Description: When Top Gear pitted a Bugatti Veyron against the Euro Fighter Typhoon aircraft back in 2007, much was made about these two speed demons testing their capabilities against each other in a straight lin...
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Description: The race was put on by Danish firm Bil Magasinet and the impressive race was shot terrifically with cameras affixed all around the flagship Italian supercar and even in the cockpit of the F16.
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Ricky Choi Jun 13, 2012
Errrrrr. Start at the same time maybe? Stupid.
Ray Smaglick Jun 13, 2012
i love all the added engine sounds lol and what is the point of these races? of corse the car is gona be quicker off the line then a couple seconds later the jet is gona blast by it
Greg Lewis Jun 12, 2012
I want to meet the driver, he is using the car as it was built to be used. As a machine of speed
Craig Lafey Jun 11, 2012
That was awesome.
Michael Riley Jun 11, 2012
might be different*
Michael Riley Jun 11, 2012
race a UR TT Aventador and the outcome m
Marcus André Rasmussen Jun 10, 2012
Dejligt at være dansker
Chris Gaines Jun 10, 2012
it doesn't matter.. shuttles been decommissioned :(
Ghee Buttersnaps Jun 10, 2012
The space shuttle orbits at 17000mph. It slows dramatically during reentry
Timothy Hooker Jun 10, 2012
y'all r dumb he was referring to the space shuttle.
Alex Mabbott Jun 10, 2012
He said the space shuttle goes 17000 mph which sounds about right for re entry
Zach Pate Jun 10, 2012
17,000mph? Are you smoking meth? It's around 1,500mph..
Kyle Kloewer Jun 10, 2012
Hen the pilot looks over and sees the little Lamborghini as he is about to take off
Dylan Bruder Jun 10, 2012
17000 mph? No way dude love the f16 though they sound pretty mean all out oh nice adventador too
Ken Russell Jun 10, 2012
Oops not B1 Bomber (way to fast) I meant B52
Ken Russell Jun 10, 2012
Race a C5 Galaxy or a B 1 Bomber and the Lamborghini just might have a chance.
Ken Russell Jun 10, 2012
I wish they would stop these jet/car races. We all know the outcome. Car gets the jump and big lead off the line. Jet picks up speed and blows the doors off the car. Jet-20 Car -0
zr1 Jun 10, 2012
Fun video! The clip at 2:20 in the video during the race seems like a camera angle that wasn't part of the race and was inserted in.
Jack Higgins Jun 10, 2012
No duh it's not fair. It's a jet dude. No street car can hang. Not to mention the f16 weighs much much more than a car, so it takes longer to gain speed. It's like a space shuttle. It's slow at first, but it goes 17,000mph.
Kodo Omar Jun 10, 2012
Wow what a match up! Not fair but got an amazing race and video of out of it!
Julian Pilinci Jun 10, 2012
It is very impressive but still it is not a fair match race.
Dale Fredriks Jun 11, 2012
I think those are the worst wheels for it. The black ones do it way more justice.
Timothy Burrell Jun 11, 2012
Ooooohhhhhh yeah!
Cody Gillard Jun 10, 2012
if im getting a super car im getting it with a custom paint job but black still looks good
Calogero Rumeo Jun 10, 2012
Not liking those wheels at all.
Peter Mark Gacek Jun 10, 2012
Silver wheels>Black wheels
Matthew Mckernan Jun 10, 2012
I'm not sure which i would rather have.
Kenneth Williams Jun 10, 2012
I like that look. Has a mature, "pull up to a fancy dinner" feel to it.
Sergio Guzman Jun 10, 2012
Simplemente lo maximo
Chris O'Brien Jun 10, 2012
or some deep dish pizza.
Mr Two Jun 10, 2012
needs some deep dish rims
Devin Mortenson Jun 11, 2012
that made me laugh
Jason Reimann Jun 10, 2012
That jet looks like it ate Mexican food lol