Description: It was only two years ago when Toyota and Tesla announced development of the RAV4 EV, so in revealing the production-ready model at the 26th annual Electric Vehicle Symposium in LA yesterday, the join...
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Description: The car, he says "will attract sophisticated early technology adopters, much like the first-generation Prius. It's designed for consumers who prioritize the environment and appreciate perfor...
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Steven Gonzales Oct 05, 2013
"And a six hour charging time of six hours" lol
Paul Lissona May 08, 2012
They had electric rav4s ten years ago that failed.
Joe Talerico May 08, 2012
A 50k Toyota and it looks like this?? Who's going to buy it?
Neo Ling Nov 20, 2013
For some reason, the page on the Audi a3 5-door shows a Chevy camaro convertible...
Kumar Desi May 12, 2012
Please don't Toyota please dont !
Jorge Diaz May 12, 2012
What a piece of crap for $50,000! After taxes this thing will cost close to $70,000, for just 100 miles per charge??? Don't think so. Try again when that thing recharges itself.
Chayton Garverick May 08, 2012
What happened to the grille
Paul Lissona May 08, 2012
Toyota had an all electric rav4 that failed years ago,
Brandon Lidy May 08, 2012
And the RAV4 was one of my favorite Toyota vehicles. I hope they didn't make the gas models
Laguna Seca May 08, 2012
Another thrilling vehicle from Toyota! Yawn.
Knox Ferraro May 08, 2012
Would it be so terrible to keep the grille? That looks awful.
Description: The FWD RAV4 EV allows drivers to choose between Sport and Normal mode. In Sport mode, 0-60mph can be done in 7.0 seconds with a 100mph top speed, while in Normal mode the sprint time is 8.6 seconds a...
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Kumar Desi May 12, 2012
Ya in sport you will run out of charge in5 minutes
Description: New exterior emblems sporting the signature 'environmental blue' further distinguish the EV from its gas-powered sibling. Blizzard White Pearl, Shoreline Blue Pearl and Classic Silver Metall...
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Paul Lissona May 08, 2012
The four cylinder non sport models have that still I think, maybe v6 too.
Zachary Maurer May 08, 2012
Where the hell is the awesome spare tire?
Kevin Rehbock May 08, 2012
That is not a $50K interior. The Leaf is nicer inside for $17K less