Description: YouTube program Roadkill was allotted $6,000 dollars to film their next program. Facing a conundrum as how to spend said cash, presenters David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan did the most logical thing ...
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Description: The Rat Rod is powered by a small block Chevy engine. The video is a bit slow at first, with the Rat Rod looking worse than the Boston Celtics in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Championships against...
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Anthony Cordova Jun 16, 2012
I'm glad I skipped right to the fail. Otherwise these dumb asses would have wasted 20 minutes of my time. I want to look at the cars not them talking and eating.
Phillip Greene Jun 14, 2012
Haha everything that car was ment to do was a fail its perpose in life is to look good and be an atention grabber with just enough power to justify the price tag, and the rust bucket with probably 15k total invested was gettin everything all the looks and making way more noise, I guess if your into dudes get an italian car and leave the hot rodin to the rest of us
Val Barata Jun 13, 2012
I am at a loss for words at how dumb these guys are. Who would take that rusty piece of garbage over an Aventador...
David Liebe Hart Jun 13, 2012
Great video, it wasn't boring mindless numbers, real content of how most of us would drive them, to show off that is.
Thomas Isnt Green Jun 13, 2012
That rat rod does look cool though
Nick Steiger Jun 12, 2012
The Aventador is the American dream. It is overpriced, uncomfortable, and completely pointless. But so I've heard it's read lines make you feel like you were hit by a sledgehammer. It is brute power.
Micah Buffat Jun 12, 2012
I love how you can't here the lamo at all it was always drowned out by the rat rod
Gary Howard Jun 12, 2012
I don't know how they would prefer a car with no windshield, speed, comfort or power steering better than one of the fastest cars out right now... Haha
Greg Lewis Jun 12, 2012
Either car. Both exemplifies the meaning of bad asserier...
statusone Jun 12, 2012
these rat guys arent the ones to be discussing the aesthetic appeal of a lamborghini. "no its not good enough, we prefer a car thats been cut out of a rotting dumpster"
Matt Piccolo Jun 11, 2012
Aventador for me :) and what sport r they talking about lmao O.o
Paul Roberts Jun 11, 2012
Um screw the rat rod or whatever I'm cruiser in that lambo and it's not Tupperware. If it is it's the fast damn piece of plastic I've ever seen
Kasey Cook Jun 11, 2012
Wow so these guys don't like either cars. How do these guys get to review cars? It sounds to me all they want is a jeep wrangler with nice paint and big tires so they can pick up chicks. P.s. They didn't build the lambo to pick up chicks.
John M Weishahn Jun 11, 2012
What a boring and pointless video. It it just me or has everyone that stands before a camera adopted the exact same "reality show confessional" speech rhythm?
Mikey Jimenez Jun 11, 2012
You guys don't get that they're hot rod guys, they don't care about exclusivity and all that crap. What these guys look for is cheap performance. Personally I have to agree with these guys, all tho the Aventador has to be my favorite Lambo.
Pablo Herasme Jun 11, 2012
The Celtics lost the previous game; Their spirit was not that high, but OKC will eat Lebron ANd his team alive
Christo Savaides Jun 11, 2012
They clearly don't understand a marvel of engineering when they see one. At so many points in the video I was thinking, "are you serious?!"
Phillip Greene Jun 11, 2012
Some people regard preformance over looks an exclusivity, I like lambos for what they are but you can go much much faster for less and the work in progress pulled out of a barn look is one of my farvorite build styles but thats just me
Chris Penza Jun 11, 2012
But at least I know okc will DESTROY miami
Chris Penza Jun 11, 2012
The celtics were in the running until the end of the game
Lou Guerrero Jun 11, 2012
My gf would would pick the Aventador over the rust bucket. I would too.
Dale Fredriks Jun 11, 2012
something that they obviously don't want to tell us about.
Dale Fredriks Jun 11, 2012
I'm really confused. How can these guys say that the Lamborghini "is not that fast"? It goes 0-60 in 2.9 for crying out loud! What more do you want? Also, I think they've entirely missed the point of it. It's supposed to be about pantomime and drama,
Jackson Michael Jun 11, 2012
Did they even watch that game? The Celtics were in it almost the entire game
Luke Murphy Jun 11, 2012
I would rather av the lambo =]
Sam Oglesby Jun 11, 2012
How the hell can he say the lambos not that fast its insanely fast limitless grip incredible engine and noise
Devin Babyn Jun 11, 2012
Haha that loss ruined my buddy's buzz for a bit. Then I forced him to shotgun 3 palm bays lol
Kenneth Williams Jun 11, 2012
Too soon carbuzz. I'm still in disbelief as to how and why the celtics gave up down by like 12 with 5 minutes left in the game.
Thomas Isnt Green Jun 13, 2012
Barry why did u have to ruin it aaaaahhhhhhhh :(
Colin Dzendolet Jun 12, 2012
Barry boo looks like he's kin to Buzz Killington
Alexander Pecheny Jun 12, 2012
Barry Boo Wilson had to go and kill it.
Micah Buffat Jun 12, 2012
I'm with the old guy lambos are totally over rated
Jack Hufford Jun 11, 2012
Looks like Matt laughed a lil...
Matt Piccolo Jun 11, 2012
Wow... I actually laughed a good amount just reading that....
Barry Boo Wilson Jun 11, 2012
These comments look like something out of a bunch of aholes :)
Lee Gardner Jun 11, 2012
Those guys look like there from a mother
Joey Pena Jun 11, 2012
those lines on the road look like something out of a paint factory
Thibault Leroy Jun 11, 2012
that tire looks like something out of a tire factory
Abraham Mendoza Jun 11, 2012
That photo looks like something out on Earth.
Colin Dzendolet Jun 11, 2012
that track looks like something out of an asphalt truck
Clint Edwards Jun 11, 2012
That shrub looks like something out of the ground
Bob Jones Jun 11, 2012
That Aventador looks like something out of a Lamborghini factory
Jamie Bull Jun 11, 2012
That rat rod looks like something out of mad max