Comments - Ferrari 333SP is a Monster on the Track

Published: Jun 12, 2012
Description: A racecar built back in 1994 to race in the IMSA championship in the US during the Nineties, the Ferrari 333SP is the car that served as a basis for the F1-inspired F50 supercar that shared the same c...
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Justin ChalkChalk Smalyinator Jun 16, 2012
Whats the dark car chasing the yellow one?
Asad Yusufzai Jun 12, 2012
Man I remember watching this car on a tv special years ago still sound amazing
Patrick Joseph Jun 12, 2012
Gt5. Forza. Every article is littered with gamer stuff. This isn't the right app for discussing forza and Mario bros or donkey kong and what not. I wanna hear about real cars. Or maybe I'm just growing old and I aint cool anymore haha.
Cian Rules Jun 12, 2012
Gt5 is way better then forza
Logan Delony Jun 12, 2012
I'd like it to drag race my dodge dart in forza. Haha it would be a close race
Chris Penza Jun 12, 2012
I have one in forza 4 and when it revs high enough it sounds like an obnoxious crying baby, but in a good way
Carlton Salmon Jun 12, 2012
Jeez that sounds good.
Harrison Trapnell Jun 12, 2012
Love that car. I have 2 on Forza 4.
Brady Jacoby Jun 12, 2012
The F50 has the same chassis? You learn something new eeryday!
Korli Jorlk Jun 12, 2012
The yellow One sounds unbelievable .
Description: At its heart, a V12 delivers 650hp at 11,000rpm. Coupled with a body that weighs just 862kg, this is a monster on the track and is good for 0-62mph in 3.3 seconds. In the following video, provided by ...
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金煌 Jun 12, 2012
The Sound Is Awsome!!!