Description: Porsche customizer Magnus Walker's obsession with the 911 started when at age 10 his father took him to the Earls Court Motor Show in London in 1977.
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Lou Guerrero Jun 01, 2012
The only classic Porsche I need is a 930/ BTR for the exact reasons he likes the early 911s. Way it looks, sounds it makes and keeps your heart racing.
Nicholas Britt Jun 01, 2012
Perfect Porsche Passion
Jackson Rojas Jun 01, 2012
like all the cars
Description: A recent goal lead him to try and own every model from 1964, when the 911 was born, right up until 1973, when Porsche introduced the Carrera RS. He managed to get the sought-after '64, but failed...
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Tim Puckett Jun 01, 2012
Wait there's a car in te background... Oh nevermind that only works with girls
Peter Mark Gacek Jun 01, 2012
All of them look stunning.
Carlton Salmon Jun 01, 2012
The silver car on the left looks stunning.