Posted on: Jun 10, 2012
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Kim Kardashian Gives Kanye West a Lamborghini Aventador

A famous person famous for being famous has given an equally worthwhile person a present.
Hollywood celebrity Kim Kardashian has purchased her new boyfriend, rapper Kanye West, a new Lamborghini Aventador for his 35th birthday.

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Spotted by the nuisances of TMZ, the celeb who is famous for being famous has had the Aventador delivered to Platinum Motorsports ahead of West's birthday celebrations. Ms. Kardashain spent about $750,000 of the serious coin she made on her previous attempt at a TV (read: sham) marriage to NBA player Kris Humphries on an equally worthwhile and most definitely real relationship with the American musician. It shouldn't be too hard to safeguard and keep the sanctity of marriage with a girl who has you delivered a Lamborghini for your birthday, though. Apparently good taste runs in the family (high-fives Bruce Jenner!).