Comments - 2013 Shelby GT500 and Camaro ZL1 Duel on the Track

Published: Jun 13, 2012
Description: In terms of power there's no contest between what are the two most powerful series-production muscle cars available in the US.
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Paul Roberts Jun 15, 2012
Well that was a detailed reporter. Yeah I'm the stang is fast an Camaro is quick I the corners
Phillip Greene Jun 14, 2012
Um you totaly missed the point I was trying to compair the mods you would do to each to make up for the weaknesses ford lacks the handling of the chevy and the chevy doesnt accelerate as fast as the ford, you get it now?
prodrag Jun 14, 2012
This guy sucks behind the wheel. Both of these cars can do so much better then what they say.
Zack Hickman Jun 14, 2012
What a useless vidro
Justin Routh Jun 14, 2012
@Tim that actually really surprised me to see you say that! I normally see you going for gm cars
Cain Allan Hopkins Jun 14, 2012
First of all these people can't drive without peeling or braking after the launch plus the camaro has a race mode. Second of all chevy kept it down on power as not to interfere with the corvette ZR1 sales.
Tino Nickolas Alanis Jun 14, 2012
GT500 for me but ZL1 is pretty nice too. This test did not do either of these cars justice though, need a more legit one.
Stephen Tyler Learn Jun 14, 2012
@Warren they are both suoercharged and have launch control
Tim Preisinger Jun 14, 2012
I'm a chevy guy, but damn do I love the new GT500. It pains me to say it, but I would probably take it over the zl1. I'm more of a drag race guy. Not too many places to safely enjoy a good handling car around where I live.
Dalton Levi Steel Jun 13, 2012
the problem with this test is the surface that they are testing on. both the zl1 and the shelby should have better numbers. hands down zl1 handles better it has the technology to do that but when it comes to the drag strip it's hard to overcome horsepower the shelby has. it sounds like they need up the boost on the zl1 and put wider tires on the shelby and take them back to the track.
Dalton Levi Steel Jun 13, 2012
what is a pulley going to do. some performance shops have already cnc the heads, ported the blower change the upper and lower pulleys, exhaust and an aggressive tune On the zl1 and were able to crack into the nines. that has also been done with the shelby but the motor was stock. they did change the pulley they change the rear in gear, and an aggressive tune got them into the nines also.
Phillip Greene Jun 13, 2012
No theres just as many track vids but the drags are at the top because honestly there aint many ppl who whole track races on youtube, and yeah tires on the stang and its keeping up on the track.... Pully on the z and its stomping the ford on the strip, now which would you invest in? About equal cost and one is a wearable item.....
Dalton Levi Steel Jun 13, 2012
it's not that youtube is a reliable source, it just shows what people do with the cars. drag race not road race.
William Downs Jun 13, 2012
@stephen.. there totally reliable, people dont lie, plus its on youtube so its gotta be true. not
Stephen Tyler Learn Jun 13, 2012
Because YouTube drag races are reliable sources of information
Christopher Alex Mohamed Jun 13, 2012
Not bad for a solid rear axle huh. I'm sure GM spent more money on their zl1 than ford did on their Gt500.
Theviper007 Jun 13, 2012
I think the camaro will always be better
Tony Flaherty Jun 13, 2012
Wtf is the story car buzz with the repeat comments very annoying.
Travis Larson Jun 13, 2012
If you go on YouTube an search 2013 boss 302 vs 2013 camaro zl1. YouTube account name djt609 With just 3 basic upgrades From a 40 roll the boss 302 took down zl1 twice in that race.
Travis Larson Jun 13, 2012
@Dalton Yep. Pretty much all you see on YouTube is drag races, and that's exactly what buyers in America are going to do with them. Drag race or just be garage pieces.
Dalton Levi Steel Jun 13, 2012
travis I think you said it the best the shelby gt 500 owns the quarter mile. and zl1 is a better track cars. correct me if I'm wrong but everytime you go to youtube 9 out of 10 times you will see a drag race not a road race. I am a ford guy but both ford and chevy should be proud.
Lou Guerrero Jun 13, 2012
Is it possible that Ford slightly compromised the balance and handling by giving it that much power?
Travis Larson Jun 13, 2012
Wouldn't say that was hardly no competition either. What I want to see is a timed lap test between the two.
