Description: We've already reported that the next generation Mustang, due to be unveiled at the 2014 New York Auto Show, may closely resemble the Ford Evos concept revealed last September at Frankfurt. Many f...
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Stephen Tyler Learn May 09, 2012
You never heard of the prowler or or cruiser? Both retro before ford came out with the thunderbird
David Griego May 09, 2012
Ford was the first to do the Retro Pony/Muscle fad, get your facts right.
Nick Benz May 09, 2012
This is a rendering people! Simma down now just wait until ford releases the actual car
Devin Babyn May 09, 2012
First off Ford wasn't the one that started the retro fad. Second the only Aston style cues is the grill and somewhat the hood. Everything else is a modernized stang
gammo66 May 09, 2012
this is just Ford being Ford lazy, finished with retro so just copy aston no new ideas at all
tysquirrel10s May 08, 2012
I completely agree
Tj Marten May 08, 2012
I don't like it. It looks nothing like the mustang and I'll complain all I want. Aston Martin think they can make put their grill not only on the fusion but now the mustang? Unbelievable
Description: It's immediately clear the front end design of the Evos was taken, but Inside Line's Ford source claimed that the current Mustang's long hood/short deck proportions will remain in p...
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350Z Pilot May 18, 2012
A new car should be cutting-edge and reflect the latests advancements its manufacture has to offer. This car does that so much better than the current "retro block on wheels". It's the 21st century people, its about time the Mustang quit looking like its 50 years old. Great job Ford!
Aaron Snyder May 12, 2012
This reminds me of the Ford Probe fiasco!
Trent Griffin May 10, 2012
Didn't Ford make a Mustang 2 for the last gas crisis? wasn't I smaller....and still a Mustang?
David Griego May 09, 2012
Ford said this is "close" to what the new mustang will look like, evos front mustang side, and hopefully they keep the current mustang rear.
Phillip Greene May 09, 2012
Hey your rants are way to funny cuz this isnt the new mustang, its a rendering of what some jackass writer for a tuner mag thinks it might posably have a chance at maybe looking some what like, you get it now?
Tyler Ryan May 09, 2012
@leo. I greatly agree
Leo Ugine May 09, 2012
Is every one f**king crazy this is not a mustang, this is a evos and should stay that way, if ford what's to go global then do it with the evos. All they did was change a few things put the 5.0 engine and call it the new generation mustang. A mustang is a pony car not a small sports car. They just killed the mustang. I say they have no right to call it a mustang, because it's not. If they wanted t...
David Griego May 09, 2012
I believe the 2013 stangs look is on par with the camaro and chally. the 2005-2010 are a tad dull though
Greg Lewis May 09, 2012
... Mustang lacked in looks behind the chally and camaro since day one.
Greg Lewis May 09, 2012
It's funny, people downplay the chally because it's heavy weight, thus slowing its performance, and that's why they don't want one. So they get the stang for pure power numbers. Now they bring this out and they hate it's looks...
Hektor Yberg May 09, 2012
I think it's gto 06 mustang challenger camaro in looks
Josh Luman May 09, 2012
Well, the hell with Ford. Dodge Challenger here I come!
Terrance Parker May 08, 2012
It's long over due. This will make the car more marketable world wide. I cant wait to see how it handle with all that power, it's light weight, and finally a modern suspension. Thumbs up Ford. We all win when the manufactures compete!
Tim Preisinger May 08, 2012
Just because something is high tech doesn't make it better either... Hell, I still like carburetors! Lol
Justin Routh May 08, 2012
You cant say its better cuz its more high tech. It uses a pushrod engine while ford uses dohc. Just goes to show being "high tech" doesnt decide which is better
Callum Mckay May 08, 2012
The camaro is better cause its more high tech. Even if Ford gets rid of their shitty rear end its going to take a few years for them to get the new one set up well. Maro fte
Jackson Michael May 08, 2012
I gotta agree with Justin. The Challenger looks insanely bad ass, the camaro is okay, and the mustang is just boring right now.
Phillip Greene May 08, 2012
I know that looks like six years but you gota think the 5th gen was delayed so it was a 2009 car but didnt really show till 2010
Phillip Greene May 08, 2012
Actualy the baracuda was 64
Jerry Cole May 08, 2012
@Phillip, how was the mustang the only pony car for seven years?? it came in '65, and the camaro came in '67. The challenger came in '70 i think, evolving from the Barracuda, wich came in..... '68 i believe.....
