Comments - Your Weekly Porsche Rumor: Boxster Diesel Possible

Published: May 07, 2012
Description: Yes, it seems like there's some sort of Porsche rumor nearly every week. Not that that's a bad thing, but some rumors turn out to be complete nonsense, while others have a real element of tr...
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Bijan Jahanpanah May 08, 2012
Because it is a boxster, this is just a rumor
MERCEDES May 07, 2012
That Porsche looks the same as all the other Boxers
Hektor Yberg May 07, 2012
There are less carbon dioxide pulloutions but the ones there are except the carbon is more poisonous
Lucas Hill May 07, 2012
It's not the same performance
Chris Penza May 07, 2012
It's not a bad thing; it's the same performance with less pollution and more efficiency so i can see them making this
Bob Turefannt May 07, 2012
I just don't see this happening.
Description: According to a report coming from Car and Driver, Porsche R&D chief Wolfgang Hatz stated that pure EVs are "not even close to series production with the current battery technology." He w...
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Description: While we believe a 911 hybrid is a long way off (if it ever happens) a diesel appearing in a Porsche doesn't seem too far-fetched. When pressed more about the issue, Hatz replied that "it wo...
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Petre Draghici May 11, 2012
The M diesel engine puts out 381hp. That's great.
Rudolf Dassler May 07, 2012
Maybe they're working on a diesel u can actually rev... Then I'm in!
Lou Guerrero May 07, 2012
Yes, it would be wrong.
John Serely May 07, 2012
Looks great in brown IMO