Posted on: May 07, 2012
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Soccer Moms May Panic: Chrysler Talks of Killing Off Grand Caravan

The next Chrysler minivan will need to deliver the goods if it is to remain the segment leader.
It's been nearly 30 years since Chrysler first pulled the sheets off the Dodge Caravan. That was back in 1983 when then Chrysler CEO Lee Iacocca finally had the chance to reveal the type of vehicle he first thought of when he was running Ford years before. His idea for what would become the "minivan" was rejected by Henry Ford II. And to Chrysler's phenomenal gain, the Grand Caravan and Town & Country are still going strong to this day, having a 40 percent share of the minivan market.

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Times change, however, as do customers' interests and requirements. As many families consider and often continue to downsize their vehicles, Chrysler is currently studying how best to proceed with the next generation minivan. In a new report coming from Automotive News, the suits over at the increasingly confident Chrysler are currently examining the possibility of dropping one of the two models for the upcoming redesign. This isn't the first time we've heard this, but CEO Sergio Marchionne has mentioned before that the Town & Country nameplate may beat out the Grand Caravan for a few reasons, one of which is its higher base price.
While both continue to sell well, Dodge also has an upcoming crossover model that could potentially take the place of the Grand Caravan. Nothing has been decided yet, but Marchionne also hinted the next minivan may resemble the Chrysler 700C concept shown at this year's Detroit Auto Show. Obviously some of its styling won't make production, but it will still retain the traditional dual sliding doors that customers want.


by Jay Traugott
Soccer Moms May Panic: Chrysler Talks of Killing Off Grand Caravan

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