Justin Routh May 08, 2012
If were talkin about looks the Chally is badass!!!! Definatly the best looking
Phillip Greene May 08, 2012
Damn thats harsh here I thought we were goin for retro I mean chally to 70 chally camaro to 69 camaro and mustang to 67 mustang, I think its camaro mustang challenger but its complicated I can get into it on this app, yeah I hear you though there so even it really just comes down to prefrence but this new look I think will be pretty sweet wont make me swich sides but still much props to ford
David Griego May 08, 2012
But looks wise (for me) it's Mustang Challenger Camaro
David Griego May 08, 2012
performance wise the challenger gets owned in every way.
uptown May 08, 2012
nothing is better than the challenger
Justin Routh May 08, 2012
@philip i think we're gonna have to agree to disagree haha i think the current mustang is better, not by much though. Chally comes in 3rd like you said
Justin Routh May 08, 2012
@Tim yeah i know it doesnt and i do like the camaro too but i got a little carried away lol
Tim Preisinger May 08, 2012
Justin, I wouldn't say the mustang "stomps" the Camaro. Yes, It's lighter, but speed wise it's about the same. Mustang is a tenth or two faster in the 1/4 but the Camaro handles a bit better. And yes,The mustang gets better mpg.. By 1. Pretty even
Phillip Greene May 08, 2012
Ha your delusional buddy, I like mustangs they were the only pony car for seven years and there ten times better than the challenger but there still second best pony car curently, maybe the new gen will take it back but eventualy the sixth gen camaro will come along
Justin Routh May 08, 2012
Thats right mustang stomps the camaro in everything except for the rear axle which is getting fixed in a few years anyway.
Justin Routh May 08, 2012
@Phillip thats why mustangs are get better mpg, are lighter, faster all with an engine 1.2L smaller. Tell me again how the camaro is better.
Phillip Greene May 08, 2012
This is pretty cool im liking it so far but as for price probably not when was the last time a product got better without costing more?...... O right never, thats why camaros are more expensive than mustangs
Cory Deines May 08, 2012
If they can get a turbo 4 to produce 305bhp and get better fuel economy than the current V6, then I say go for it as long as a V8 version is still available.
Christo Savaides May 08, 2012
I don't think they're using it in a derogatory way. It's just a clever alternative to saying, "4 cylinder."
Den Zo May 08, 2012
@Alex, yes, that is exactly what they mean :)
Taylor Little May 08, 2012
Yes, it's gonna be like the Mustang II. Except seeing as the HP is gonna be considerably higher, maybe it won't be one of the worst cars ever built.
Alex Smith May 08, 2012
Is "four pot" the new derogatory term for a 4 cylinder engine? I've never heard it until the writers for car buzz began using it in every article.
Razor Curtiss May 19, 2012
Keep the front end but put the back of the 2013 on there then Ull have the new look with classic style
Antonio Borja May 14, 2012
they should just bring back the sn95 and tweak it up. it's more new age then any mustang. it's the mustang that looks different outta the bunch
Aaron Snyder May 12, 2012
2 words Ford Probe
Tony Marro May 10, 2012
Finally ford is getting away from that lazy retro crap! I guess the baby boomers are getting too old to buy sports cars.
Nate Naphakdy May 10, 2012
This is terrible no
Mike Nembhard May 10, 2012
Isaac Reichner May 10, 2012
This is like porshe putting audi headlights and ferrari tail lights on the 911. No.
Thomas Isnt Green May 09, 2012
No Paul not at all
Jason Levy May 09, 2012
Haha its not 69 comments anymore
Alex Jervis May 09, 2012
I agree with josh
Josh Andrews May 09, 2012
No what have they done front looks amazing , tailights ehhhh.
Connor Cruickshank May 09, 2012
It's striking to say the least
Ferrari360guy May 09, 2012
i like it, but it does not look like a mustang, and should not be one.
Ron Vinson May 09, 2012
Sweet! Build it now. Perfect modern evolution.
James Woodchuck Norris May 09, 2012
amazing I love it
Tim Preisinger May 09, 2012
The article says that it WILL still have the triple lends tail lamps....
Stephanie Doyle May 09, 2012
I like it...but I miss the 3 tail lights on each side... Classic mustang feature, shouldn't be changed
Scotty Gee May 09, 2012
I think it's a great (overdue) evolution for a car that's been retro for too long. They didn't originally come up with the Mustang with the thought of keeping it looking the same forever.
Taggart Wilber May 08, 2012
I'm not liking the bar. Make the lights square and maybe
Callum Mckay May 08, 2012
All three(maro,stang,chally) have just been modern versions of the car they were in their hayday. The cars need something new, they need to become new cars with their own stylings drawn up from scratch. Just like the first time they were made..
Thomas Isnt Green May 08, 2012
I I think they should stay with what they have I like the classic look
Josh Knight May 08, 2012
No they need to keep the triple taillights
drew May 08, 2012
the taillights are nice but they cant use them on a mustang. they should bring back the '60 shelby taillights
Jonathan Martinez May 08, 2012
Tails are hideous !
Jason Dannheim May 08, 2012
That being said, I love this new design. The 50th Anniversary of its debut seems like an appropriate time for a serious redesign. Looks awesome.
Jason Dannheim May 08, 2012
I can see why people get upset over a redesign of this magnitude. We're talking about changing the design on a car that brought performance to the masses. It kick-started a new generation of fun, attractive, and affordable cars geared towards youth.
Gavin McDaniel May 08, 2012
When it comes down to it, more people will buy it because it looks better.. More people care about how cool the car looks compared to how much like a mustang it still resembles. I think it's awesome and Ford trying to modernize the mustang because people are modernizing and creating a car that really stands out on the road.. I applaud them
Devin Babyn May 08, 2012
I love that people don't like it cause it "doesn't look like a mustang." isn't that kinda the point if redesigning a car? You take some cues from the old one and make the rest new modern and fresh. I loved the retro but I'm ready for something modern
David Griego May 08, 2012
We still have 2 years till the new one comes out, that's plenty of time to get used to this futuristic mustang. I wander how this will affect the next gen camaros appearance.
