Posted on: May 07, 2012
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Watch a Pair of Ferrari Enzos Destroy the Montlhery Race Track

Stop, look and listen as a pair of Enzos have their way with the race track.
Two Ferrari Enzos were spotted on the Montlhery race track in France over the weekend. The track, built in 1924, is located across the towns of Linas Bruyeres-le-Chatel and Ollainville, just outside the south side of Paris.

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The Autodrome de-Linas-Montlhery played host to the GT Prestige event and saw some excellent models hit the track in addition to the aforementioned pair of Enzos. Just after the minute mark, you can see a Ford GT run through the course. Check out the photo gallery of the event below, including the Ferrari Enzos and the rest of the participants in the GT Prestige event.

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