Description: It's no secret the next generation Mustang, due to be revealed at the 2014 New York Auto Show, will closely resemble the styling of the Ford Evos Concept.
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Matthew Campbell Jun 24, 2012
i love the car but it looks to much like an aston martin
Abdoo Yukon Jun 10, 2012
Good looking car
statusone Jun 04, 2012
thats a stunning ca. i was waiting for it to debut. back lights could be a bit bigger though
William Smith Jun 02, 2012
I can see the front end looking pretty close except for the headlights. As for the gull wing doors I doubt those carry over due to cost. The rear end doesn't say muscle at all more like constipation. As for the suspension it will be independent
Rich Vuchetich Jun 02, 2012
ford should spend their money in suspension and get rid of the outdated live rear axle
Justin Stoerp Jun 02, 2012
I like it just not as a mustang.
Abraham Mendoza Jun 02, 2012
But the styling would take after this car, so it has to look like this car in some way, so the front end might carry to the Stang since its Ford's new design language. Ford even said it'll look like the car.
Jackson Michael Jun 01, 2012
Where in the article does it say that this is a mustang concept? It's simply a concept.
Mark Reider Jun 01, 2012
Awesome looking concept. I think ford should make this, even if it's branded the new mustang. We won't be filling up with gasoline forever, how funny would a current mustang look as an electric car. Not that I like it, but it's time to move forward.
Jared Palmer Jun 01, 2012
I really like this. Ford should simplify it and badge it as a Falcon or use the old Mercury badge and call this the Comet.
Jared Palmer Jun 01, 2012
Ok, once again this is not the 2015 Mustang! The stang will take styling cues from this.
Brandon Lidy Jun 01, 2012
Y'all haven't gotta worry so much. The mustang, along with the f150, is the back bone of ford. I don't think they will do much more than take some cues from this
Ted Clay Jun 01, 2012
I have a Mustang(98 Mustang), and I think that every other Mustang owner who Hates the new concept, to start a group and drive our mustang to the Ford CEOs house and convince him to stop this!!
Ted Clay Jun 01, 2012
@Jack I'm with you! Since The first time I saw the 2015 Mustang concept, I hated it with a burning passion. This is not a Mustang at all!!!!
Jack Higgins Jun 01, 2012
I can't believe you guys like this. I thought more people would hate it like me. I'm all about simplicity. New Mustangs are beautiful, not this.
Stephen Krane Jun 01, 2012
This will look nothing like the next mustang this isn't a ford designed concept. Also ecoboost engines are turbocharged not hybrid so it would be fine with that as an option
Mark A. Young Jun 01, 2012
I really hope the mustang doesn't resemble this..
Sam Oglesby Jun 01, 2012
Looks awsome not sure about the doors tho
Devin Babyn Jun 01, 2012
Guys the mustang will take styling from this, not be this. It'll have the common mustang traits, with the style of this blended in
Jv Jun 01, 2012
Just because it has a similar grill to an Aston dosnt mean their copying it.
xenozonda Jun 01, 2012
mustangs have gotten so much better in recent years. the engines are fantastic, please don't ruin the body. while this is a pretty car, I think it would be a good car for lincoln. nothing about this is "mustang" to me...
Esam Mohammad Jun 01, 2012
Yah that's what I wanted to say in my first comment !! The current mustang is really nice and it's clearly a mustang !! Unfortunately this thing isn't !! But still it's beautiful .
rahp Jun 01, 2012
should be a new Lincoln sport coupe ... Mark IX, I loved my Mark VIII!
Antonio Borja Jun 01, 2012
that's the year a true mustang will never be built again. so if you have one, don't sell it. and baby that badboy
Quint Do Jun 01, 2012
Might as well call it the Aston Martin mustang. Curse you ford your giving Aston Martin a bad name. Higher some new car designers instead of just copying the Aston Martin designers.
Jack Nicholas Connor Jun 01, 2012
Hopefully they don't make it electric or put an eco boost engine in it. They should take away the back doors and make a new engine that doesn't sound like a muscle car
boldcars Jun 01, 2012
amazing car but I don't think it should carry the Mustang name! imho
Peter Papen Jun 01, 2012
Also they could of spent a little more money on the doors.. They look awesome but the quality doesn't look too good. I know it's a concept, but still..
Peter Papen Jun 01, 2012
Hank! I was thinking exactly the same. It wouldn't be a mustang anymore if this was the new mustang..
