Description: What's that you hear at the Maranello Circuit? Could it be the distinct whistle of a turbocharger in a prototype of the Ferrari California? Why yes, yes it is.
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Zakou Aoudia Jun 11, 2012
Wow, its been quite a time since I heard a whistling turbo! Hope they keep the V8 though
Pierre-René Ferland Jun 11, 2012
Even the 2013 F1s will have a V6 turbo so I'm not surprised to see the production models with the same idea. The sound is totally different but it's freaking powerfull!
Nick Christensen Jun 11, 2012
Drove mine today. The sound is one of a kind. Unless this is a v6, totally different engine...this video does no justice at all
Αδωνις Βασιλείου Jun 11, 2012
No turbos please! Thank you!
Mark Reider Jun 10, 2012
I've had the fortune of seeing and hearing the California in person. This video does not do it any justice. The small 4.3L V8 in this car sounds absolutely intoxicating. Just an amazing piece of machinery.
Wesley K Lam Jun 10, 2012
So wherez the bit in the vid where it bursts into flames ? ... J/k... Yea bad call... I really like the vid of the Aventador bi-turbo thatz the sound of car porn !
Pierre E Jean Jun 10, 2012
I'm affraid it sound like a TT V6 ..
Kevin Haeberle Jun 10, 2012
Of all the Ferraris to turbo... This shouldn't be the one.
Peter Papen Jun 10, 2012
It's not mine.. I like the sound at the end way better. That one sounds like Ferrari ;)
Nismo87 Jun 10, 2012
Sounds like a turbo 6 cylinder. If so I cant decide if I like it.. I love cars like the GTR and the TT straight 6 BMW cars but something about a Ferrari having less than 8 cylinders turns me OFF.
Colin Dzendolet Jun 10, 2012
that sounds mean, I like it
Ghee Buttersnaps Jun 10, 2012
Meh, I hope this isn't a sign of more to come. It will be a sad future if ferraris cease to scream
boldcars Jun 10, 2012
you know its good when they can't close the hood!
Scott Gracey Jun 10, 2012
Ferrari gonna start Tossin Turbos on their cars? Is this real life? Lol love it
Harrison Trapnell Jun 10, 2012
Oh please dont say there will be another California!
Paul Pickard Jun 10, 2012
I know it's just a test mule. But I am suddenly madly in love with this California. Didn't think it was possible.
Zach Pate Jun 10, 2012
It sounds like a diesel..?
Dennis Choong Jun 10, 2012
That really doesn't sound like a Ferrari... lol
Alan Bradford Cassell Jun 10, 2012
Sounds like a tractor trailer👎
Description: The last time Ferrari rolled out a turbocharger on one of their models was back in 1987 with the Ferrari F40. The California prototype seen here could mark the Italian automaker's return to turbo...
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Tyler Ocho-Cinco Jun 10, 2012
No what they meant was they have bait breath.
Mark Reider Jun 10, 2012
Me too, awesome car. Love that it has a folding hardtop instead of fabric. You kinda get two cars in one, love it.
Nicolai Stålstrøm Dalen Jun 10, 2012
Girly or not, i think it looks great!
Domi Bsaibes Jun 10, 2012
Lucas you're right haha :p
Brandon Lidy Jun 10, 2012
There gonna take the route that Mitsubishi took with the eclipse hah. And I would say the California is the most tamed of the prancing ponies, not necessarily "girly"
Lucas Guarnaccio Jun 10, 2012
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I spy that turbo popping through the hood lol
John Serely Jun 10, 2012
Oh and I also don't get why people say it is "girly". It may not be the fstst Ferrari, but it is still faster than 95% (jst guessing in that nmbr haha) cars on the road. It may not be the meanest looking Ferrari, but it looks meaner the alot of othrs
John Serely Jun 10, 2012
I don't see why people don't like this car. I think it's gorgeous and would probably be my first pick if I was buying a GT car for 200k
Luke Bailey Jun 11, 2012
hideous rear....
Callum Qpr Taylor Jun 11, 2012
I think they should change the look at the back
Jonny Seegmiller Jun 11, 2012
I think it looks great