Comments - 2014 Chevrolet SS Likely to Have 6.2-liter V8

Published: May 09, 2012
Description: Ever since the Pontiac G8 died way before its time, many American buyers have been clamoring for a possible Chevrolet Impala SS replacement. For a short time, it was rumored the next Impala would also...
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Luke Walker May 13, 2012
wtf front wheel? over here all commodores are rear wheel regardless of engine. Why export a car and change to front wheel?
John Serely May 09, 2012
@marc yea I would love to see that too
Marc Flamer May 09, 2012
It would be nice to see a srt charger vs chevy ss battle. The charger has had this market all to itself. Competition is always health
Ben Lambert May 09, 2012
Ha me too guys! I actually wrote a letter to GM about killing Pontiac, but got a stupid "if there is a problem with your vehicle..." reply. :/ oh well. The G8 was still an amazing sedan and I think GM should've kept Pontiac.
Zachary Maurer May 09, 2012
@erin, ya Me too, when they killed pontiac I was 12, and I wanted the g8 as my first car, glad to know I can think about getting a fast 4 door cheap sports sedan again
Erin Sturgeon May 09, 2012
yay! this makes me happy because ive always wanted a g8 and i was said to see gm axe the pontiac brand so this is exciting news :-D
Ken Russell May 10, 2012
I love my 09 G8 GT. Everybody is shocked to know it isn't American made
Ceren Yıldız May 10, 2012
Hmm opel vxr i guess
Tim Preisinger May 09, 2012
I really like these cars... Shame they couldn't of stuck around longer
Patrick Joseph May 09, 2012
You got big dreams man.
Skylar Grout May 09, 2012
One of my dream cars
Craig Lafey May 09, 2012
Love these cars.
Ben Lambert May 09, 2012
Too bad it didn't have a lot of time on the market :/
Ben Lambert May 09, 2012
These had soo much sales potential. T
Akoni Marciel May 09, 2012
I love my G8 no other car turns heads on the road like it
Shaylen Kumar Patel May 09, 2012
I want one of these so bad.
Description: However, a leak last month from an OnStar document revealed that not only is Chevrolet intent on having a proper V8, rear-drive sedan, but it will be launched sometime in 2013 as a 2014 model. Accordi...
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Ivan Martinez May 11, 2012
I knew that was going to happen... I have been wondering about that ever since NASCAR announced that they won't be running Impala and they will be running a new platform... I could see that as a NASCAR Stock Car. It would look very cool.
Description: Chevrolet has been mum on details, but sources indicate the new sedan will once again be based on the Commodore SS-V (just like the G8). Just to give you an idea how serious Chevrolet is about this ca...
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Cameron Banks May 10, 2012
Win for the Aussies haha. The big ol' mighty GM can't design it's own car so it takes one form is subsidy company's hahaha
Adam Zarytsky May 10, 2012
Please for the love of god offer a stick... It's impossible to find a GXP around here
Jamie Mcpherson May 10, 2012
Do it GM! This will b my next car!!
Adam Sampson May 10, 2012
Well Ken it's not an American car, it's Australian. Also I think if offered with the LS3 it'll have to be based on a HSV R8, as the SS-V is currently only made with the 6.0 L98 motor...
Ben Lambert May 09, 2012
This made my day. Haha the G8 was an amazing car! Even though I'm 15 and havent driven one, I'm excited that the possibility of me getting something like the G8 when I'm older is there!
Kenneth Williams May 09, 2012
I'm not an American car guy but I was Hirt when the G8 got shafted. I hope they come up with a proper replacement
Emmanuel Irizarry May 09, 2012
How about briging back the Firebird :-/
Andrew McNeal May 09, 2012
Really hope Chevy comes through with this, I'd definitely be in line for one!
Zeus Mocha May 09, 2012
Yessss I've been waiting for this. Hopefully it falls in the same price range as the old G8 GT's
Craig Lafey May 09, 2012
Thinking about getting one of these. I bow have an 08 G6 and I love it. It's stylish, comfortable, the interior is well done and for a 4cyl it moves, just picks up and goes.
Ben Lambert May 09, 2012
I agree. Buick should've went under! They only had, what, 3 models at the time Pontiac was out? I do know that Buick's target crowd is the 'baby boomers' that can't afford a Cadillac. Pontiac had SOO much potential!
Phillip Holbrook May 09, 2012
Buick started GM, Cadillac will die before Buick
Duncan Jolley May 09, 2012
Well I don't know about cutting Buick because these new Buicks are something else.
Zachary Maurer May 09, 2012
Screw old people (no offence) but they can have there dts caddy or sts or cts, Buick is for the want-to-be lux brand that gm has no need for now, in the older days they were cool though
Kenneth Williams May 09, 2012
Yes take Buick. Old people cars nowadays anyway.
Paul Lissona May 09, 2012
It should've been Buick that did.
Matthew van der Linde May 09, 2012
Its a shame pontiac went under
Cameron Banks May 10, 2012
That I'd a commodore essentialy
Dylan Bruder May 09, 2012
Ehh not too much difference but I get what you mean
P_R_N_D May 09, 2012
How about a few pics of the Holden Commodore