Comments - Audi R8 GT Spyder Tested at Silverstone

Published: Jun 13, 2012
Description: The R8 GT Spyder is the most expensive Audi ever built. In the US, pricing has been set at $212,000; so $50,000 more than the standard R8 Spyder on which it's based. Even if you had the means, go...
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Description: Power comes from a 5.2-liter V10 with direct-injection for total of 560hp. Combined with the reduced weight and increased performance, the R8 GT Spyder can go from 0-62mph in just 3.8 seconds and has ...
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Cody Gillard Jun 13, 2012
hate to admit it but hes right
Tin Nguyen Jun 13, 2012
You pay $50k premium for the "GT" in the name.
Craig Lafey Jun 13, 2012
I think there nice. I mean for 50k more u don't really get a lot more. But there still nice
Thibault Leroy Jun 13, 2012
yea audi could have done a lot better if theyre gonna make it 50k more expensive
Hank Austin Jun 13, 2012
I would feel horrible if I had just bought that car...
Description: The engine is composed of ultra-light magnesium and the cover over the soft-top compartment and large rear side panels are made of carbon fiber-reinforced polymer. There's also a carbon fiber fix...
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Cody Gillard Jun 13, 2012
there literally nothing really new about it
Theviper007 Jun 13, 2012
is That the stig