Janak Solanki May 08, 2012
Wow that looks killer
Justin Routh May 08, 2012
I wouldnt be mad if they kept the current taillights i think they look awesome. (updated obviously)
byronh May 08, 2012
looks alright but I wouldn't buy it doesn't really say Ford to me... just my opinion. maybe if it was called something else other than a mustang
Tim Preisinger May 08, 2012
Front doesn't look all that great but I wouldn't complain if it wasn't on a Mustang... But this is horrible...
Thomas Mackey May 08, 2012
Idk y people think everything looks like an guys are blind.
Gary Waraich May 08, 2012
Why ford is copying aston, falcon, mondeo and now this thing. It is not a mustang to me.
dakota.s May 08, 2012
it looks like a astan martin
Alex Bouckley May 08, 2012
Eww... This will be the next Mustang 2....
Ryan Spencer May 08, 2012
This is fu*king stupid! Stop changing everything! It looks like crap! I'm fu*king furious...
Abraham Mendoza May 08, 2012
Doesn't look stang to me, more like...a Pinto.
Josh Banning May 08, 2012
Looks good but not on a mustang. Don't ruin the mustang please ford
Lewis Secor May 08, 2012
I personally think that American muscle cars have lost their fierce looks. This mustang honestly looks like a little Taurus. Doesn't look raw, doesn't look like it can do anything. I know it is a concept but it still doesn't say"muscle" to me
Erin Welsh May 08, 2012
Taillights are weird
Paulo Alexandre Ogliani May 08, 2012
As far as I can see Americans hate it and non American like it. Interesting.
Cody Wassel May 08, 2012
Guys, seriously, its just a rendering and an unconfirmed idea. Just calm down.
Greg Lewis May 08, 2012
Ok with this angle...
Duncan Jolley May 08, 2012
It think it holds some mustang characteristics. A little more adjusting and they can make this thing look beasty.
Taylor Little May 08, 2012
If you don't change shit you can't get better, it's just a rendering anyway. I like it, if they make it less Evo and a little more mustang. But it look mean and I like that.
Joel Hayes May 08, 2012
A slick looking mustang.
Joe Hero May 08, 2012
Looks like an Aston front end, a Bently rear, Dodge Charger tail lights, and most importantly, not a Ford... I understand the need to stretch outside of America, but then create the Evos, leave the Mustang as is, I think the 2012 model is perfect.
Dillon Dixon May 08, 2012
Ah hell no! First things first, this rendering isn't very different from the current mustang. They just rounded it all out and added evos styling cues. To curvy for a muscle car. NO. JUST NO.
Alex Arvanitis May 08, 2012
I can live with that
Connor Morton May 08, 2012
Looks like an Aston Martin
Anders Schrøder May 08, 2012
So so so stylish! Best design for an American car ever IMO. This will be able to compete in terms of design in Europe. Really like how they have smoothen it out by taking some clues from Aston martin and jaguar. Excellent!
Mikey Jimenez May 08, 2012
It's just a rendering calm down guys.
Bijan Jahanpanah May 08, 2012
Wow this does not look like a muscle car at all but would be cool if ford made this as a different model like the camaro and corvette do in Chevy
Avery Williams May 08, 2012
It's.......ok looking.
David Griego May 08, 2012
I think it looks awesome, better than a cardboard cutout design, I've never seen an American car look like this. But very risky Ford, VERY risky.
David Morris May 08, 2012
Good on Ford! Stepping away from the comfort zone and taking their baby in a new direction!
Matt Piccolo May 08, 2012
That's horrible... Hopefully the new mustang doesn't look like this as it is one of the few American cars I like a lot... This would just ruin the mustang name IMO
Jose Carlos May 08, 2012
I don't know that looks pretty bad ass to me! Thumbs up!
Stephen Ishard May 08, 2012
She is very artistic then, more talent in her urine than most people have
MERCEDES May 08, 2012
this company made the ford mustang GT 500 and now they make this
Ebby Majd May 08, 2012
This is a complete disaster. Looks like a 5 year old girl who just peed her pants.
Zachary Maurer May 08, 2012
Uhhh, it's not terrible, but if this is the way pony car American muscle is going, I will be sad
Josh Picard May 08, 2012
I like it. It looks really good
wfdowns May 08, 2012
god thats so ugly at the back
Description: Perhaps the biggest change, other than the design, will be the fact that the Mustang will ditch the rear straight axle in favor of an independent setup, but we've known about that for quite some ...
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James McKenzie Jr Jul 24, 2012
This design SUCKS!!! I'm very happy I just bought the 2013 California Special GT vert, Red Race loaded down with all options, mine will be collectable, this new Mustang is butt ugly, period!
Cory Wilhelm May 08, 2012
@rich it's AMC not AMG
Jackson Michael May 08, 2012
Lol nice catch Rich. I didn't even notice that until just now.
Rich Vuchetich May 08, 2012
what is up with the ford looking like an AMG JAVELINE. Another brain fart.... way to go ford!!!
