Description: Mercedes-Benz might finally have a direct competitor for the Porsche 911 - the 2015 SLC AMG. The smaller version of the SLS AMG has been spotted testing by the Nurburgring for the first time today and...
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Den Zo Jun 12, 2012
@Avery, they are loosing out on a lot of money by not having a small sports car in the same price segment as the Porsche 911. IMO they will be competing for customers based on size and price, not necessarily track performance
Andrzej Rydlewski Jun 12, 2012
Who is i made for? Midgets?
Avery Williams Jun 12, 2012
I love how different car makers are trying to compete with Porsche in 2015 such as Maserati and now Mercedes. Just shows how great Porsche is becoming!
Description: The new model will lose the SLS AMG's gullwing doors, trading them in for more conventional ones, and eventually spawn a convertible variant. In terms of power, we could see something like AMG&ap...
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Bijan Jahanpanah Jun 13, 2012
yes it is sad that there killing the 6.2v8 but atleast it has a good successor more torque and more efficiency
Angel G. Ortega-Valentin Jun 12, 2012
They're not killing off the SLS...they're simply adding a smaller, more affordable sports car into the lineup to compete and gain customers that would otherwise go to Porsche.
Cian Rules Jun 12, 2012
Its do sad that theyre killing off the 6.2 v8 monster
Zaire Wilkins Jun 12, 2012
but in the picture it has the gullwing doors
Domi Bsaibes Jun 12, 2012
Don't let go the doors!
Extremis Colson Jun 13, 2012
WTF is a mule? LOL
Sam muscat Jun 13, 2012
The article says it wont have gullwing doors. This is just a mule.
Extremis Colson Jun 13, 2012
its kinda sexy, but gullwing doors, ill tolerate for now, there should be an option of changing the doors before you buy from the dealer...
Abraham Mendoza Jun 13, 2012
Read the article guys. Oh, and this is no SLS Black Series. Looks short and less widened than the mule I've seen.
Johnny Hoover Jun 13, 2012
Yeah this still hat gullwing doors
Craig Lafey Jun 12, 2012
2015 models already? Damn way to be on top of it Mercedes.
Ben Norton Jun 12, 2012
My bad guys, I just read a little bit better again
Ben Norton Jun 12, 2012
In this picture you can see it has gullwing doors. Look at the roof and see how far in the door goes?
Ryan Delano Thomas Jun 12, 2012
It's a test mule with a sls body, I don't see the doors as a main stay bc the gullwing is a hark back to the 300sl and merc will likely keep it exclusive to the sls
Luke Purdy Jun 12, 2012
This would be an awesome car to have. It's like buying a cheaper sls, who doesn't want that? If only they kept those gullwing doors, but I guess it's tradition.
Josh Melhorn Jun 12, 2012
I just looked on MotorTrend and it said that this is keeping the gullwing doors and its supposed to be called the SLR AMG. 0__0
Cody Gillard Jun 12, 2012
i think they are keeping the gullwing doors cause look at where the door handle is
John Serely Jun 12, 2012
@brian I totally agree
Adam James Hugh Everett Jun 12, 2012
Genius styling where have i seen that car before...oh wait...
boldcars Jun 12, 2012
i love it, just wish they kept the gullwing doors. sad about that.
Todd Muhlfelder Jun 12, 2012
Looks some counter steer going on there?
Kenneth Williams Jun 12, 2012
They put the fatties on the back for testing
Zaire Wilkins Jun 12, 2012
wow now im hearing this going to be called the SLR
Luke Purdy Jun 12, 2012
Maybe it needs to look odd? to tease a bit.
Cian Rules Jun 12, 2012
I wish the slc would get out of the way so i could see the ford transit better
Zaire Wilkins Jun 12, 2012
it looks the same as the sls
Kyle Kloewer Jun 12, 2012
Anyone see the nurbürgring logo on the truck
David Liebe Hart Jun 12, 2012
I'm aware that it has camouflage on, and I'm a huge fan of the SLS, but this looks odd...
Tomas Arango Ferreira Jun 13, 2012
I wouldnt be happy if i lost my gullwings
Jon Wheel Jun 13, 2012
SLS BS would have flared fenders, this does not.
Zaire Wilkins Jun 12, 2012
mind your business i didnt ask none of you to explain it to me
Chris Benson Jun 12, 2012
Stop feeding the trolls.
Luke Purdy Jun 12, 2012
But they had to use these pics because it's the SLC.. Why are finding this hard to understand?
Zaire Wilkins Jun 12, 2012
well then they should have not used these pics
Kyle Anderson Jun 12, 2012
@Zaire We understand the picture shows it with gullwings, but read the first sentence of the second article, it says the final product will lose the SLS gulling doors and revert to conventional ones.
Zaire Wilkins Jun 12, 2012
peter dont talk about your self like that how about you follow the door line
Kyle Anderson Jun 12, 2012
If you dont understand what a test mule is, this is the SLS body and frame, just fitted with the SLC technology(engine, suspension, etc.)
Nick Schnee Jun 12, 2012
Look at the picture dude. If those aren't gull wings...
Peter Blink Jun 12, 2012
Read the article dumbass it says it's losing the gullwings
Zaire Wilkins Jun 12, 2012
its gullwing tooo
Harrison Trapnell Jun 12, 2012
I know it is just a test mule and the car wont be like it but the rear rims look horrible.
Thibault Leroy Jun 12, 2012
it doesnt look too much shorter than an SLS
Harrison Becraft Jun 14, 2012
Can anyone tell me what kind of rims those are on the rear?
Ivan Alfaro Jun 14, 2012
the picture show that it still bas gullwings (look at door shutline) so this is sls black
Abraham Mendoza Jun 13, 2012
Looks like a Ford Kuga to me.
Daniel Bellafonte Jun 12, 2012
Ha Ford really doesn't like showing off its European models to its home country if you guys don't recognise it. But it's a Ford Mondeo and an estate not an back to the Mercedes test mule.
Paul Dickey Jun 12, 2012
Alex it's a test mule. Still amazes me that people on this app can't comprehend that.
Kenneth Williams Jun 12, 2012
I think it's the new escape
Alex Santaspirt Jun 12, 2012
Doesn't look much different for a model 3 years ahead
David Altenburg Jun 12, 2012
It´s looking like a SLS Black Series with new exhaust pipes and a F1 light in the diffusor :) But it´s really beautiful <3
Jason Bartlett Jun 12, 2012
Good looking car !
尤品敦 Jun 13, 2012
I think this is the black serise
Callum Qpr Taylor Jun 12, 2012
Cant wait for this car!!!!!