Description: The first round of the 2012 Aston Martin GT4 Challenge of Great Britain took place at Silverstone on 28 April, and Aston Martin has just released this video made up of all the best bits.
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Yousef Khorsheed Jul 22, 2012
I think the GT1 and the GT3 are better Aston Martin makes a lot of cars for racing they don't think about them making a really really really fast production cars
Serge Pankratov May 09, 2012
Astons sound so much better than ferraris =]
Nick Benz May 09, 2012
They can handle the rain. Chill.
Paul Dickey May 08, 2012
Sweet color on that one-77
Keiler Countryman May 08, 2012
Craig Lafey May 08, 2012
Get these cars out if the rain!! All gorgeous
MERCEDES May 08, 2012
like the DB9 in the vidio
Dylan Bruder May 08, 2012
V8 vantage one77 DBS nice
Description: Racing drivers of all abilities get to compete in the GT4 challenge driving identical Aston Martin GT4 cars around some of the best circuits in the UK and Europe. Based on the Vantage S road car, the ...
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Description: A wet track made for challenging race conditions and an exciting start to the series, which is now in its third year of competition. Having completed 75 laps of the historic circuit, the car of Pierr...
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Yousef Khorsheed Jul 22, 2012
If I was the owner of Aston Martin i would make a db5 remodel or a db5 GT1