Description: We have brought you renderings from Iacoski Design in the past, however this one appears to be their most accurate to date. The design company has used spy shots and images of prototypes to develop a ...
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Das Stig May 08, 2012
Caleb, hopefully it will be at on the sane level as the f1 was. Josh, really? this is news to me ...........................................................wait, no its not.
Parker Field May 08, 2012
Nothing will ever be as great as the f1
Josh ?hompson May 08, 2012
The F70 is ferrari...
Das Stig May 08, 2012
When the f70 comes out or the new f1 the title has to have at least 11 exclimation points.
Description: We expect such features to carry over onto the new F1 from the original, such as an air channel on the hood and air scoop on the roof. Something new could be the MP4-12C's MonoCell carbon fiber m...
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wfdowns May 08, 2012
mclaren already said there not doing the 3 seat configuration like the f1
David Justice May 08, 2012
Doesn't anyone know why other supercars don't have the middle seating position like in the F1? I think this new one is going the traditional route too. I thought it was very cool and just makes sense to have the middle seating position.
Jason Levy May 08, 2012
I agree. My life would be complete if they brought back the original f1 and the r34 gtr with engine upgrades
Sam Oglesby May 08, 2012
They should just tune up the original f1s engine and use that. Become the fastest production car in the world again
Theo Hubbard May 09, 2012
Wow........perfect. Old and new combined!
Parker Field May 08, 2012
I think they should keep the f1 name but redesign it a little from the original
Joe Fats Harper May 08, 2012
Anyone else think this kinda looks like a cross between a gallardo and a 458?
Tevin Xko Davis May 08, 2012
I'll buy one in 7 years lol
rockstarTc May 08, 2012
They just combined the shape of the F1 then gave it the looks of the MP4, really hope it looks nothing like that very unoriginal.
Ryan Spencer May 08, 2012
Very reminiscent of the F1. Very cool.
Keenan Casteel May 08, 2012
@Nick Why would you want it to look more like an MP4-12C? It's a new car.
Michael Riley May 08, 2012
front end could use a few more changes IMO
Nick Schnee May 08, 2012
GREAT! The only they could change is making the side vents look a bit more like the MP4-12C's.
Carlos Ernesto Garcia May 08, 2012
I agree the front looks like an MP4-12C but the rest is a decent amount different. I think its amazing
Charlie Austin May 08, 2012
I don't think people on this site understand what a rendering is.
Hassan Ghazal May 08, 2012
The mclaren f1 still the best supercar ever made (it's my favorite...)
Alexander Pecheny May 08, 2012
The front should be changed, it's too similar to the mp4
Trent Bourgeois May 08, 2012
It's crap... Really? Come on man.
Chris Penza May 08, 2012
I wouldn't even call this a rendering. It's just a longer mp4-12c with a roof scoop and headlights
Avery Doyal May 08, 2012
Before I read the article I thought it was just a body kit for the MP4-12C
Janak Solanki May 08, 2012
The proportions look better on this than the last McLaren
Tyler Brady May 08, 2012
I think they have already said that it will not have the three seat configuration that was in the F 1.
Justin Tucker May 08, 2012
It just looks like a wider mp4 12c with an air intake on the top...
gammo66 May 08, 2012
looks like a mp4 mk2 rather than a cool f1 replcmnt, wouldn't say no its just the f1 needs to be WOW like a enzo or zonda
Jan Douwe Habraken May 08, 2012
Well thats the sexiest mclaren ive ever seen
Logan Oleary May 08, 2012
Wow this is great.
Abraham Mendoza May 08, 2012
Should've shown the back, I wanna see that massive tailpipe.
Jason Levy May 08, 2012
I think this is beyond perfect. I hope the back resembles the original f1. That car was my childhood right there
Joel Hayes May 08, 2012
The MP4-12C looks better than this rendering
Jason Levy May 08, 2012
Great...I need a kleenex now
Kyle Anderson May 08, 2012
Whatever it may look like, I just hope they carryover the 3-seat and center drivers seat to this car. Otherwise you may as well call it an MP4-12C
Josh Banning May 08, 2012
The more you look at it, the less it looks like an MP4 12C.
Thibault Leroy May 08, 2012
yea i hope it will look alot more different than the mp4
wfdowns May 08, 2012
it just looks like a softer mp4-12, not a horrible thing but very lazy effort for something being the successor to a ledgend
Emil Kleijsen May 08, 2012
So... Basically a MP4-12 with a roof scope? Let's hope they are wrong and this is not what it will look like
Chris Bridgers May 08, 2012
has a smoother look
Domi Bsaibes May 08, 2012
Looks way better!
Jackson Michael May 08, 2012
Meh, not too great of a render. Too unoriginal.
Kevin Watson May 08, 2012
Read it again, then you know why it looks the way it is. I diggin it!!
Adithya Chandrasekhar May 08, 2012
Looks too much like the mp4-12c
Josh Banning May 08, 2012
Looks like an F1 crossed with an MP4 12C. I like it
Joe Fats Harper May 08, 2012
I'm half expecting someone to say "omg, all of them are in the exact same position in all the photos".. lol
Ben Arends May 10, 2012
This is the best color.
Ben Arends May 10, 2012
Hmm this may be better...
Marc Jones May 09, 2012
Looks almost like 458
Ben Arends May 10, 2012
Would look good next to a white Ducati 848 Evo
Dale Fredriks May 09, 2012
Anyone notice how the brakes are on fire in all these photos?
Matt Piccolo May 08, 2012
I like the white