Description: Over the past weekend, Lindsay Lohan's hit parade grew even longer. According to a report from TMZ, the American actress crashed a new 2012 Porsche 911 into an 18-wheeler on the Pacific Coast Hig...
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Justin ChalkChalk Smalyinator Jun 12, 2012
Ugly ginger dumbarse. I really hate that women and cant believe how people still find her attractive or want her in their movies. I refuse to show my kids any of her flicks.
Scotty Gee Jun 12, 2012
She deserves a spanking for that..
Adam Page Jun 11, 2012
Make her drive a prius... It will make her appreciate what she has/had...
Evan Wolfe Jun 11, 2012
Um... I think she needs her license permanently suspended & she needs to be taken to Germany for a good old fashion beating
Knox Ferraro Jun 11, 2012
Whatever, people make mistakes. And besides, the best Porsche to crash is the Porsche you don't own.
Everett Coyne Jun 10, 2012
they should just give her something that doesnt dael with a sports car not even a one with a V8
Chris Penza Jun 10, 2012
Lindsey lohan is the one of the biggest idiots in America
Bob Jones Jun 10, 2012
They're so careless that they should be carless
Esam Mohammad Jun 10, 2012
Hate those carless female celebrities ..
Colin Dzendolet Jun 10, 2012
she still has money?
Joe Hero Jun 10, 2012
Better question: with all the crap she's been arrested for in the past... how does she still have a license?
Matty Michaels Jun 10, 2012
Wait! Shes only at 97?!?
Christopher Koulouris Jun 10, 2012
Never mind Lilo, we still adore you, bribe or no bribe, faulty brakes or good brakes, extortion or no extortion, I still think you are the sweetest venomous thing that keeps me awake every night. Isn’t it time you also became a self conceited celebrity convinced of their own divinity and self righteousness?
Brandon Carr Jun 10, 2012
Good question whatever your name is
Jo�l Nijsten Jun 10, 2012
why the hell is a woman driving a porsche?!
Rockesh Boulder Jun 10, 2012
It's a dump truck...
Alanna Galligan Apr 30, 2013
And she has a license why?
Evan Wolfe Jun 12, 2012
@igor people like you usually dislike the truth
Matthew Reindorp Jun 11, 2012
Me... And I decide she doesn't live... Haters gonna hate...
Igor Natsioks Jun 11, 2012
@ Evan, and who is the all mighty who decides who lives and doesn't? What a stupid comment....
Tyson Stewart Jun 11, 2012
She needs to be locked up for a long time!!!
Evan Wolfe Jun 11, 2012
Although she's a human being can you justify war? The atom bomb? No. Just because someones human doesn't mean they deserve to live... 'caugh' George bush, what?
Mohamad Easa Jun 11, 2012
She's a human after all .... Look at bright side
Chris Penza Jun 10, 2012
Why do the idiots get all the good cars?
Jackson Rojas Jun 10, 2012
I'm so sad but in my sadness I know I saw and looked and touched a 2012 911 Carrera s Cabriolet today
David Salvo Jun 10, 2012
Take that woman's bank account,credit cards, checkbook and any other means of obtaining any kind of funds away from her............Please! And my she only drive Yugo's,,,,,,,,,,,FOREVER!!!!
Clint Edwards Jun 10, 2012
Gosh, hope this doesn't affect her career. Oh wait, she doesn't have one
Rockesh Boulder Jun 10, 2012
Next week: Lindsay Lohan drives Ferrari into a bar, literally
Alex Pritsert Jun 10, 2012
How the judge give back her license? She will kill someone in the end.
Chuck Jun 10, 2012
she doesn't deserve a car like that
Description: The actress was chauffeured off in a Cadillac Escalade, of which belonged to the Lifetime movie she is currently filming. The truck driver, who goes by the name of James, called the police when it was...
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Justin ChalkChalk Smalyinator Jun 12, 2012
Ugly slot was probably high as shit.
Rich Vuchetich Jun 12, 2012
will someone please punch that dumb bitch in the face. I don't care how pretty the public thinks she is. she is a pimple on Americas taint. we need to send her to some other country and disown her.
Mark Reider Jun 11, 2012
Celebrities need to be accountable for what they do the same way everyone else is. To try to leave the scene of an accident would put us in jail, and that's where that stupid b$?!@, belongs. Hit them where it would hurt, there money!
