Comments - Carroll Shelby in Awe of 2013 Shelby GT500

Published: Jun 12, 2012
Description: As it transpires, the 2013 Shelby GT500 was the last car Carroll Shelby worked on with the automotive legend passing away on May 10th aged 89.
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Abraham Mendoza Jun 13, 2012
Sure, they COULD mass produce a 1000 hp V8, but Venom could never pay all those taxes, pass all those smog tests, or have the money to make as many Ford does.
Aiden Bass Jun 12, 2012
I wonder what monster they're making to commemorate his passing...
Paul M Norberg Jun 12, 2012
So there is a difference in a production car and a mass production car? There are a ton of GT500's because they're built by ford who has the money to make them.
Michael Davidson Jun 12, 2012
But those 1000hp cars aren't mass produced.
Paul M Norberg Jun 12, 2012
There are several V8's producing over 1,000 hp, how is this the most powerful V8?
Jordan Smith Jun 12, 2012
Supposedly it's the most powerful mass produced V8 in the world.
Dillon Magee Jun 12, 2012
How is it the most powerful V8 though? Is there some catagory you're talking about?
Dillon Magee Jun 12, 2012
Never mind, that was stupid of me.
Dillon Magee Jun 12, 2012
When people say that, they mean NA V8, right?
Laguna Seca Jun 12, 2012
He lived long enough to see a Shelby become the most powerful production V8 in the world and destroy its main rival the ZL-1. Not a bad way to go.
Barry Boo Wilson Jun 12, 2012
Well the ol man died on top of the game.
prodrag Jun 12, 2012
@ Patrick. I agree. Can't wait to see these to bad boys doing work.
Patrick Schalk Jun 12, 2012
CarBuzz I sure hope you plan on reporting on InsideLines comparison of the ZL1 and GT500 :)
Bruce-Almighty Tumblin Jun 12, 2012
At least the old man died smiling because he knows the GT5 is in good hands after he's gone!
Brady Fereday Jun 12, 2012
That's awesome it's using the GTs cams
Dave Stewart Jun 12, 2012
Lad he got to see it before he passed amazing :)
Avery Williams Jun 12, 2012
The passing away of a legend....he will be missed for sure.
Justin Routh Jun 12, 2012
I think its crazy that you can now buy a car that goes over 200mph for under $60k
Description: Tributes to the great man have been pouring in from all corners of the globe, and this recent video released by Ford documents Shelby being taken through the details of the magnificent muscle car. Eng...
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Paul Trahan Jun 12, 2012
Horsepower sells cars, torque wins races. I do believe Carroll Shelby said that.
Bruce-Almighty Tumblin Jun 12, 2012
More power, more power, ha ha ha
Patrick Schalk Jun 12, 2012
We Americans like torque.
Thibault Leroy Jun 12, 2012
wow thats alot of torque
Nguyen Ngo Tri Hai Jun 14, 2012
It's so amazing about this car. Excuse me! Is ford mustang 2007 designed by Vietnamese??