impressive considering it's twin turbo? You can get that naturally aspirated expect the torque honestly. SRT gets that N/A with a V10 in the viper..mmm
Patrick Schalk Jun 14, 2012
No one is cross shopping this car with a GT500 or GTR. No one.
Cory Deines Jun 14, 2012
Or you could get a GT500 that has 30 more horsepower and a top speed of 202 mph at a fraction of the price.
Dale Fredriks Jun 13, 2012
If I was to be brutally honest, I couldn't justify getting this car (however much I adore it) without considering the GTR or California. In fact, I would get a GTR and an older S-class for the same money.
Patrick Joseph Jun 13, 2012
Is he James may or what. I suppose an 787 is the jumbo aircraft that was all over the news sometime ago. Anyway I think the price tag is justified. It's a super rare Amg vehicle that means something in MB's history. I'm sure 45 ppl will agree with me
Ben Bourdon Jun 13, 2012
Does anyone else know the difference between a Boeing 747 and 787 off the top of their head? I'd just say apples and oranges
John Serely Jun 13, 2012
Your right tony, but I love the California, so it would be hard to choose
Logan LeMonnier Jun 13, 2012
For what you get 203k isn't that much
Kan Wes Jun 13, 2012
Are the 45 units for the us or the world? Can be a reason for the high sticker.
Thibault Leroy Jun 13, 2012
yea for that price i would definetly rather have a lambo or ferrari
Jordan Smith Jun 13, 2012
I'd rather just buy an SLS instead of the SL65.
Keenan Casteel Jun 13, 2012
This could be a good thing for the SLS. I find it hard to believe that MB would make anything to be more powerful than their flagship supercar. Perhaps they'll make a special edition SLS.
John Serely Jun 13, 2012
For a hardtop-convertible cruiser for that amount of money, I'll take a Ferrari California. This may be faster, but I think the California would be much more enjoyable to drive/ own
Matt Piccolo Jun 13, 2012
203,000 is the standard price! Really? I'll take a gtr, then keep the extra 110k
Dickson Lui Jun 27, 2015
My dream car
Wyatt Gordon Jun 13, 2012
Good looking, but the headlights should be changed IMO
Jason Brower Jun 13, 2012
I really liked how the previous generation was becoming more and more angular. I initially wasn't a fan of this more curvaceous form, but it's grown on me.
Logan Delony Jun 13, 2012
@ Andrew agreed.
Andrew Hubbard Jun 13, 2012
I love this car 100% and those headlight are amazing. At first I was not a fan but like someone said they grow on you.
Jay Kolvenbag Jun 13, 2012
I really love this car
Hank Austin Jun 13, 2012
The headlights sorta grow on you... I hated them but now I think they look good
Craig Lafey Jun 13, 2012
This looks amazing. Those headlights are throwing it off a little but it'll grow on me.
Josh Banning Jun 13, 2012
The headlights look good at one particular angle. If you look at the car in any other way, it look bad
Domi Bsaibes Jun 13, 2012
Those headlights are mercedes' biggest mistake ever!
Carlton Salmon Jun 13, 2012
Looks good apart from the huge headlights.
Rudolf Dassler Jun 13, 2012
I really love the looks of it!
Nasser Al Thani Jun 13, 2012
I hate how it looks too much like an SLK. Other than that, It will probably be mind blowing to drive!