Description: The legendary F40 is one of the best-looking and most talked about Ferrari models in history. The F40 wasn't just popular with auto enthusiasts but the sons of dictators as well, as Saddam Hussei...
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Karl Phillips Jun 11, 2012
O to 60 in 3.9 you mean
Cho Dan Jun 10, 2012
If that thing has been sitting for 9 years the engine is junk! These thing are tuned to the max and are delicate and if they're aren't stored properly, even for short periods of time, it will ruin them.
Jerrod Swenson Jun 10, 2012
Correction, the guy is from turkey
Jerrod Swenson Jun 10, 2012
This is just a bunch of associated pictures taken off the internet and put on a Russian car fan site The labels on the Flickr feed don't even match those in this article.
Vincent Butler Jun 10, 2012
Lmfao I watched the fight to. Manny got Robbed. God. Thank god I stop buying ppv 12years ago. Boxing bullshit. I'm glad MMA is putting an End to it.
Melvin Cerrillo Jun 10, 2012
Disappointment....just like the boxing match
Description: Apparently the Ferrari F40 was in a garage in Erbil having some work done on it before the U.S. invasion of Iraq. When the war broke out, Uday had other things on his mind to worry about other than hi...
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Emil Kleijsen Jun 19, 2012
Home to The states? Not to bust your bubble mr. Patriotic, but the F40s home is in Italy
Alex Medvedev Jun 12, 2012
Ye bring it home to states lol!!
James Mcmahon Jun 12, 2012
Luis, morons of shit world countries UNITE!
Luis Lujan Jun 11, 2012
Extradite. Morons of America, untie!!
Cody Andree Jun 11, 2012
What us up with all these damn spell checkers. If u understand what the author means then who cares. People are so gay about that on carbuzz. U criticize them for their lack of proof reading but u continue to read the articles and complain. Losers
Nick Benz Jun 10, 2012
Extradict isnt the correct word
Keiler Countryman Jun 12, 2012
Ha, I was messing with you the whole time, I wanted to see how offended you got about a car
Max Garcia Jun 12, 2012
Don't worry f40 we are coming to rescue you! Operation desert car is a go!!!
F1 Fanatic Jun 12, 2012
Now the car..... My bags are packed, I'm ready to go..... :-)
F1 Fanatic Jun 12, 2012
Keiler, chill son, your going to pop a vessel. Nothing wrong with having your own opinion, but tone it down a bit. No need to call anyone or anything a piece of shit, etc...
Jordan Smith Jun 11, 2012
Hey Keller, are you saying you get all your opinions from Top Gear?
Dom Nolan Jun 11, 2012
Poor little bastard, I hope It goes to a good home
Phillip Greene Jun 11, 2012
Have you actualy driven one or are you just regurgitating the bullshit of a fat comic
Keiler Countryman Jun 11, 2012
Ok, this car isn't a piece of shit but it looks ugly, it's uncomfortable and the engine is to close to the driver. Haven't you seen Top Gear
Cody Fullerton Jun 11, 2012
This car was fantastic. It made the F50 look bad because it was the sequel that didn't live up to expectations. In my opinion, they didn't even capture the original spirit of the F40 with the F60 (Enzo).
Callum Qpr Taylor Jun 11, 2012
Keiler this car is amazing!
Ben Bourdon Jun 11, 2012
@Keller You seem like an angry young man. Explain why this car is a piece of shit?
David Justice Jun 10, 2012
matte red. sweet.
Chris Penza Jun 10, 2012
If I was in the army I would do everything to take this bad boy home when he died
Cho Dan Jun 10, 2012
@ Phillip, agree 110%
Phillip Greene Jun 10, 2012
The f40 was the best car they ever made imo its perfect
Kevin Haeberle Jun 10, 2012
Why the hell are you on carbuzz if you think the F40 is a POS?
