Description: The LFA supercar has received many plaudits since its release. Lexus' Nurburgring Edition LFA has further enhanced the brand's reputation, as the 562hp 4.8-liter V10-engined track-enhanced m...
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Chris Penza Jun 10, 2012
Yeah this car is an engineering marvel. Too bad it costs so much
Max Ward Jun 10, 2012
Beautiful Car...
Description: The color scheme features a Whitest White exterior finish coupled with a bright red Alcantara upholstery on the interior. Together the colors are reminiscent of the Japanese flag and are meant to pay ...
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Paul Dickey Jun 11, 2012
I'd give that extra 70 grand to a tuning company and see what they could do.
Jackson Michael Jun 11, 2012
@Ben They're in the gallery genius
Matt Robbins Jun 11, 2012
Yep, rules the 'Ring as long as no Viper's are present. Simplicity beats over-thought technology everytime
Luis Daniel Angilello Jun 11, 2012
All I think is that Toyota wanted to come out with a new Supra, then they started to add engineering, HP, refined the interior, gave it a better edge, and then slapped a Lexus badge on it to bring the price up on this baby. That's my opinion....
Ben Bourdon Jun 10, 2012
I don't see any interior pictures either. And this is news because of the $70k worth of improvements they made for this car to rule the ring, not the new interior smartass
Shawn Sullivan Jun 10, 2012
Blake did you even flip through the pictures?
Blake Antil Jun 10, 2012
So it talks about the amazing red interior yet there are no pics of it
Justin Routh Jun 10, 2012
All i wanna know is how is this news? They added a new color interior... CB needs a daily article with a bunch of stuff that shouldnt be wasted on a whole article
Thibault Leroy Jun 10, 2012
@Scott yeah most people who buy this car probably have alot of other supercars but if say this guy wants to spend alot on just one car well 70k can be a pretty big difference but yeah i mean most people who buy this car can probably afford the extra 70k
Ben August Jun 10, 2012
I'd be more interested to see what a tuner could do in terms of 70k.
Mohammad M. Alajmi Jun 10, 2012
14.64??? what is this ??
Scott Gracey Jun 10, 2012
I'm basing that off the assumption if you own this car you have lots of money and many cars lol
Scott Gracey Jun 10, 2012
Yeah it's a 5th but really if you can afford to buy and maintain a 375,000+ car you prolly can afford another 70,000k lol
Thibault Leroy Jun 10, 2012
@Scott well 70k is about 1/5th of the cars price so thats still alot even if you have alot of money
Scott Gracey Jun 10, 2012
I'm almost certain all if not almost all the original 400 lfas sold pretty quick, so if you really want one the extra money is nothing
Rick Charello Jun 10, 2012
If you are buying this car are you really worried about the 14 sec difference? If you are buying it strictly for the 14 sec difference aren't you going to be looking for "more" improvements ?
Patrick Schalk Jun 10, 2012
I agree 14 seconds is a great improvement. I'd shell out some extra pennies.
Scott Gracey Jun 10, 2012
When you're spending 400,000$ on a car what's another 70,000 lol
Michael Gallagher Jun 10, 2012
If you are already buying this kind of car, you have the money to but the extras. So 70k is like nothing.
Brad Wood Jun 10, 2012
I am not a fan of red guts in any car. But, yes a 14 second improvement in a lap time at the 'Ring is worth the 18% premium. A bargain IMO.
Bryan Whitt Jun 10, 2012
I am assuming what he meant to say had he been paying ANY attention to his writing was a 14 second IMPROVEMENT in lap time .
Austin Jobes Jun 10, 2012
14.6 sec...pretty impressive i must say hahah.
John Jenkins Jun 11, 2012
it's only a Lexus? that can't be your only qualm. that's like saying the new gt500 is 'only' a ford. except Lexus makes far better cars than ford and always has.
Thomas Isnt Green Jun 11, 2012
Id get a old 70's Porsche ohhh yeahh
Ben Norton Jun 10, 2012
My grandpas buddy has an lfa and a Toyota tundra, that's it. Not everyone with this car has a gtr and lambos and what not
Guo-Sheng Huang Jun 10, 2012
It is still only a Lexus.
Guo-Sheng Huang Jun 10, 2012
I don't know why they think that they can demand that price just because it is "rare".
Cody Gillard Jun 10, 2012
beautiful car ugly price tag
Nick Rios Jun 10, 2012
If I had the money.
Victor Castillo Jun 10, 2012
Id rather buy 2 cars than 1 lfa .. And then some for a boat lol
Calogero Rumeo Jun 10, 2012
I would never buy this car because of that price. Porsche or GTR any day over this car, not to mention the numbers are better.
Kris C. Lopez Jun 10, 2012
They are not selling this to people who can't afford it's exclusivity and yes people who buy this car have already in their possession its rivals
xxmariolxx Jun 10, 2012
I guess people still dont understand that people who buy this car have a lot of other cars too. probably got the gtr and some Ferrari and porches.
