Posted on: May 07, 2012
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Jaguar XKX Concept Study Revives E-Type for 21st Century

An electric roadster blends classic lines with modern aerodynamics and cutting-edge energy feedback.
The idea behind this particular design study was to revive the timeless lines of the stunning E-type of the 1960s while integrating new aerodynamics tailored around an electric powerplant. As an EV, the small dimensions of the engine and flexibility of the battery's placement meant the designer could concentrate on creating improved aerodynamics. Widening the side deflectors on the front intakes means air can flow behind the front wheels.

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It can then slide along the doors, make a shortcut through the rear wheels and out from the huge rear openings. The result is a reduction in the total flow path and subsequent drag. Visually, the leaping jaguar logo has inspired the side profile, while up front the headlights have been shaped to give the car a look of an aggressive feline ready to pounce. Notable features on the concept include side mirrors that disappear into the body when the car is stopped and unfold once it turns on, and the regenerative power system.
As almost 60 percent of energy used by a car at highway speeds is spent countering air friction, the body of the Jaguar XKX concept is covered by a layer housing microscopic ripples of piezoelectric cells. When air flows over them, the pressure created produces electricity that is fed to the vehicle's battery.

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by Adam Lynton
Jaguar XKX Concept Study Revives E-Type for 21st Century
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