Comments - MINI Destroys Tightest Parallel Parking Record in China

Published: Jun 01, 2012
Description: New MINI special editions dubbed the 'Chinese Job' were unveiled last week in Beijing, and during the event the Guinness World Record for the tightest parallel park was annihalated.
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Jerry Cole Jun 04, 2012
is it me or does that guy look really sleepy
Vincent Butler Jun 01, 2012
Lolol Evan that was funny
Phil Johnson Jun 01, 2012
I have to agree with Carlton. This is linear parking, haha
Evan Cook Jun 01, 2012
They can't drive.... The guy accidentally swerved off the road and landed in the parking spot by chance.
Christopher Alex Mohamed Jun 01, 2012
And who said Asians can't drive. My hats off to these guys.
Carlton Salmon Jun 01, 2012
My definition of parallel parking would be parking alongside a parked car, rather than in front or behind it. Anyone like to agree or disagree with that?
Jack Higgins Jun 01, 2012
That looks incredibly fake. Especially the last one. The front of the red mini was on the back of the front blue one, but when they showed the close-up, the red minis rear end was almost touching the rear mini.
Todd Muhlfelder Jun 01, 2012
It's not parking. I think there a definition of parking that states u must be able to get out of the spot. Good Luck!
Zaire Wilkins Jun 01, 2012
idk drift parking
Dustin Emerick Jun 01, 2012
If this isn't parallel parking what is?
Das Stig Jun 01, 2012
how is that not? so what he does it completely unorthodox. what is parallel parking then if this isn't?
Henz Herrero Jun 01, 2012
Ya i agree.. Thats not fking parallel parking.. Wtf? Im not bein a hater im jst saying..
Carlton Salmon Jun 01, 2012
And for my next trick, I shall drive it out again! Lol!
Cody Andree Jun 01, 2012
I wouldn't say that's a parallel park at all. Just because there's a car in front and a car behind that makes it a parallel park? No don't think so
Colin Dzendolet Jun 01, 2012
this is the same guy as last Wei, if you remember the article they said there was no video at the time of writing it
Raymond Reynoso Jun 01, 2012
That guy was the man
Hank Austin Jun 01, 2012
No that was one where a Chinese company did it... This one is still Chinese but hey at least it's mini... That driver was amazing
Ben Ung Jun 01, 2012
Swag something we Asians got
Description: This is one of Guinness' most popular records, with the record changing hands five times in the last couple of years. In fact it was only last month when Patrik Folco slid into a gap measuing jus...
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Dustin Emerick Jun 01, 2012
Its not the car size it's the space left between the the car in front and behind
Quinn Conner Jun 01, 2012
I don't think a smaller car will make it easier to beat the record. Record rules clearly state x amount of distance LONGER then the VEHICLE being used.
Das Stig Jun 01, 2012
beat it with a smart car.
Patrick Joseph Jun 01, 2012
I'd practice with cones or something like that.
Lou Guerrero Jun 01, 2012
I wonder how many bumpers were hit practicing for this stunt.
Brady Jacoby Jun 03, 2012
And tires...? Well we could just the the cardboard instead of rubber(:
Raymond Reynoso Jun 01, 2012
Practice with cardboard boxes lol
Brad Wood Jun 01, 2012
Something tells me the learning curve for this can get rather expensive.
Brady Jacoby Jun 03, 2012
Try to get out! Angle the tores away from curb, pull ebrake, clutch dump, then pull out(:
Brady Jacoby Jun 03, 2012
Hell.. Even that is relly tight. Now try to get out
Noah Gavurin Aug 09, 2012
automatic? what is the world coming to?
Fred Anidem Jun 02, 2012
yeap. that speed. was placed badly.
Patrick Joseph Jun 01, 2012
I've been in minis several times. I know what you mean. My biggest complaint was how the materials look so cheap and designed to look cool regardless of functionality. They still fun to drive though.
Heshoo Hanna Jun 01, 2012
Carbon fiber is mostly plastic
Chris Penza Jun 01, 2012
Me and my friend got bored and sat in this at a car show, and it has plastic and rubber designed to look like carbon fiber. If you're going to put plastic on a car don't disguise it that badly
Peter Mark Gacek Jun 01, 2012
And it makes this car not too great to drive with your parents...
Justin McLeod Jun 01, 2012
I've never been a fan of the speedo in the center of the dash like this, just looks obnoxious...
Carlton Salmon Jun 01, 2012
The current Cooper S pictured is turbocharged. The previous Cooper S was supercharged.