Description: Freshly-laid asphalt is apparently no match for burst pipes in Eastern Europe. This story comes from Kiev, the capital and largest city of the Ukraine, so it's rather unfortunate that this is the...
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Jesper Jensen Jun 12, 2012
The largest thing there right now is the European Championship in soccer (Thats Real football to you amaricans lol) Hate when people write about something they dont know shit about ;-)
Puck Midsummer Jun 11, 2012
The ufea euro cup is there right now
Description: Apparently the plans for the Euro 2012 tourney were well thought-out and progressing well. Check out the streams of ridiculously hot water deforming the roads of the Ukraine in the gallery and video b...
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Chris Dimattia Jun 11, 2012
That will melt some snow
Ben Norton Jun 11, 2012
Kids stay in the car!
Luis Daniel Angilello Jun 11, 2012
Hey! What do you know? They just found a way to clean the street more effectively!
Matt Wolodkiewicz Jun 12, 2012
Hop in that and it will open up your pores real good
Theviper007 Jun 12, 2012
Burn urkaine burn
Dale Schroeder Jun 12, 2012
Now watch some fool try to drive his Hummer over that and end up with his tires permanently embedded in the roadway.
Jim Nguyen Jun 12, 2012
They should really get those potholes checked out.
Ghee Buttersnaps Jun 12, 2012
It was a sarcastic statement, lol
Devin Babyn Jun 11, 2012
Ghee pretty sure you're the only one that thinks that is a joke. To me it's a statement
Ghee Buttersnaps Jun 11, 2012
@Joe I was joking when I said that I thought the Mayan's might be on to something
Joe Fats Harper Jun 11, 2012
@Ghee What is this "joke" you speak of?
Patrick Joseph Jun 11, 2012
Meanwhile in Ukraine.
Ghee Buttersnaps Jun 11, 2012
@Jack do you realize that it's a joke?
Jack Higgins Jun 11, 2012
Ghee, you do realize that this was a pipe that burst? This wasn't anything paranormal or anything.
Ghee Buttersnaps Jun 11, 2012
I'm starting to think the mayan's may be on to something...
Matthew Crighton Jun 11, 2012
Is something wrong?
Cory Wilhelm Jun 12, 2012
Now how do I get across all these bumps in my Lamborghini? Oh wait... I have hover mode.
Gazel Hebbert Jun 13, 2012
@matt that literally made me LOL so hard
Matt Wolodkiewicz Jun 12, 2012
That's not mailbox nor a trash can... It's a Ukrainian spec civic
James Mcmahon Jun 12, 2012
Thats a kicka$$ mailbox
Alexander Pecheny Jun 12, 2012
I hope everyones okay
Devin Babyn Jun 11, 2012
Damn ma homelands getting dummied
James Henry Jun 11, 2012
The same way you live in America?
Kev Berkel Jun 11, 2012
How does anyone live in Ukraine or Russia. They can't get anything right
Xuan Lin Jun 11, 2012
It's end of the world!!! Lol
Kenneth Williams Jun 11, 2012
Noooo Not the EVO. Get away while you can
Riku Herukka Jun 11, 2012
Nice evo 10 hope it will survive from this
Thibault Leroy Jun 11, 2012
Ukraine won 2-1 im supprised Swedden is normaly pretty good
Hektor Yberg Jun 11, 2012
That's because of an soccer game between Sweden and Ukraine going on right now.