Comments - Radical Prius Remixes

Published: Jun 12, 2012
Description: The Prius is a polarizing car to say the least. Some see it as a symbol of environmental friendliness, and laud its amazing gas mileage. Other people see the Prius as a slow and unnecessary eyesore th...
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Emil Kleijsen Jun 21, 2012
How many times do you need to hear this, Top Gear is NOT A LIABLE SOURCE OF INFORMATION!!
Bobby Junior Jun 13, 2012
No, because the lithium for the batteries is mined in Cuba, then shipped to China for assembly, then shipped to Japan where the whole car is put together.
Kyle Rawn Jun 12, 2012
Sam, wouldn't building an Aston Martin create more pollution than building a Prius? -.-
David Liebe Hart Jun 12, 2012
I don't drive a Prius so I feel better about the trees and what not, it's just a cheap car to drive, I don't give a hoot about the environment.
Sam Oglesby Jun 12, 2012
Prius environmentally friendly yeh right it creates that much pollution in building it I could drive an Aston for the rest of my life and not create that much pollution
Henz Herrero Jun 12, 2012
I thought toyotas flagship hybrid is the highlander hybrid..
John Serely Jun 12, 2012
@hektor no, sorry
Hektor Yberg Jun 12, 2012
If your a hater could you please not write how ugly or stumped it is
Description: Speeding was made effectively legal in Berlin when the city's police force debuted their new fleet of Prii. The police Prii were part of the city's campaign to cut carbon emissions. While th...
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Thibault Leroy Jun 12, 2012
wow if i were a cop and they told me to drive that i would kill myself
Dale Schroeder Jun 12, 2012
Just remember, you might be able to outrun a Prius but you can't outrun a police radio.
Description: It may be tough to believe, but there is actually a Prius GT300 race car. Toyota showed off their green racer at the 2012 Tokyo Auto Salon. The Prius looked surprisingly awesome, with its new body kit...
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Stephen Krane Jun 14, 2012
Miley are you stupid, it's irrelevant because you can't randomly drop 650 pounds from a car and you can't make most the body fiberglass because unlike the vette the body is structualy integral
Stephen Krane Jun 14, 2012
This is actual unfair as a race car, because it uses less fuel it has an advantage since it doesn't need to stop for fuel as much
Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen Jun 13, 2012
Kill it with fire
Clayton Corley Jun 12, 2012
@Brian - a dude at a car show had a 1000hp prius so this would have to be a second
Zachary Fix Jun 12, 2012
It's official their is a race car I would not drive
Harrison Trapnell Jun 12, 2012
Didn't this catch fire?
Clayton Corley Jul 13, 2012
Not bad but not good
Logan Delony Jun 12, 2012
Totally agree. They'll always be atrocious IMO
Josh Santoro Jun 12, 2012
Im sorry but prius's will never be cool no matter what you do to them
Devin Babyn Jun 12, 2012
Looks like they just made a cardboard box wide body kit
Description: The 2012 Tokyo Auto Salon showed the full potential of the Prius. Japanese tuners came out in full force, with crazy Prius remixes that had to be seen to be believed. From Prii with rims covered in Sw...
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Badoor Nassoor Mobarak Jun 13, 2012
Don't know y , but the front reminds me of a Mitsubishi
Kris C. Lopez Jun 13, 2012
The wheels ruin the look, not that bad otherwise
Avidity Ultd Jun 12, 2012
how do you rice a rice car? js....
Zach Sullivan Jun 12, 2012
a turd on big goofy rims
Ben Bourdon Jun 12, 2012
Dale Schroeder Jun 12, 2012
Next time someone asks me why I think "hellaflush" is stupid, I'm pointing straight to this picture.
John Serely Jun 12, 2012
Riced Prius...ugh
Dale Schroeder Jun 12, 2012
This one actually looks kinda nice, giant door decal aside.
Matt Martir Jun 13, 2012
My moms 1st gen prius isnt so bad, 0-30 is pretty damn quick, but 90-115 takes about a minute or so. And its a very uncomfortable car.
Zach Sullivan Jun 12, 2012
an aftermarket turd
Carl Andrew Muniz Tirella Jun 12, 2012
They have the Prius in Forza 4??
Carlton Salmon Jun 12, 2012
A very expensive and totally pointless exercise in spending cash on what is essentially a city car IMO. Money would be better spent on more high profile eco tyres.
David Liebe Hart Jun 12, 2012
I did 120 in mine, somehow...
Dale Schroeder Jun 12, 2012
The 30 pounds that CF hood shaved off will translate into an extra .01 MPG easily.
Nick Schnee Jun 12, 2012
That's useless. Why would one want to reduce the weight of a car that hardly does 110 mph?
John Serely Jun 12, 2012
Carbon fiber hood on a Prius? That's ridiculous
Zach Sullivan Jun 12, 2012
and the US 5-0 turd
Matthew Malyapa Jun 12, 2012
Look at that xb next to it 0.o
Evan Cook Jun 12, 2012
Why would they even bother putting the word "interceptor" on the front?
Thibault Leroy Jun 12, 2012
wow scaryyyy..... XD
Description: The Prius campervan may not look as cool as these others Prii, but it's a heck of a lot more functional. Like all awesome Prius creations, this one poked its head out at the 2012 Tokyo Auto Salon...
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Matt Martir Jun 13, 2012
"the new DARTZ pruis, with all new whale penis roof."
Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen Jun 13, 2012
Zachary Fix Jun 12, 2012
Well the owner was like "yeah put the on I'm already drive a prius
Carlton Salmon Jun 12, 2012
Get that growth lanced.
Dale Schroeder Jun 12, 2012
Ever put a marshmallow in the microwave? The end result looks almost exactly like this.
Jake Knickmeyer Jun 12, 2012
It looks like someone just laid a giant penis on top of a Prius.
Victor A. Frederick Jun 12, 2012
Seriously?!? Wow. I would never ever do that to any car. It's like a clown car.
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Jun 12, 2012
I just vomited in my mouth a lil bit
Devin Babyn Jun 12, 2012
Your Prius has a growth sir
James Deen Stevenson Jun 12, 2012
0_o what is that monstrosity??!?