Chris Penza Jun 10, 2012
The only thing she's famous for is being arrested
Patrick Joseph Jun 10, 2012
I'll operate the wood chipper. I insist.
Steven Velez Jun 10, 2012
glad to know there are some people out there that don't know her mistake of an existence
Kenneth Williams Jun 10, 2012
Learn how to drive then if you don't wanna be in the media
Description: He continued: "But I'd already called 911 because they were trying to get away from the scene. But they packed a bag and then the limousine driver told me, 'Don't mention the bag t...
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Justin ChalkChalk Smalyinator Jun 12, 2012
Drugs by the gymbag full.
Evan Wolfe Jun 11, 2012
Money talks. Rather we like it or not if someone has enough money he or she can buy anything... Including laws. Do you hear me Mercedes-Benz? 25 year rule anyone?
Knox Ferraro Jun 11, 2012
If I wrecked my rental, I'd probably take my belongings out of it too. And you can't tell me the Escalade was called and arrived before the police... On PCH. The truck driver isn't making sense.
Ben Bourdon Jun 10, 2012
She didn't actually flee the scene so she won't get hit on that. And wtf do they mean "they packed a bag" ?
Patrick Joseph Jun 10, 2012
Don't mention the bag. What a stupid thing to say. Unless the lorry driver knew what was in the bag why would it be suspicious to him. Now it sure is dodgy. Amateurs.
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Jun 10, 2012
That bag had drugs
Kenneth Williams Jun 10, 2012
Don't tell the cops about the bag eh. Uh oh. Got some booger sugar
Jon Ashley Jun 10, 2012
Lindsay Lohan going back to court? not like that will ever do anything...
Cho Dan Jun 10, 2012
Eventually she will kill herself. I just hope she doesn't kill someone else in the process.
Patrick Schalk Jun 10, 2012
Hell yeah it is Vincent!
Vincent Butler Jun 10, 2012
Isn't that a hit and run? If you fled the scene?
Michael Gallagher Jun 10, 2012
Lol, true that. Who says money isn't above the law?
uptown Jun 10, 2012
not if you're rich.
Justin Link Jun 10, 2012
This should land her in prison. Fleeing the scene of an accident is a felony with automatic prison time.
Jerry Cole Jun 11, 2012
Sam Oglesby Jun 11, 2012
The roofs come off
Calogero Rumeo Jun 10, 2012
Being a huge Porsche fan this is hard to stomach. Lindsay is just on that Kim K level.
Matthew Crighton Jun 10, 2012
Whos the idiot that gave women the right to drive? Lol
Jon Ashley Jun 10, 2012
The seats and back are still good. I will take it thank you
Sascha Wyss Jun 10, 2012
Woman driver's :D
Badoor Nasser Mobarak Jun 10, 2012
I'd still want that
Vincent Butler Jun 10, 2012
Scott its everywhere in the United States. Not just Cali
Patrick Schalk Jun 10, 2012
People in Oklahoma will humble the celebs. Like Lil Wayne not getting tickets to the Thunder game haha.
Jonny Seegmiller Jun 11, 2012
@ben hahahahahahaha
Ben Bourdon Jun 10, 2012
Too bad they deployed
Laguna Seca Jun 10, 2012
As long as her air bags are ok, that's all that matters.
Cezary Koral Jun 10, 2012
Too bad it didn't kill her
Jay Diltz Jun 21, 2012
she's a complete idiot
Tyson Stewart Jun 11, 2012
This is sad, but I could use the parts for my car!
Zach Wilson Jun 11, 2012
just needs alittle bondo lol
Jerry Cole Jun 11, 2012
ill buy this for abt 15k snd get it repaired for abt 15-20k saves me 15 grand
Sam Oglesby Jun 11, 2012
Not enought baggage for a good crash barrier in the front
Arben Imeri Jun 11, 2012
Killing a Porsche should be a felony
Kevin Rehbock Jun 10, 2012
I think it tried to do us all a favor and take her out with it. It was a good try.
Sean Win Jun 10, 2012
I think the 911 wanna cried when she climb in !
Zachary Maurer Jun 10, 2012
@christian, as are you my friend
Noah Malott Jun 10, 2012
Who's idea was it to give here a 911