Travis Larson Jun 13, 2012
So, what have we learned here.. 1.the gt500 owns the zl1 in the 1/4 2. the zl1 is the obvious choice for parking lot cone dancing. 3. A 120lb nerd can't shift for shit. The zl1 is the better handling car and that magnetic ride suspension is amazing!
Thomas Mackey Jun 13, 2012
I hardly call that no competition in handling. Slight change in tires and the Shelby would be over 1g. Poor test.
Joel Hayes Jun 13, 2012
It would be cool to see these cars have a timed lap test. Not sure who would win. Love the GT500's acceleration but the ZL1 looks better and has better handling
Jennings Rengel Jun 13, 2012
I kinda figured it would be boring when I saw that it was produced by edmunds. I think with the 98 hp the zr1 would still be better on the track due to the weight advantage. The problem would be justifying the price tag.
Joe Fats Harper Jun 13, 2012
Does anyone else find it strange how they can make such a boring video on such an awesome topic??
Dylan Bruder Jun 13, 2012
Zl1 for me it's more complete the only thing I'd do is add a less restrictive exhaust slp or corsa for me!
Justin Routh Jun 13, 2012
I doubt it. The ZL1 does 7:41 on the ring while the ZR1 does it in 7:19. 22 seconds is A LOT of time. 98 hp still would be quite a bit behind the ZR1
xenozonda Jun 13, 2012
am I right in guessing that gm kept down the zl1's power output to keep it away from zr1 territory?
Lou Guerrero Jun 13, 2012
Grabbing popcorn lol
Jennings Rengel Jun 13, 2012
If gm could just add that 98 extra hp then I would zl1 all the way as of right now I think I have to go gt500 the pure speed and power is just too enticing
Justin Routh Jun 13, 2012
To back up my comments 0-60: GT500 is 9.1% quicker 0-60 w/ rollout: GT500 by 9.7% Braking: GT500 but by less than 1% Quarter mile: GT500 by 4% Slalom: ZL1 by 2.5% Skid pad: ZL1 by 5%
Justin Routh Jun 13, 2012
For the most part the GT500 has a larger margin of performance over the ZL1
Justin Routh Jun 13, 2012
Is it just me or does it seem like the mustang blew the zl1 away in speed but wasnt pretty close in handling? GT500 for me
Donnie Jun 13, 2012
It seem's to me that the zl1 is more of a real track car, and the mustang is more of a musle car.
Steve Waskiewicz Jun 13, 2012
Damn, I'm a Ford guy, but there is no excuse as to why the GT500 can't match up in handling... Yet another American car that is only good in the straights... ZL1 FTW
Dillon Dixon Jun 13, 2012
Very close numbers throughout all the the tests. I still want to see an actual hot lap track test.
Chris Penza Jun 13, 2012
Both are awesome cars and they make up for what the other isn't as good in. I have no idea which I would rather have
Cezary Koral Jun 13, 2012
Both cars are great for the money, but IMHO I'm more of a handling type the out right straight line performance, I'll take the Camaro ZL1
Bijan Jahanpanah Jun 13, 2012
they should compare a grand sport to a zl1 but I'd take a zl1 over this .gt500
Stephen Krane Jun 13, 2012
I would take the vette over the zl1 but the gt500 is by far my first choice
Stephen Krane Jun 13, 2012
Challenger srt is too heavy and far underpowered
Trent Bourgeois Jun 13, 2012
I'll take a Grand Sport. Better looking car for same price. Still performs good enough for me.
Greg Lewis Jun 13, 2012
Both cars are very impressive and cheap consederong. Me, I still prefer the challenger, due to looks and comfort. Next would have to be the boss 302 LS package. But if I had to chose between these two, camaro. Big block love!
Jackson Rojas Jun 13, 2012
gt500 all the way
Thomas William Tuer-sipos Jun 13, 2012
Good information but yeah the video was pretty boring
William Downs Jun 13, 2012
stupid fast and furious quotes go away
John Serely Jun 13, 2012
I'm a stang guy, so GT500 for me. But, I will say that the zl1 is pretty badass
grant.c Jun 13, 2012
I hate Edmond's Car reviews.
