Description: In the next five years, VW Group plans to bring out 32 different models from its ten brands, ranging from the next-gen VW Golf to the Lamborghini Aventador successor, as they continue their rise to th...
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Devin Mortenson May 09, 2012
Carbuzz why did you delete my comment? I didn't say anything bad.
Alec Lindgren May 07, 2012
What new Aventador? I hope you mean Gallardo
Dustin Emerick May 07, 2012
They're trying to take over again like WWll
Corey Alan Kelley May 07, 2012
I think they meant gallardo successor
Chris Tweedie May 07, 2012
I thought lambo's had a 10 year life cyle?
Description: VW Group will thus have a car to take on the likes of the McLaren MP4-12C and Ferrari 458. In a recent expose on VW Group's future plans, Georg Kacher, writing for Automobile, revealed that going...
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Brock Zager May 08, 2012
audi r8 mixed with a caymen
Brandon Lidy May 07, 2012
It's a cayman on steroids. Should we call it Sarcosuchus ?
MERCEDES May 07, 2012
I can't even spell it properly PORSCHER
MERCEDES May 07, 2012
Now that a good looking car and i hate porchers
Matthew Reindorp May 07, 2012
Normally I really don't like porsches... Every one looks to alike... But this? This is beautiful
Erin Welsh May 07, 2012
This is awesome!
Ben Arends May 07, 2012
I'd rather see this than another four door Porsche.
Mark Pasillas May 07, 2012
That's pretty damn good looking
Patrick Schalk May 07, 2012
That's pretty slick. I like this a lot.
Avery Williams May 07, 2012
Porsche has done it again!
Dillon Dixon May 07, 2012
Looks to be some cooling vents on the back. Doesn't bother me if it's functional.
Sam Oglesby May 07, 2012
Not sure about the back
Matt Piccolo May 07, 2012
Looks sweet!!!!!
Description: The latter platform, masterminded by Porsche, is broken down into three sub-categories based on front- mid- and rear-engines, dubbed MSB-F, MSB-M, and MSB-H. The group's halo brands, including Be...
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Jake Knickmeyer May 07, 2012
Sounds like a name you'd give a poodle
Description: Some corners are claiming Greg may have made an honest mistake with the description as Porsche planning to cram an extra couple of seats at the back of the 960's mid-mounted engine doesn't s...
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Patrick Joseph May 07, 2012
Yes I was told a while ago that VW plans on introducing the new scirocco to the US. Makes sense since most north Americans love that car. It's pricey but well worth it.
Alec Lindgren May 07, 2012
Scirocco for the US!!??!!??
Ben Norton May 07, 2012
The newer ones are awesome! That would be a great dd
Patrick Schalk May 07, 2012
That would be so awesome. I love that little car
Chris Tietjen May 07, 2012
Scirocco for the US?!?
Den Zo May 08, 2012
I really liked this. It's still a porsche but with something fresh and new for once! Let's just hope it actually goes from paper to metal...
Darren Nardo May 07, 2012
Not as sexy as the 458 , but still
Michael Anfang May 07, 2012
I do like and I am one who usually hates Porsche
Derek Hedtke May 07, 2012
why would they change this into a four door?
Den Zo May 07, 2012
@Chris. Couldn't agree more!
Jordan Smith May 07, 2012
I think it looks great. I'd love to see Porsche make this.
Lucas Hill May 07, 2012
Wow, porsche actually made something that looks nice
James Patrick Delaney May 07, 2012
That looks great IMO, just the right amount of change.
Chris Gaines May 07, 2012
this is what the 911 should have evolved into in the first place!
Dillon Dixon May 07, 2012
This looks so good. The stance on it looks perfect.
Matt Piccolo May 07, 2012
It's such a nice car
Duncan Jolley May 07, 2012
If they were smart they would do it.