Callum Mckay May 08, 2012
Im a chevy fan, but big props to ford for taking these ponys in the right direction
Justin Routh May 08, 2012
I'm sure theyre taking into consideration what chevy is gonna do and they can always refresh by year so idk i just hope they stay competitive like they are right now
Phillip Greene May 08, 2012
Yea but the fith gen is going to be a short one the sixth already is on its way so the mustang might pull ahead with this encarnation but it will most certainly be short lived victory
Devin Babyn May 08, 2012
It's going to be smaller and their reducing weight everywhere else. So how could it not be that much lighter?
Phillip Greene May 08, 2012
It wont be much lighter when they ad the irs
Abraham Mendoza May 08, 2012
I'd hate to see how it would look though..
Christo Savaides May 08, 2012
Yes, yes, yes, yes. Right direction, Ford.
Alex Arvanitis May 08, 2012
IRS and lighter chassis? Oh yes
Justin Routh May 08, 2012
Its already lighter and faster than the competition. Now its getting irs ohhh boy i cant wait
Description: Remember, this redesign is very important because Ford will also be celebrating the Mustang's 50th anniversary at the time of its launch. Judging from you've read and have seen here today, w...
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Chris Gaines May 10, 2012
@ ryan leave... just leave. you are not welcome here.
Christopher Peck May 09, 2012
It looks terrible Doesn't look like the MUSCLE car it should look like
Brohammad Mo Cuz May 09, 2012
The design isn't bad but it's really altered from the mustang. Maybe ford could start a new lineup of a car which can be their sport car and keep the Mustang their all American muscle with slight changes to improve every now and then.
Callum Mckay May 08, 2012
Ryan, also the idea sports car set up= Big V8 coupled to a rwd setup
Justin Routh May 08, 2012
@ryan haha wow like david said look at all the other cars that have v8 and rwd. Go with the times and turbo/downsize? Thats not the times thats just ecofriendly douches and imports lol
Patrick Joseph May 08, 2012
Ryan it is your first and hopefully last comment on here. The mustang needs to evolve. Not to reinvent itself.
Devin Babyn May 08, 2012
Ryan in all for modernizing the car but what you just said is idiotic. Well unless it's a TT 5.0 super car
David Griego May 08, 2012
Why should ford do it, BMW, Mercedes, Aston Marton, Jaguar, Mazda, Ferrari etc. are all doing fine with their rear wheel drive sport cars.
Ryan Davis May 08, 2012
Ford should get with the times and lose the V8 rear drive platform. A new Mustang with AWD and a twin turbo six.
Noah Garrett May 08, 2012
It sucks, sell this elsewhere and keep the REAL stang for the USA
Trevor Branson May 08, 2012
Ford has really jumped on the Aston Martin bandwagon because all their new cars look like them. The rear of this mustang here looks like a db9. I love Aston martins but their designers seem to use tracing paper for the new cars they come out with.
Abraham Mendoza May 08, 2012
Yeah, call it the Falcon and sell that elsewhere, keep the Stang for us..
Alexander R Hernandez May 08, 2012
And I think it would have been better if they made this a falcon because, at least to me, it looks sort of like a bird in the frint
Alexander R Hernandez May 08, 2012
I think this looks like a natural progression of which design study they were doing any way it looks like the current gen just shorter and wider with different head lights
Thomas William Tuer-sipos Jun 12, 2012
They should keep the mustang like it is now and just resurrect an old name and use that
Axel Cousins Jun 05, 2012
@austin it does look like it is repeating the design but the old design wasn't the nicest I have to agree. But they may repeating it but it they made it 100x nice
Austin Jenrich Jun 03, 2012
I don't agree with the look, it is too much like a Aston Martin. I feel like history is repeating itself, this is a Mustang II all over again. Hope Ford knows what they're getting into...
Luke Wijnsma May 28, 2012
I think it looks dope
Ben-Jammin Winslow May 23, 2012
174 comments. This will be fun.
Tyler James Small May 23, 2012
No... It just doesn't work for me
Kaleb Brawand May 23, 2012
For one the previous mustangs (2012) rear end was rounded ad bulging out unlike any mustang before it and the way the tail lights worked was like the old mercury cougar. The front was good. This though takes stupid to a whole new level!
Razor Curtiss May 19, 2012
I like the front keep it but put the 2013 rear end on it and your in business
Kevin Carlin May 14, 2012
Nice front end, rear needs some work. It's either gonna be really nice or really bad.
KeRon Jones May 14, 2012
I like the front.
Wmg Chinchilla May 14, 2012
Don't act like any of the stangs from the 90's and early 2000's were better looking than this. I don't blame ford for trying to move on from their classic car trend, but it will be difficult to make something better looking than the current mustang.
Dom Nolan May 12, 2012
That's the new mondeo front!
Brock Andrew Kerr May 10, 2012
hate this new design... this is not American muscle
Antonio Falsetti May 10, 2012
Looks bad but better then the camaro. I know it's not real.
Nick Steiger May 10, 2012
Bow wonder I am a chevy fan, they don't screw up that bad.
BurlyDolphin May 10, 2012
I realize they owned Aston, and you obviously dont know what an Aston looks like, ask anyone who knows what an Aston looks like when they first see this they will think Aston.