Rudy Dsm Marshall Jun 13, 2012
Wether it's an inch or a mile... Winning is winning
Patrick Schalk Jun 13, 2012
The InsideLine article is a bit longer and they break it down a little more. It's a good read.
Bruce-Almighty Tumblin Jun 13, 2012
Yea this test didn't show us anything we did not know already
Thibault Leroy Jun 13, 2012
@Michael i agree but right now i prefer the GT500
Michael J Solimene Jun 13, 2012
I prefer the Shelby gt500 but they're both badass n I'd have to drive them both before I decide which one I'd actually get.
David Justice Jun 13, 2012
I think Vegas has the O/U on this article at 350 comments by noon EST tomorrow.
William Downs Jun 13, 2012
idk about it looking better, couple yrs agobi would agree but now i kinda like the looks of the stang, but that test showed us what we already knew, gt500 is the strip car and zl1 is the track car
Matt Piccolo Jun 13, 2012
If I had to take one it'd be the gt500 for me
Zeus Mocha Jun 13, 2012
ZL1 for me as well. Good video, not much talking. The mustang has the speed and acceleration hands down but I feel as though it doesn't help much in the end with such small differences in times. Overall ZL1 is a beast.
Stephen Cobbs Jun 13, 2012
GT500 or die for me. That was a pretty bland video. Motor Trend should have done this instead.
Craig Lafey Jun 13, 2012
Well I'm a chevy guy so I pick the camaro. That mustang tho wow. Very impressive. The camaro's numbers weren't to far off considering it has 80 some hp less. Both cars are awesome. Mustang has the acceleration but the camaro has the handling. Nice
Jairo Garcia Jun 13, 2012
Let the smack talking begin :) GT500 for me plzzz
Shawlyn Wiesner Jun 15, 2012
In 5'1 so.... Im small :(
Phillip Greene Jun 14, 2012
You guys are some tall m f'ers im 6'2 and either one fits me just fine, theres a magic buton on the side of the seat the increases the head room
Matthew Crighton Jun 13, 2012
Drew, i agree. My friend has one but hes tall and his head smacks the roof if he hits a pothole or bump
Drew J. Kleyweg Jun 13, 2012
my head touches the ceiling. thats no fun. at least in the chally and mustang its comfortable. i love comaros but this is my least favorite of all
Patrick Schalk Jun 13, 2012
Haha Drew it's a sports car not a truck
Drew J. Kleyweg Jun 13, 2012
love the numbers, but i still dislike the looks and how low the roof is.
Description: A recent dyno test conducted by Inside Line confirmed as much, demonstrating that the GT500 betters the ZL1 by 98hp and 105lb-ft of torque. After dueling on the dyno, the cars were taken to the track ...
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Patrick Schalk Jun 15, 2012
Stephen, it would cost a lot of money, but you could do it.
Mikey Jimenez Jun 14, 2012
But how does it make it irrelevant? You used the wrong term, I think the one you were looking for is it's not possible, and it is possible I would drop an extra 10k if the Camaro used an aluminum body.
Stephen Krane Jun 14, 2012
Miley are you stupid, it's irrelevant because you can't randomly drop 650 pounds from a car and you can't make most the body fiberglass because unlike the vette the body is structualy integral
Abraham Mendoza Jun 14, 2012
I think I'd be happy if it lost 300 pounds or so. I don't know what its made of now.
Mikey Jimenez Jun 14, 2012
Bruce I'm not asking for much it's possible.
Mikey Jimenez Jun 14, 2012
@Stephen how is that irrelevant I'm still on the Camaro and Shelby subject am I? You act like I said,"I wish I had slice of pizza cause I'm hungry!" I don't see what you're getting at. @Bruce aluminum body or even fiber glass like the Vette.
Bruce-Almighty Tumblin Jun 14, 2012
How would they get rid off that much weight Mikey? Your asking alot
Stephen Krane Jun 14, 2012
@mikey that was the most irreverent stament I have ever heard
Mikey Jimenez Jun 14, 2012
I wish the Camaro weighed 650lbs less then it would kill the GT500 in every category.
Jason Ofhorrormoviefame Jun 13, 2012
And aerodynamics aren't making a huge play yet before 60mph. Still seem like high times to me, I think they will actually test lower than these but traction/weight are probably playing a role to some extent as well. I was pretty sure ZL1 was 3.9...
