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Ferrari 333SP is a Monster on the Track

The car that spawned the F50 was caught roaring around the track.
A racecar built back in 1994 to race in the IMSA championship in the US during the Nineties, the Ferrari 333SP is the car that served as a basis for the F1-inspired F50 supercar that shared the same chassis.
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At its heart, a V12 delivers 650hp at 11,000rpm. Coupled with a body that weighs just 862kg, this is a monster on the track and is good for 0-62mph in 3.3 seconds. In the following video, provided by alexsmolik, the fearsome Ferrari can be seen from various angles as it makes its way around the Vigeant Val de Vienne track during the 2012 Sport & Collection event. The sights are awesome, but it's the sound of the V12 that will make your teeth itch.
Ferrari 333SP is a Monster on the Track

by Adam Lynton
Ferrari 333SP is a Monster on the Track
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