Trent Griffin May 10, 2012
Mustang II. remix
Chris Gaines May 10, 2012
is it just me or is that grill nothing like Aston's? take out the horizontal slats and it doesn't look anything like an Aston. but either way, this is no longer muscle car, just a car..
David Griego May 10, 2012
Why should Aston sue Ford? Ford owned Aston Marton so they have a right to some designs, and if you truly know how Astons look, then you can see how they are not alike.
Mike Nembhard May 10, 2012
Isaac Reichner May 10, 2012
Wanna hear a sodium joke? Na.
Tiziano Cafaro May 09, 2012
Christ... It looks like a sporty Ford Fusion, which already had enough comments about it looking an Aston but I'm holding out till I see proper pictures, not stupid renderings.
Nick Steiger May 09, 2012
I hope the next generations of Shelbys just use the 2012 and 2013 bodies because this body does not deserve the name Shelby on it.
Nick Steiger May 09, 2012
That's exactly what I thought, the grill looks like an Aston but the rest of it looks like, I don't know what. Overal this car is a disaster.
BurlyDolphin May 09, 2012
Ford should be sued for this. Its too much of an Aston Martin.
Byron Borggard May 09, 2012
So stupid just put the Aston Martin badge on it
David Griego May 09, 2012
200 comments! How many did the SRT viper have like 150?
Thomas Isnt Green May 09, 2012
Omfg this thing makes a fiat look cool
Zachary Maurer May 09, 2012
Wow, can we go for 200 comments?
relyt May 09, 2012
Judging by most of the comments you guys don't want to see the car get better.....
Ferrari360guy May 09, 2012
love the looks, but it is not a mustang.
Clint Edwards May 09, 2012
Wow. If it was any other car, I think I'd like it. But a stang? C'mon now
Malcolm Bryant May 09, 2012
the only camaro that competes with any mustang of the same class is the ZL1... and that may change with the arrival of the new GT500. GM is about 3 years behind ford on almost their whole line up
Domi Bsaibes May 09, 2012
I see a lot of Aston in it! Needs to be more agressive though
Michael Mousseau May 09, 2012
I can't wait for the 2015 Mustang ! I have owned two other Mustang and I'm holding off on getting a new until this one comes out. But after seeing this car I m deeply saddened. Looks nothing like a Mustang. I do like the rear end but hate the front. I hope they change it up from what shown on the pic.
David Griego May 09, 2012
The mustang isn't going to compete with the camaro anymore, Fords goal is a BMW beater. So if chevy choses to still compete, they are going to have to keep up, if not, then it will just be chally vs camaro.
Chris Scott May 09, 2012
Damn that car is fine. The new design features are well exhibited in this new mustang. I love the blue paint with the new curves.
Ben Shrivers May 09, 2012
As nice as this looks, it's an insult to the mustang name. It's essentially an Aston Martin! Plus, with 2015 being the 50th anniversary of the mustang, you'd think Ford would try to add some retro styling. This is not American, not in the slightest.
Devin Babyn May 09, 2012
Greg its kinda what there going for. When you make a world car you're not going to try and just make the US happy. Plus I doubt they care if there sales in the US drop when they'll have (random number) 100,000 sales in other countries
Greg Lewis May 09, 2012
I see a lot of European car guys commenting, that's what ford wants, world sales. However most American car guys have been very rooted in distinct American cars. This will drive a lot of die hards off, and not just ford guys. Tread carefully ford....
Scott Lenahan May 09, 2012
As a design, it is beautiful in my opinion. As a mustang, the overall design better have some more straining edges and mean looks if it is going to count as a mustang! I think it might be time to buy a 2013 mustang and watch it appreciate with time..
Bull Dogone May 09, 2012
Chevrolet called. Camaro sales are up 1000% since this article came out. Thanks Ford!
350Z Pilot May 09, 2012
Finally a Mustang I might buy! Every time Ford changes the Mustang it takes them 5 years of tweaking to make it look good. This one holds promise right out of the box. They could loose the mile of Christmas lights hanging off the ass though.
Eric Loke May 09, 2012
Hmmm, am I the only one who think that it looks like an Aston? Man, it's gorgeous. Aston fan here.
Vartan May 09, 2012
ladies lets relax we all know Camaro is and always will be better :)
Malcolm Bryant May 09, 2012
oh my bad... an online class hahaha
Mohammad M. Alajmi May 09, 2012
a online? yeah... some beast
Malcolm Bryant May 09, 2012
really nick? last time I checked this wasn't a online English class lol you can always play words with friends.. oh and I'm a beast at that game :)
Gabriel Ramirez May 09, 2012
NOT compete with the camaro. You need one to show it up. Blow it out of the water. Reclaim your spot at the top of the muscle car pedestal. Please ford don't do this.
Gabriel Ramirez May 09, 2012
Fan of the back. Side is okay I guess still similar to the current generation mustang but that front is just hideous on the real. I have a mustang and love it but that is just notttt the business. Come on ford listen to your customers! This car can
Nick Benz May 09, 2012
Its like you dropped out of the 4th grade. Learn to spell.