Jason Ofhorrormoviefame Jun 13, 2012
Z51 Vette and grand sport do it in 3.9 according to Motortrend and Road and Track. Regular base does it in 4.1 (just tires and gear ratios.)
Ghee Buttersnaps Jun 13, 2012
Both these cars are much heavier than a corvette
Michael Davidson Jun 13, 2012
Yeah, traction is a huge factor for this. And a corvette has wider tires and is probably a lot lighter than both of these cars.
Chaz Gill Jun 13, 2012
Yeah, they probably should of had another person to do they take off.
Stephen Krane Jun 13, 2012
The 0 to 60 times are slow because the driver wasn't skilled enough to launch it perfectly. Cars that powerful Are incredible difficult to launch
Bryan Garza Jun 13, 2012
Tires, probably. These machines are definitely capable of more.
grant.c Jun 13, 2012
@Jason, yeah the base vette has 430 HP and does 60 in 4.2, but you gotta take weight, aerodynamics, tires, and stuff like that into consideration also.
Matt Piccolo Jun 13, 2012
U must mean the srt8 challenger right? Cuz the regular v8 models do it in like 5.2 seconds
uptown Jun 13, 2012
they do seem high... a challenger does it in 4.5 seconds
Barry Boo Wilson Jun 13, 2012
The mph difference in the 1/4 is surprising though.
Barry Boo Wilson Jun 13, 2012
Not considering the weak rubber on these cars.
Jason Ofhorrormoviefame Jun 13, 2012
Do those 0-60 times seem high to anybody? I thought the GT500 hit 60 in 3.5? My Corvette gets to 60 in 3.9 with 430hp...
Description: However, when it comes to handling the ZL1 is the clear winner. The Camaro was faster through the slalom: 70.8mph compared to the Shelby's 69.1mph, while on the skid pad, the ZL1 recorded a 1.03g...
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Paul Roberts Jun 15, 2012
Oh no! The mustang was almost a second slower! What a bullshit car. Who wrote this article
Trey Villarreal Jun 14, 2012
Lmao Americans supercar
Tino Nickolas Alanis Jun 14, 2012
@ Nick, the ZL1 is America's supercar?? You must be kidding.
Mo Akbik Jun 13, 2012
clearly the guy who wrote this article is a camaro fan bou
Abraham Mendoza Jun 13, 2012
Wow, as much grip as a MP4-12? How did they do that?!?
Nick Steiger Jun 13, 2012
And guys; the thing about the ZL1 is it has only one trim; Mustang has the Boss, the Boss LS, the Boss C/S; the ZL1 is the top and is there by itself.
Nick Steiger Jun 13, 2012
The ZL1 has upheld it's reputation as America's super car; like it did in 69.
Stephen Krane Jun 13, 2012
The zl1 is supercharged if there was an ss with zl1 suspension the boss would beat it
Matt White Jun 13, 2012
The whole point of the boss is to be an NA vehicle.
Devin Babyn Jun 13, 2012
Bull it beats the BOSS but I want to see it against a S/C BOSS. That would probably be the closest comparison
Patrick Schalk Jun 13, 2012
MotorTrend already compared the ZL1 to the Boss 302 LS and it beat the Boss by more than two seconds around the track.
Bull Dogone Jun 13, 2012
I'm no engineer, but the ZL1 was purpose built for the track as in road course. I think a more fair comparison would have been vs. a Boss 302. This is just Chevy bashing comparing to a Ford advertised with more HP. Bench racers....
William Downs Jun 13, 2012
its all about the suspension and the camaro has a great set up
Zachary Crowley Jun 13, 2012
"The Camaro can't turn worth crap" - Every Euro fanboy
davis Jul 23, 2012
my favorit car.nice!
Mikey Jimenez Jun 14, 2012
@tj with 285's in the back I'm not surprised.
Jacob McCord Jun 14, 2012
White w/ black striped and black interior please
Tj Marten Jun 14, 2012
Shelbys 0-60 HAS to be faster than that
Stan Mitchell Jun 13, 2012
If I had one I'd take it black with red stripes and red interior.
Bruce-Almighty Tumblin Jun 13, 2012
I love this car, ill take mine Gray/with Black stripes, & black interior thank you