Keiler Countryman Jun 10, 2012
Stop feeling bad,this car was a piece of shit and the only way it was good was that it helped Ferrari make the enzo
Jose Alfonso Macias Jun 10, 2012
No car like this deserves this abandonment... :/ ill take it.
Phillip Greene Jun 10, 2012
Is just me or dose it look fake from this angle?
David Gray Jun 10, 2012
If I was 1 of the soldiers across there, this would have been in the back of a container long ago!
jester Jun 10, 2012
I may have found my F40. I think I'm going to make some calls this evening.
Trevor Deere Jun 10, 2012
If this was WWII all these cars would of been back in the states a month after the owners were shot.
Kodo Omar Jun 10, 2012
Lucky bastard had this beast
Jason Bartlett Jun 10, 2012
Lol it even looks sad.
Matthew Lutgen Jun 12, 2012
So sad that a car with so much power and how awesome it looks just sits and collects dust. What a waste.
F1 Fanatic Jun 12, 2012
I think they should send it to a good home.....mine for example!
Paul Roberts Jun 11, 2012
It's gonna smell Terriable and I know because I have smelled Iraq and its revolting
Ankle Curtains Jun 11, 2012
Not just gathering dust but also dog piss.
Ben Bourdon Jun 11, 2012
Ferrari should buy it back or something
Chris Penza Jun 10, 2012
The engine and everything must be ruined
Zeus Mocha Jun 10, 2012
You and me both. Just take a good couple hours and wax it.
Matt Piccolo Jun 10, 2012
Same lol! Even if it's still in the impound lot I still want it to look good ;)
Antonio Borja Jun 10, 2012
I wanna wash it so bad
David Liebe Hart Jun 12, 2012
Maybe I'm just racist, but the Husseins don't seem like the type to buy a NISMO 350z
Nick Frese Jun 12, 2012
Nismo 350Z guys, not the stock one..
Justin ChalkChalk Smalyinator Jun 12, 2012
No one notice the car has been moved since previous pic? Just another victim of Anerica's greed.
Max Garcia Jun 12, 2012
Costs few grand to ship it. I was thinking hijacking airplane and flying it here?
Jamie Perigo Jun 11, 2012
U could prob bribe a soldier for $500 and take much to ship to us I wonder
Cody Andree Jun 11, 2012
The Nissan has plates. It was prolly the photographers lol
canon4487 Jun 11, 2012
where do you see a gtr??
Phillip Chan Jun 11, 2012
Makes me wanna cry just looking at it.
Jackson Michael Jun 11, 2012
I like how some idiots below are acting like these are both Udays cars and that he's been driving his gt-r around over the F40. I'm pretty sure he was killed before the R35 came out, guys.
Ben Bourdon Jun 11, 2012
Maybe the Nissan hasn't been sitting as long.... just a thought
Tyler Tarbox Jun 10, 2012
Really they let the Ferrari collect dust but this stupid ricer gets to be clean?
Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen Jun 10, 2012
I want to punch this guy in the face for driving a Nissan and then just let his F40 collect dust.
Badoor Nasser Mobarak Jun 10, 2012
So they keep the FERRARI dirty and clean a Nissan
Jerrod Swenson Jun 10, 2012
This is a different car, different place.
SupaDupaMe Jun 10, 2012
Ferrari down, ferrari down..... I repeat, ferrari down
Josh Santoro Jun 10, 2012
Tgis makes me cry
Brandon Lidy Jun 10, 2012
Had this been a conflict before all these rules of war, a few lucky soldiers would be hauling ass in the middle of the desert
Ken Russell Jun 10, 2012
Wash it and cover it up before the sand and sun destroy it any more.
zr1 Jun 10, 2012
At least it's protected from rolling away.
