Description: Duesenberg was one of the most prestigious names in cars at one point, and it was the Model J which was the pinnacle of company's short history. It is one of a small group of cars that could be c...
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Tin Nguyen Jun 13, 2012
Agreed. What's the record number?
Justin Routh Jun 12, 2012
Someone please tell me why this and the ferrari article yesterday say record auction sales but they dont mention shit about an auction?
Pi Ka Chu Jun 12, 2012
Y do old cars always have the spare tyre at the side hahas
Hank Austin Jun 12, 2012
Wow... That is drop dead gorgeous
Ben Mossing Jun 12, 2012
It looks like a '32 chevy with a very long hood
Thibault Leroy Jun 12, 2012
wow its beautiful
Drew J. Kleyweg Jun 12, 2012
my neighbor has one. i about cry everytime i hear it start
Micah Lau Jun 12, 2012
This thing is 2 scoops of beautiful. Very nice car.
Description: The Duesenberg brothers set up their car company just prior to the First World War, and would soon have to convert their plant over to making marine engines, as well as a small number of aviation engi...
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Description: Cord's vision was of the best automobile in the world, the biggest, fastest and most expensive ever made. The Deusenberg brothers were still involved in the company as employees, and the job of d...
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Paul Trahan Jun 12, 2012
The supercharged version was good for an 300hp. These cars were the Veyron of their day. Fastest, luxuries , and most sought after car.
Jesse Weis Jun 12, 2012
1970s rolls royces barely had that much power, and probably weighed more
Thibault Leroy Jun 12, 2012
yeah 84 years ago... like even 30 years ago this was good horsepower
Drew J. Kleyweg Jun 12, 2012
thats some wicked horsepower for back then
Christo Savaides Jun 13, 2012
I'd guess Maserati as well, simply because of the signature triple vents on the side.
Jesse Weis Jun 12, 2012
Looks like an old maserati, the red car that is
Carlton Salmon Jun 12, 2012
@ Oscar. Quite possibly. Maybe even a Zagato bodied car i.e. Fiat or OSCA. No pun intended.
Oscar Galvan Jun 12, 2012
Is that red car a zagato
Micah Lau Jun 12, 2012
This thing was the forefather of euro tail lenses, way back in 1928. Just kidding, but I wonder if those light up red?
Description: A later supercharged version of the engine was even made. These can be identified by the exhaust pipes extending through the side panel of the hood, a look which would become a signature design piece ...
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Thibault Leroy Jun 12, 2012
wow 400hp in the 30's?!?
Description: Even the "regular" Model J wasn't exactly cheap. Exact prices aren't really available, since the coachwork was handled by separate companies, and Duesenberg only built the chassis....
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Description: The first buyers of the Model J were wealthy (obviously) New Yorkers, as well as some Europeans who had recovered from the war, but when the depression hit, the focus moved west to Hollywood, and the ...
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Rich Hall Jun 12, 2012
This is art that was designed & made from the heart
Dale Schroeder Jun 12, 2012
That's what I love about cars from this era, each one is unique from all the others and has its own personality because of how they were built.
Description: Duesenberg would shut its doors in 1937, but most of the last several years were spent simply selling off chassis that had been built years ago. It's hardly surprising that a company like this on...
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Carlton Salmon Jun 12, 2012
Actually a company did briefly revive the name during the '80s. If I recall it was based on a GM car, probably Cadillac, and it even had the signature front bumper. I don't think it survived to full production though. Anyone got more info on this?
Description: Wittell was heir to an enormous fortune, and had a reputation for being wild playboy. It is the coachwork of this coupe with makes the car special. The black, red and chrome body is fully 11 inches lo...
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Tin Nguyen Jun 12, 2012
So, what's the record?
Tin Nguyen Jun 12, 2012
Check your grammar car buzz!
Carlton Salmon Jun 12, 2012
May be he saw animals like he saw cars - his car had to be the biggest and best so naturally he didn't want to buy a regular moggy. Imagine taking a lion to the vet for worming tablets and getting a flea collar fitted?!
Thibault Leroy Jun 12, 2012
haha thats awesome hes just walking around with a lion XD
Logan Delony Jun 12, 2012
Yeah it's the color combo and the way the red is shaped by the door.
Carlton Salmon Jun 12, 2012
Absolutely stunning.
John Serely Jun 12, 2012
@olivier probably because of the color combo/design
Olivier Gigu�re Jun 12, 2012
reminds me of a veyron for some reason
Jordan Smith Jun 12, 2012
Wow. That looks seriously good.
Richie Kuhar Jun 12, 2012
Just a Rolling death trap right there