Chris Gaines Jun 10, 2012
I wouldn't buy this thing unless it was priced around the gtr, since they're competitors. it's just not worth it
Kris C. Lopez Jun 10, 2012
I just don't see supercars as value items so price just doesn't seem to be a factor for me and the price also includes exclusivity why buy a GTR or a 458 or a Porsche that everybody else has and buy something that is still capable and unique.
Lee Oleinick Jun 10, 2012
Personally, I would have a hard time pulling the trigger buying this car in that price point. I believe there is much better bang for your buck with other manufacturers. Just my .02 cents
Russell Jun 10, 2012
It's a great car but who spend that much on a Lexus
Matt Robbins Jun 10, 2012
Shoulda got a Viper XD
Guo-Sheng Huang Jun 10, 2012
Ok, maybe not that many, but you see my point. Besides, GT-R is faster.
Guo-Sheng Huang Jun 10, 2012
I would take a Nissan GT-R over this anytime. Then i will have some money leftover for a Ferrari, Lambo, Porsche, and some more. What a waste of money!!
nhra man233 Jun 21, 2012
Joey Rich Jun 10, 2012
Looks like a beast
Ben Norton Jun 10, 2012
I spent over 2 hours at the car show photographing an LFA! I love them so much
Jordan Clegg Jun 10, 2012
Looks WAY better than a GT-R!
Dale Schroeder Jun 11, 2012
The LFA was more or less made to replace the Supra in Super GT racing since the SC430 was just a stopgap, so it's not that surprising there's some visual similarity.
Ben Norton Jun 10, 2012
Cezary I see it. Especially in the front half. It is made by toyota so it's possible they took a few design ideas from it
Jackson Michael Jun 10, 2012
That red interior is hawt
Cezary Koral Jun 10, 2012
Is it wrong for me to say that from this view it resembles the SUPRA, maybe it's just me
Brooks Reilly Jun 10, 2012
Would look good in lime green or pink!
Lee Gardner Jun 10, 2012
If I had that kind of money yeah probally
Jerry Cole Jun 11, 2012
remove the black shite and we'll talk.
Antonio Borja Jun 11, 2012
Kris is right. looks nothing like a Lexus upfront. this is a brand-new look. it's not to great though. it's the headlight. the need to be shaped different
Bull Dogone Jun 10, 2012
Looks great in white.
Kris C. Lopez Jun 10, 2012
Jordan I wish every other Lexus had a front like this
Jordan Clegg Jun 10, 2012
Rear is best part because for the most part, the front looks like every other Lexus.
Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen Jun 10, 2012
The rear is sooo SEXY
Dylan Bruder Jun 10, 2012
Same I don't really like anything else
John Serely Jun 10, 2012
The rear is my favorite part of this car
Jerry Cole Jun 11, 2012
You've got an IS-F Sport? how much do those cost??
Bull Dogone Jun 10, 2012
Cool, I've got the same color wheels and same center cap on my IS F Sport. And that's about all they have in common!!!
Zeus Mocha Jun 11, 2012
Nice I see it too
Zaire Wilkins Jun 11, 2012
i swear this engine looks just like predator
Paul Pickard Jun 10, 2012
Completely agree about the sound.
Peter Mark Gacek Jun 10, 2012
One of the best sounding engines, but not the prettiest...
Jason Brown Jun 10, 2012
What I would buy if I could afford it...
350Z Pilot Jun 10, 2012
What Elvis would buy if he were still alive.
Jamie Bull Jun 10, 2012
Way too much red.
Brad Wood Jun 10, 2012
Does it come with a pair of designer sunglasses? Blinding.
Joshua DeBord Jul 06, 2012
It weighs 2750! Damn!
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Jun 11, 2012
This gave me a boner
Thomas William Tuer-sipos Jun 11, 2012
Great color combo, but IMO I think the color of the red should be a bit darker
Christo Savaides Jun 10, 2012
It looks fantastic. One of my favorite cars out there.
Thibault Leroy Jun 10, 2012
i think the red on white makes a nice contrast
Joshua Ryan Jun 10, 2012
Pretty sure those are speakers. Red interiors are nice, but this is too bright imo.
Janak Solanki Jun 10, 2012
Love that interior. Looks very special
Michael Gallagher Jun 10, 2012
I retract my last statement. I don't think those are speakers lol
Michael Gallagher Jun 10, 2012
I like it on the steering wheel... And It would maybe be alright if they broke up the red on the seats a little. Make the speaker black
Brandon Anthony Martinez Jun 11, 2012
Toyota! Why you make expensive car that's barely super car level?
nhra man233 Jun 10, 2012
that thing is nice but when I'm 20 I will maybe pay $110,320 for a online made nissan gtr black edition
Jason Brown Jun 10, 2012
B/c is it one.... And what's is an Aventador going to be at the end of the day? Fish?
Garrett Serrano Jun 10, 2012
At the end of the day it's still going to be a Lexus. I'd pay the extra 100k and get an Aventador