Matt Piccolo Jun 10, 2012
Ooo I like the 350z too, but man poor f**kin Ferrari
Hunter Wolfe Jun 10, 2012
Some one save that Ferrari
F1 Fanatic Jun 12, 2012
I put the F40 in the front of the container and these two beautiful pieces of caca (shit) in the back....and ship it
Cody Andree Jun 11, 2012
Ya it's a Zimmer golden spirit. Someone in my town has a white one. There around 100, 000$ new I think. Based off a mustang platform with a 5.0 H.O I believe.
Jerrod Swenson Jun 10, 2012
Excaliburs I would say. The purple fender on the extreme right is a plymouth prowler.
Badoor Nasser Mobarak Jun 10, 2012
My friends dad owns a car just like the white one
Tin Nguyen Jun 10, 2012
Zimmer golden spirit?
Ceyda Deniz Gurler Jun 10, 2012
Whatever the green one is.. it looks absolutely amazing!!
Phillip Greene Jun 10, 2012
What the hell is that green one?
Ken Russell Jun 10, 2012
This beats a viper alarm any day
Justin ChalkChalk Smalyinator Jun 12, 2012
Why do you racist cocks call them terrorists? American military, FBI, CIA and even IRS are by far the biggest terrorist organization in the world.
Jay Kolvenbag Jun 11, 2012
Hussein's sun was kind of a terrorist
Jackson Michael Jun 11, 2012
I don't see any AKs or terrorists in this picture
Jay Kolvenbag Jun 10, 2012
I think this is the armored version
Ken Russell Jun 10, 2012
Wash this and cover it up idiot.
Max Garcia Jun 12, 2012
Pink Ferrari this is a war crime I believe
F1 Fanatic Jun 12, 2012
Who are the two morons smiling and salivating?
Jason Brown Jun 11, 2012
You mean you didn't see the pink one Barbie had? :-p
Dickson Lui Jun 11, 2012
First time seeing a Testarossa in Pink.
Knox Ferraro Jun 11, 2012
Ben, do you have a map handy? Put one finger on Saudi Arabia, where Saudi people come from. Now put the other on Iraq, where Uday Hussein came from. Notice how you're using two fingers?
Ben Bourdon Jun 11, 2012
Saudis need to make their own supercars so they can stop ruining all the good ones
Cody Gillard Jun 10, 2012
mother of god (pulls off glasses)
Victor Castillo Jun 10, 2012
I see what u did there melvin
Inderjot Sidhu Jun 10, 2012
Oh and that Porsche was his favorite. He drove it over all the others.
Inderjot Sidhu Jun 10, 2012
He was probably wearing pink that day. Uday had a paint garage in the mansion he'd be at and he'd have the car painted ahead of time to match his outfit for the day.
Elias Harb Jun 10, 2012
Guys enough hatin'
Kenneth Williams Jun 10, 2012
oOo, so thats why they killed him.
P_R_N_D Jun 10, 2012
Ha you can see an ass print where someone sat on the other one
Zach Pate Jun 10, 2012
That soldier is like "look at this bs! "
Wissam Nasr Jun 10, 2012
He deserved to be shot for painting a Ferrari pink
Melvin Cerrillo Jun 10, 2012
Ferrari Testarossa gone to it still considered a testaROSSA if it's pink?
Al Lindsay Jun 10, 2012
Dear US special forces, thanks for putting a bullet in the idiot whose garage combined and F40 and this pink freak of nature. Sincerely, MEN everywhere
Tanner Middleton Jun 10, 2012
looks like it needs a windsheild
Ben Norton Jun 10, 2012
Or respray it. I'd like to keep the car
Chris O'Brien Jun 10, 2012
kill it with fire.
Cody Andree Jun 11, 2012
Totally thought it was a miata as well haha
jaredef Jun 11, 2012
looked like a 90s Elan...
Eddie Fok Jun 11, 2012
I believe the doors of the BMW M1 slide downward.
Callum Qpr Taylor Jun 11, 2012
It's got no door
Russ Sugar Jun 10, 2012
I thought this was a miata lol.
jester Jun 10, 2012
Wow...that's a rare BMW right there.