Comments - BMW Tease M3 & M5 M Performance Editions for the UK

Published: May 09, 2012
Description: BMW recently revealed the M Performance Parts for the 3 and 5 Series, aimed at those who can't quite afford an M3 or M5 but who desire a car with a bit more style and performance. Each component ...
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Description: Now BMW has teased a pair of performance cars in these short promotional videos, heralding the arrival of the BMW M3 M Performance Edition and the M5 M Performance Edition, but without revealing any c...
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Tommy Chen May 11, 2012
Dubstep and cars! Life doesn't get any better.
Stalin Hit May 10, 2012
The song ruined it.
Nick El-Khoury May 09, 2012
Levi, you own an E46 M3? Well done, sir, well done.
Stephen Krane May 09, 2012
Dodges don't look the same. They just have the same three performance engines across all of mopar
Patrick Joseph May 09, 2012
Bill you're a dodge guy. How would you feel if someone said to you the charger and the challenger look the same ? You'd think the guy is stupid wouldn't you? Yeah thats what I'm thinking now.
Levi Riel May 09, 2012
i don't know my E46 M3 looks totally different then that, so sorry billy but your wrong
Thibault Leroy May 09, 2012
@Bill thats not exactly true
Paul Lissona May 09, 2012
BMWs are great looking cars, compare them to most brands and see his wrong you are.
Rick Ross May 09, 2012
Shows how much you pay attention to cars.
David Griego May 09, 2012
AHHAAAHA at Bills comment, soo true!
Serega Karchevskyy May 09, 2012
Dubstep Music from Europa racks
Description: We do know they will be limited to 30 cars for the UK market - ten for each three unique Frozen paintwork colors - and that they will have an impressively high spec of standard equipment. Aside from t...
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John Serely May 10, 2012
The red one on the left is awesome
Dong Hyun Kim May 10, 2012
Jim. You are a true poet. Awesome it is
Patrick Joseph May 09, 2012
I'm surprised nobody said they all look the same.