Malcolm Bryant May 09, 2012
this is evolution of the muscle car.. we'll get used to it and all smile about the numbers its putting out. As long as I can get a turbo v6, pzero tires, bramble breaks, functional hood scoops, glass top, 6 speed manual, racing leather bucket seats, leather rapped stearing well with direction indicater, the new black tail lights, and I can forget about peddle shifters..
Alex Mabbott May 09, 2012
That thing is hideous, i dont approve
CRIVA May 09, 2012
Car looks HOT! I'm a BMW man myself but would definitely consider this pony car. Aston Martin front brand new back! Smaller lighter car + big power + better handling = Awsome!
Josh Luman May 09, 2012
Screw Ford. Go Dodge.
Kristoffer Lopez May 09, 2012
This is what an Aston martin vanquish would look like if it were still around
Brent Bennett May 09, 2012
Front end A+ sides B- rear A- Please give it functional side scoops, more aggressive rear & a shit load more attitude. With those engines, wicked handling & awesome styling... Bring it BMW!
Vince Cassi May 09, 2012
Bad mustang! You are not a fusion!
Kevin Irish May 09, 2012
Make a BMW look like a Miata? You know the Miata has been a benchmark for handling comparisons since its debut in 1990, right? Anyway, besides the headlights, I think it looks good.
prodrag May 09, 2012
I hope this isn't going to be the next mustang.
Taggart Wilber May 08, 2012
Give it some bigger lamps and change the rear light bar and it would be sick. I want to see an SVO for 2015
Oscar Galvan May 08, 2012
Ford fusion much
Jack Thomas May 08, 2012
Useless comment. Now argue over my obviously surpirior prank
David Griego May 08, 2012
Also... since it's going to be a global car, you'll start seeing a lot more mustangs walking all over BMW's in Germany LMAO!!!
David Griego May 08, 2012
What ever Ford does, Chevy/Dodge will soon follow. The current 5.0 already keeps up with the M3, the boss kills it. With an IRA the BMW will look like a Miata compared to the Mustang.
Tim Preisinger May 08, 2012
Jackson, why can't you compare mustangs to bmw's? If I recall a boss 302 put down a better lap time then the M3 did at laguna seca. According to... Uh think it was motortrend (correct me if I'm wrong on who reported this).
Brandon Landry May 08, 2012
This is horrible the mustang is losing its integrity.
Jackson Michael May 08, 2012
I still call you crazy because BMWs are made for handling. And I doubt you'd see most BMW customers in one of these. Unless its a 1 series.
Carter Sullivan May 08, 2012
Seriously awesome. I hope it's similar
Devin Babyn May 08, 2012
I wonder how many people will still call me crazy for saying the next gen stang will be more of a competitor to BMW then Chevy. Well unless Chevy tags along with there next gen
Callum Mckay May 08, 2012
I actually think it looks good. It could be a bit more agressive but its a good change
Justin Sachs May 08, 2012
Doesn't look a lot like a muscle car the muscle cars have an aggressive look to them this one looks kind of mellow and furious mixed together and it doesn't look good the back and side are ok but the headlights ruin it. Just look at all of the other muscle cars past and present none of them look like this.
Thomas Isnt Green May 08, 2012
No no no don't change u will ruin the mustang forever
Josh Knight May 08, 2012
1980 all over again
Ilya Yuzefovich May 08, 2012
The tail lights aren't muscle car material not mean gas guzzling enough
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov May 08, 2012
The front looks really aggressive, but the rear is just terrible. Also, I don't want a Mustang to look like this, the current generation is much better.
drew May 08, 2012
the grill looks a little Aston Martin.
Devin Babyn May 08, 2012
Sports car* If they wanted a super car they'd make another GT
Ben Watson May 08, 2012
I love it. Definitely brings the mustang current.
Taylor Olson May 08, 2012
This is fords attempt at making a supercar out of a muscle car
Greg Kenerly May 08, 2012
This is an Evo/Mustang blend. Can't be close cuz it's just a blending of 2 cars. Boooooo
Nathan Rothschild May 08, 2012
Decent front, very aston martinesgue, the ass is ugly. It apears to be the V6 model from the grill, so maybe the gt/gt500/boss could be way better.
David Junior Frost May 08, 2012
Ruins the whole Mustang look. Mustangs are bold and courageous not some two door stream line racecar. Mustangs have character.
Zachary Prain May 08, 2012
Looks to much like the Taurus :P
Christopher Lawrence Reber May 08, 2012
BRZ + DB9...not sure how I feel about that...
Steven Nevets May 08, 2012
The car needed a change. I like it a lot.
Mark Hinds May 08, 2012
Russ Sugar May 08, 2012
Make it electric please. This car design deserve it.
Jordan Boatman May 08, 2012
I don't like it. The Mustang is an American sports car. The current generation is boss.
David Griego May 08, 2012
@Trevor Exactly! Plus we have 2 years to get bored with this current design, but the way people are getting angry about the change, I'll say the current design is still loved.