Hank Austin Jun 01, 2012
If they make it into any other car I would love it, but not the mustang
Hank Austin Jun 01, 2012
I'm not gonna lie I LOVE this car, but there is nothin about it that says mustang to me... No three piece tail lights or anything like that that say its really a mustang... I think I they turn this into the mustang it will flop... Just my opinion...
Jackson Rojas Jun 01, 2012
nice car, but the back end I like a Ford fiesta and its back end is ugly. the front end is beautiful an also Ive never seen gullwing spots for the back too
Alex Leu Jun 01, 2012
I like this car but I'd prefer the new mustang not to look like this
Zeus Mocha Jun 01, 2012
Don't mind what they decide to do with this, hopefully they don't mess the stang up.
Jason Reimann Jun 01, 2012
Nice front, horrible rear
Matt Piccolo Jun 01, 2012
The front is beautiful but the back is horrible.
Ghaith AL-sharari Jun 01, 2012
Pleas ford don't miss it up
Christo Savaides Jun 01, 2012
This is beautiful.
Dennis Laust S�rensen Jun 01, 2012
i realy hope that ford will change their mind about production of this car, it is beautifull!
Esam Mohammad Jun 01, 2012
Please don't change it !! At least it still resembles some of the early mustangs !!
Description: In fact a couple of weeks back we reported on a 2015 Mustang rendering that a Ford insider had claimed were pretty close. Although the Mustang's classic long hood/short deck proprotions will ...
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andrew.gombac May 26, 2013
Look at me I'm an eagle!
F1 Fanatic Jun 03, 2012
I'd buy that for a dollar!
Paul Brodrecht Jun 03, 2012
I am a mustang fan before anything else, but if Ford puts more than 2 doors on it, I will deny its existance and it will join the mustang II in car hell
Mark Reider Jun 02, 2012
Here we go, you can make any car go fast, but who wants a fast piece of crap. Don't get me wrong, I love muscle cars, but the top models now cost almost as much as an M3, C63 which are faster around a track, built better and are worth the money.
Phillip Greene Jun 02, 2012
Yeah in your dreams buddy, but yeah um the mustang gt (as in n/a 5.0) is already better than the m3 and I really dont know of any other forein competition so imo if it ait broke dont fix it, aside from being a ford its a great car and the only reason any one has for complaining about qualit is that they spent twice as much for a car that just cant keep up (m3) and they feel they need to justify th...
William Smith Jun 02, 2012
Plus the v6 already gets great gas mileage and for the V8 I will come with some improvements from the boss 302 motor. Now as for the Shelby all I can say is with a lighter body and independent rear that car is going to do laps around the camaro
William Smith Jun 02, 2012
If ford really wanted to a v6 Ecoboost option halfway between the bad and gt would be great but it won't happen as for the turbo 4 it won't happen either because the way ford does it's model pricin the turbo 4 would be more than the v6
BurlyDolphin Jun 02, 2012
It looks like Ford just threw a bunch of parts from different auto makers together and called it there own.
Abraham Mendoza Jun 02, 2012
No, if they decide to ecoboost all the engines, then they'll kill the Muscle Car rebirth.
Chris Penza Jun 02, 2012
If the real mustang looks anything like this then ford will have successfully killed the muscle car Renaissance
Mark Reider Jun 01, 2012
I like this look, US car company's need to make cars like this. Improve the look and quality to keep up or surpass for once, the foreign company's.
Cody Gillard Jun 01, 2012
i like it but for a mustang i just don't like it
Javier Alonso Rivas Jun 01, 2012
aston martin grill.. kindof
Phillip Greene Jun 01, 2012
If you put your finger across the windsheild and doors it looks pretty cool
Zack Hartman Jun 01, 2012
I like it with any other name
Abraham Mendoza Jun 01, 2012
I'd call it, The Focus or Cortina.
Michael Riley Jun 01, 2012
looks great but shouldn't be a mustang.
Devin Babyn Jun 01, 2012
It won't have everything this car has. Just the styling. Jeez people figure it out. That means no damn gulling doors
Daniel Finstad Jun 01, 2012
@boldcars I agree completely.
Timothy Hooker Jun 01, 2012
I love this. make it as is
Wilson LaFaver Jun 01, 2012
Gull wing doors don't belong on a muscle car
Isaac Taylor Jun 01, 2012
C'mon just put normal doors on it! It ruins the definition of mustang even if it is in the future!
