Description: The Texas Speed Syndicate recently held their simulated street racing event where some of the quickest cars in the US come to do battle in the King of the Street competition.
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Aiden Raymond Jun 05, 2012
Wud put the titan supra up agaist them both! Anyday ov the week
Fabian Pioro May 13, 2012
Lol. One video. One. And rolling start because Lamborghini can't do stand still?! What?! Ok and I need a group of dudes to push my car from a stop too counts?!
chiraldo May 10, 2012
Well the only excuse the GT-R has is, that it was a rolling start so it won't win. Now it makes you think for the price of one gallardo R you could have two alpha omegas
Jared Palmer May 08, 2012
@Rudolph, last time I was at their shop they had an R8 v10 they were working on.
Jared Palmer May 08, 2012
I saw the yellow Lambo here in Charlotte a few weeks ago on I485. Proud that we are not only known as the home of NASCAR (current) but a much more sophisticated and refined car tuning hub.
rockstarTc May 08, 2012
I love both cars alot, and they are both crazy fast!!! Still got to love AMS you know they are working on a faster one as we speak.
Janak Solanki May 08, 2012
YEAAA!! That's right F U GTR!
Paul Pickard May 08, 2012
What's with the rolling start? I'm willing to bet that would have gone a lot differently if it had been off the line.
Wilson LaFaver May 08, 2012
Those lambos sounded sweet
Cody Matthews May 08, 2012
Ive seen one of those underground racing lambos in person before. Insane
Erin Welsh May 08, 2012
The GTR wasn't good but the Lamborghini BOW was sic
Ricardo Mulinari May 08, 2012
Gtr, u disappointed me
John Serely May 08, 2012
Hell yea! About time the GTR was beaten by an exotic supercar. Everything from underground racing is badass
Killian Wright May 08, 2012
About time the GTR ate the dust of a supercar. Don't get me wrong I love the gtr and I have huge respect for it my friend owns one and I love it but it's about time.
Paul Dickey May 08, 2012
I love underground raving. Their cars are bad ass.
Nick Schnee May 08, 2012
Wow. That GT-R ate the dust. Wouldn't have seen THAT coming.
Barry Boo Wilson May 08, 2012
Lol "o and what". They were both spinning from the dead start.
wfdowns May 08, 2012
it didnt suprise me at all, ive seen almost every video from underground, and those gallardo are monster, they cant do a standing start but once they get moving its over, rediculious cars, and it looked like the engine cover was coming up because its not glass its a type of plastic and yea just shows how much and how fast they develope that power surge
Barry Boo Wilson May 08, 2012
I and what? Rolling start? Huh?
Barry Boo Wilson May 08, 2012
Math is your friend. Plus every car tuned that much has up and down days.
Keiler Countryman May 08, 2012
There was no way that the gtr's launch control was on
Michael Ioia May 08, 2012
The Lambos won because of the rolling start. If they were to do a real drag race the GT-R would kill them.
Rudolf Dassler May 08, 2012
I wonder if they could do the same thing to an Audi RS6 V10... That would be insane...
Sam Oglesby May 08, 2012
It looked like the first lambos engine cover was going to pop out
Roberto Maldonado May 08, 2012
It was simple math The superleggeras TT are "super light". WHP-Weight=Winner ;-)
Rudolf Dassler May 08, 2012
I really thought the GTR would kill them. I'm thrilled it didn't. Great cars. Insane speed, insane noise.
Kévin Navarro May 08, 2012
Underground Racing is the best
Aaron Crisp May 08, 2012
So much for super car killer.
Description: Naturally Underground Racing turned up, bringing with them not one, but two twin turbo Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera to race in the 1500+ WHP category. Their rival was the murdered-out AMS Nissan ...
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John Serely May 09, 2012
Something to laugh at? No offense, but it wasn't funny lol. BTW maybe you could clarify next time
Travis Lane May 09, 2012
You don't say? It's like you guys are pure genius or something. It was meant for something to laugh at, not for a few little girls to whine about it. Grow up a little.
John Serely May 08, 2012
Relax Travis... Stop making yourself look like a dumbass
Justin Routh May 08, 2012
@Travis like Connor said its how they say it in spanish. Quit being a douchebag and making yourself look like an idiot man
Travis Lane May 08, 2012
People that type "jajaja" should run into oncoming traffic.
Andrew Grimm May 08, 2012
That pretty much goes with any black car
Joel Hope May 08, 2012
Imagine at night with no lights on. Couldnt see the car.
Roberto Maldonado May 08, 2012
Die GT-R jajaja >:-D
Jason Smith Aug 17, 2013
If you had the money for a Gallardo, could you watch this video and NOT give it to Underground to tune? Just for the sound alone...
John Serely May 10, 2012
Looks good with the blacked out taillights
rockstarTc May 08, 2012
@dean i didnt
Dean Kaitson May 08, 2012
Anyone else see the 666?
John Serely May 08, 2012
Same much more the the GTR