Trevor Butler May 08, 2012
While I feel like the newest mustang is perfect as it is, I'm glad ford isn't ruining a good thing by leaving it (visually) the same until it gets a tad dull (cough cough Porsche). It's not at all bad looking, save the rear, this could be a good one
Brady Fereday May 08, 2012
Looks like the falcon
Justin Routh May 08, 2012
@jackson i wouldnt call it underpowered. It matches or comes within .1 or .2 sec of any aston except for the one-77
Phillip Greene May 08, 2012
You cant deni the resemblance but its not a bad thing it still looks fresh, and its not really an under powered astin there pretty close astins are more luxury than sporty and there the challenger of super cars... Equal in power to the competion but way heavier
David Griego May 08, 2012
That looks like nothing else on the road right now. I also see no Aston, no big headlights that makes the front look like a fish.
Jackson Michael May 08, 2012
Lol it's like an underpowered Aston
Jason Brown May 08, 2012
Robert, Ford used to own Austin Martin. They sold it back in 2007. They still own a lot of designs and tech from their previous ownership. So some of that will still showing in other future Ford cars.
Robert Lantz May 08, 2012
When did ford start making aston martins
Hank Austin May 08, 2012
Anyone notice how the lights are exactly the same as the new fusion... Ford will probably change them... I sorta like it but it looks WAY too much like a fusion. I don't think anyone will buy it if it looks like a economy car, it's too normal it needs to be special... I still like this look though
Phillip Greene May 08, 2012
Ha this makes me wonder how people felt when the mustang II came out cuz 67-7...3? I think was awesome but the next one was well discusting like a pacer
Alex Arvanitis May 08, 2012
*it'll kill with a future tt 5.0 coyote**
Bob Thebuilder May 08, 2012
Kill it with fire!
Chaz Gill May 08, 2012
Doesn't seem very aggressive...
James Buster May 08, 2012
It's not even a mustang any more
Justin Routh May 08, 2012
Lol all you need to calm down its just a rendering. Secondly, obviously its gonna look alot different. Keep in mind how different the fox bodies and 4th gen mustangs were from the ones before them
Craig Lafey May 08, 2012
From both pics it doesn't look to bad. Some angles I'd change but it looks good
Alex Arvanitis May 08, 2012
Chris, go look at your car and imagine the front end design language on a 2015 car. It's sn95 meets 2015, I own an sn95 as well and this screams modernized sn95 from the front. And this is just a rendition. Like the viper, real thing will be better
Timathy Dorman May 08, 2012
Looks like a Fusion coupe
Phillip Greene May 08, 2012
This is bad ass im not a huge mustang fan but there great cars and this is awesome
Nathan Miller May 08, 2012
Looks too much like a taurus
Kenneth Williams May 08, 2012
I like it but not for a mustang.
Kyle Wirtel May 08, 2012
It's ugly plain and sim
Josh Melhorn May 08, 2012
@Riku Perfect explanation. It looks aggressive and a sweet ride, but it doesn't look like your driving a mustang
Ryan Spencer May 08, 2012
Absolute crap. Not a muscle car anymore. I own a mustang and love it, but I can't support a company that will make an icon look like a retarded Taurus. This is hugely disappointing. Sales in America will decline.
Riku Herukka May 08, 2012
It looks really cool, but i would never think it as a mustang.
Chris Bridgers May 08, 2012
i think they got it right, mustangs arent muscle. Theyre pony cars.
Abraham Mendoza May 08, 2012
Ford One is coming, so they gotta appeal to the masses, that's the world for Ford. So all their cars gotta look similar and global so much doesn't have to change when cars are sold in other markets. I think some cars should made just for the US though...
Keelynn Arnold May 08, 2012
Reminds me of the last gen eclipse
Lorenzo Martin May 08, 2012
I don't like it at all it looks like the new fusion I want to be driving a mustang not fusion needs more of a mean look
Mohammad M. Alajmi May 08, 2012
nooo noooo this isnt happening!!!
Craig Smith May 08, 2012
If I think back pre the retro revival of classic muscle the stang didn't look too muscle. So I'm not entirely sure what all the fuss is about....... It's called progress.......
Erin Welsh May 08, 2012
I hate it it's just not a mustang
Steve Waskiewicz May 08, 2012
I love it! They need to enlarge the rear windows and allow them to become flush with the main windows, though.
Jeremy E. Rogers May 08, 2012
Kinda looks like a jaguar XKR
Michael Kozlowski May 08, 2012
It looks fantastic to me, but that's fantastic in the sense of a new sports car. For a mustang, I'm not so sure, maybe the rendering needs to grow on me. But as a new sports car this looks great. Then again its only a rendering.
Trent Richard Benham May 08, 2012
I actually don't mind the design but not on the mustang
Zachary Maurer May 08, 2012
@patrick, lol thanks for the support
Reid 'bc' Black May 08, 2012
I don't think of mustang. The 2013 body style looks better than this
Greg Lewis May 08, 2012
This angle, not a fan
codymustang May 08, 2012
Not bad. too much european styling in there if u ask me. its suppose to look like a muscle car. this car looks good but if i saw one on the road mustang just doesn't jump to mind.
Taylor Little May 08, 2012
Just saw the newest ford commercial and all the cars in the line-up seem to be heading here. One Ford, One World. It's close to beastly.
