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Weekly DFA: Woman Crashes 3 Times in 20 Feet

Security cameras seem to catch everything.
A South Korean woman drives her silver Daewoo into a parking garage and stops the vehicle in order to examine her surroundings and make sure all is clear. She then proceeds to drive forward. Trust us, that isn't the beginning of a joke.
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The young South Korean woman was caught on a security camera futilely trying to pull into this parking garage. The first crash was on the side wall damaging the left side of her Daewoo. The second came as she tried to pull into the garage and smashed her front end into the wall just below the camera. The third mishap occurred when she forgot to put the car in park and it rolled back down the ramp, destroying her door which, obviously, she left open. That folks, is your weekly DFA.
Weekly DFA: Woman Crashes 3 Times in 20 Feet

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