Cody Matthews Jun 01, 2012
I squint at you!
boldcars Jun 01, 2012
its an amazing car but I don't think it should carry the name Mustang! just my opinion
Walter Alexander Thomas Jun 01, 2012
I wish ford would just make the mustang a very very close replica. Almost concept like. I know it would sell because this this is appealing and it do not look le cheapo at all.
Dustin Emerick Jun 01, 2012
I want one but in ford blue
Nick Schnee Jun 01, 2012
This thing looks really badass... Love it.
John Serely Jun 01, 2012
I know it will never happen, but I would love to see gullwing doors on a less expensive car (far less than the SLS), maybe not the new stang, but something
Dom Nolan Jun 04, 2012
I swear that's just the new mondeo?
Paul Roberts Jun 04, 2012
Well I guess the "muscle" left now it's just a car
Kyle Rawn Jun 03, 2012
Ford is trying too hard. IMO
Bull Dogone Jun 02, 2012
HaHa It's the next generation Ford Probe Let's welcome mediocrity back to Ford
Abraham Mendoza Jun 02, 2012
I can, its pretty easy. Just don't think of an Aston Martin.
BurlyDolphin Jun 02, 2012
I cant look at this without thinking of an Aston Martin.
Val Barata Jun 01, 2012
And he said it would be *close* to this. It could still have a lot of the current things we see in the 05-13 era that we all love.
Val Barata Jun 01, 2012
Don't know what y'all are so worried about. This concept is pretty mustang IMHO. It's got the big open mouth, same sorta lines and quarter windows. I'm a huge mustang fan, drive one myself... I don't think this is that bad.
Chad Hunter Jun 01, 2012
This would be an ok car if they werent going to put the name "mustang" with it
Devin Babyn Jun 01, 2012
Well I think it looks great. I also want them to ditch the retro styling though
Phillip Greene Jun 01, 2012
Yeah and butt fuggly too
Jason Anaya Jun 01, 2012
This is really nice. But not a mustang
Devin Babyn Jun 01, 2012
Mustang ll was heavy and slow. This will be one of the best performing cars in its segment
Phillip Greene Jun 01, 2012
Mustang II all over again haha, think it will take another 25 years to come back from?
Devin Babyn Jun 01, 2012
Michael. The mustang is supposed to be small and agile. It's a pony car not a muscle car
Chris Bullock Jun 01, 2012
I like it... Mustangs can't look the same forever. The design has been very similar for the past few years... Change is bound to happen
Antonio Borja Jun 01, 2012
I bet it ain't gonna look anything like this
Cody Matthews Jun 01, 2012
I would reshape the front a bit... Pull out the top lip a bit more and sink in bottom half.
Michael Hall Jun 01, 2012
That is not the way a mustang should be. A mustang is big, stocky, and mean looking. It is not some streamlined price of crap made to look like a dang Mazda.
Walter Alexander Thomas Jun 01, 2012
Actually the side windows r of the current. Mustang.
Walter Alexander Thomas Jun 01, 2012
This is only a rendering that is computer generated by a Ford/Mustang fan. Trust me it won't sport the fusion head lights and current mustang side view mirrors.
Logan LeMonnier Jun 01, 2012
I'm sorry but it needs to be changed. Look at 80s mustangs. They didn't look a lot like the new ones at all. As long as its an attractive car, the Mustang needs an overhaul. Especially on the back
Jessica Rivera Jun 01, 2012
Looks like fiction without the fiction...worst ad ever....(Mazda)
tyrael Jun 01, 2012
i loveee this now i want a mustang THAT mustang.
Adithya Chandrasekhar Jun 01, 2012
Just above the front wheel, you can see the point where the guy who rendered it placed the evos front on the present mustang body.... There's a slight color discrepancy
FACT11-13 Jun 01, 2012
of course a legend passes and muscle goes modern. the design is cool. Definetly not fitting the mustang name. add another member to the ford family. But don't change the body that drastically.
Tom Murrdah Jun 01, 2012
This looks an awful lot like the Subaru BRZ... Is that a Subaru badge on the front?
Pratik Parija Jun 01, 2012
From the side it's a mustang
Tegra1 Jun 01, 2012
Sorry,but I see why Shelby died
Tegra1 Jun 01, 2012
Oh no please,how could you go from a thing of beauty to this can of sardines
Joey Giandomenico Jun 01, 2012
They should get rid of the ford emblem and replace the fusion's lights with lights that look more like the current mustang. Even though it still won't look like a mustang, it'll be something to suffice until retro comes another 40 years