Taylor Little May 08, 2012
Go to the newest BMW rendering and go back in time, it is quite different.
Christo Savaides May 08, 2012
Beautiful. This would be the first Mustang, besides the originals, that I'd actually consider buying.
Sean Collins May 08, 2012
Guys like porsche and BMW don't go through major changes like this for decades and yet ford and other american car companies feel the need to make huge overhauls every year it seems
elitex454 May 08, 2012
i personally dont like the design it is a muscle car not and exotic and should be shown as a muscle car. beefy and large
Taylor Little May 08, 2012
Looks mean, I hate it but I love it.
Rohil Chauhan May 08, 2012
A muscle car should be muscular, not sleek like an exotic. This in my opinion is too stylish, it needs to be a bit more raw and a bit more "in your face".
Ray Garcia May 08, 2012
Wait so this isn't the jaguar xj??
Duncan Jolley May 08, 2012
I like it. If the ry change the front just a little then I think it would be awesome
Teddy MacDonell May 08, 2012
as much as I love the retro look, it's time they stop playing it safe, updating looks from the 70's, and started developing design cues for our current generation. after all this is a new era of muscle, why should we continue using outdated looks?
Teddy MacDonell May 08, 2012
the article says it should have a long hood like the current gen, so keep that in mind. I hope it looks like this. ford needs their models to look more similar to each other, like other companies' lineups. the brand loyalty grows that way
Taylor Garry May 08, 2012
Front looks ok for a regular sedan, not a mustang. The back is just terrible no matter what
Pablo Herasme May 08, 2012
It looks great, but it lacks that Mustang look
Louis Ramon Cortez May 08, 2012
This is so ugly. This isn't American anymore.
Mark Shearer May 08, 2012
Over all I like it. If the future global market is what they want, they are headed in the right direction. Lighter, with the same engines and this will be a great evolution of the car and with an IRS, I'm optimistic.
Chris Bridgers May 08, 2012
that aint sn95....I own 1 lol
Dillon Dixon May 08, 2012
Killed it. Just wrong. Ford, do not ruin this car. There will be some major hate if you blow this. I'm counting on you.
Alex Arvanitis May 08, 2012
Sn95 meets 2015 up front, retro side line, modern rear. Nice nice
Patrick Schalk May 08, 2012
Haha I actually feel bad for the Ford boys. The back was ok but the front looks like a Fiesta mixed with a Taurus.
Connor Morton May 08, 2012
Looks like an Aston Martin
Kenny Hernandez May 08, 2012
whoa whoa where are they going?
Ole Martin Hoel May 08, 2012
Bloated and ugly.
David Griego May 08, 2012
That's the ford Evos nose, mustang side, I don't know where the back came from. I wouldn't mind if it were the new stang.
David Morris May 08, 2012
Keep this direction. I bet everyone hating on it will be quick to defend it if someone else tried to compare it to a camaro
Brandon Whybrew May 08, 2012
looks like they are using the new fusion nose
Matt Piccolo May 08, 2012
Fronts nice back is horrendous
Connor Howard May 08, 2012
They better completely change the direction they're thinking of taking this car..
Dylan Bruder May 08, 2012
The car looks mismatched front doesn't match the rest
missg5 May 08, 2012
does not look like a mustang at all. why can't they just go off the older sexy mustangs like the 68 and 69 stangs. stop ruining the mustangs Ford! this looks way to much like the new fusion.
Zachary Maurer May 08, 2012
It could seriously pass as a fusion coupe though
Zachary Maurer May 08, 2012
Hey look it's the 2013 fusion... Wait...
Nick Schnee May 08, 2012
It's to sleek for a 'stang. They must make it bulkier.
Emmanuel Mateo May 08, 2012
Nice lookin car, shouldn't be a mustang, anyone who drives this and calls it a mustang is a pansy. Might as well just discontinue it in america and sell it somewhere else if that's the case. All that
Andrew Hossann May 08, 2012
I like it. The only problem I have is the windshield. If they made it a bit flatter I guarantee it would look slot better
Mark A. Young May 08, 2012
Looks way to similar to an Aston Martin.
James Stevens May 08, 2012
Keep this design...but make it not a mustang...perfect
Chris Penza May 08, 2012
Horrible. This is a disgrace to American muscle
Johnny Hoover May 08, 2012
Does this car look like each part was just through together
Avery Doyal May 08, 2012
This is no longer a muscle car:( I'm a camaro guy but I the camaro needs the mustang so that muscle cars can always compete.
Daniel Mcfarlan Riedmuller May 08, 2012
The headlights could be a bit taller. And a bit less wedge to the hood. Otherwise I like it.
Josh Picard May 08, 2012
It looks a lot different than the mustang of today. But it still is really good looking.
Stephen Cobbs May 08, 2012
As a Mustang fan, im gonna puke.
awdtt93 May 08, 2012
if the next Gen mustang looks anything like that I need to start filling the piggy bank up.
wfdowns May 08, 2012
that thing i nasty as hell looking, but hats not a mustang and shouldent be called one, and i dont like mustangs that much, shouldent change a car to appeal to everywhere else when it will die where it sells the best, if they dont like the way the mustang looks then thats that, dont change an icon into something its not. just to sell a few extra