Description: UK supercar dealership SuperVettura Sales are the official representive for Koenigsegg and BAC Mono in the UK, but their portfolio of cars contains plenty of other exclusive supercars besides.
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Patrick Joseph Jun 01, 2012
I've never visited London. Except for the time I went to gatwick airport. Such a shame. As much as I love Birmingham I would like to see the rest of the country someday. From what I heard London is awesome. From what I see it appears to be the case.
Mark Reider Jun 01, 2012
I've been to London a few times, it's one of the best places to see a lot of exotic cars. My favorite, was a Mclaren F1 back in 94'. I was also able to see one up close in a showroom.
Mark Reider Jun 01, 2012
That's one of the reason's we buy these kind of cars. To pootle around and get noticed. The cool thing, the speed limit over there is 70. Plus in less than a days drive, you could be flat out on the autobahn, or better yet, the nurburgring.
Nigel Craven Jun 01, 2012
It's such a shame that so many of these fantastic hypercars are just pootled round London, just so the owners can pose! They should be used on the open road!!
Carlton Salmon Jun 01, 2012
Sounds fantastic with the sound bouncing off the walls.
Roberto Maldonado Jun 01, 2012
Yes, i would like a 600+HP car with a Max speed of 25 MPH. :-b
Jon González Eguiluz Jun 01, 2012
Wrong side of the road dude :P
Philippe Sparr Jun 01, 2012
Really a great car w
Jack Kraeutler Jun 01, 2012
Ah. The Zonda stuck in city traffic. Just what Horatio had in mind when designing her :) Still such an awesome car tho.
Brandon Carr Jun 01, 2012
Those peoples faces when this thing went by was priceless!
Description: On a recent jaunt around London's west end, Alex Penfold was given the chance to ride shotgun in a magnificent Pagani Zonda F, before which he filmed the supercar from the back while cruising aro...
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Brandon Lidy Jun 01, 2012
Thought these were ugly as hell when I first saw some photos, but these things are beautiful. The huayra takes it to a whole notha level though
John Serely Jun 01, 2012
Such an awesome car
Logan Oleary Jun 01, 2012
Wow that's beautiful.
Kyle Anderson Jun 01, 2012
I'd take this over the Pagani.
John Serely Jun 01, 2012
I love old rolls Royce's