Comments - 1,088hp Rimac Concept One: Croatian Drift

Published: May 07, 2012
Description: The million dollar Rimac Automobili Concept One aka the super-EV is receiving a full-length video from its Croatian creators and their first teaser video shows the incredible, 1,088hp and 2,800 lb-ft ...
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wfdowns May 07, 2012
pratik there is no engine its an ev
Pratik Parija May 07, 2012
Aww more!!! Where's the engine sound? All I hear is the tires
Chris Gaines May 07, 2012
I guess if there's no engine noise, the sound of dying tires will have to suffice?
James Patrick Delaney May 07, 2012
No don't stop. We want to see more.
wfdowns May 07, 2012
twas interesting, gotta say that is one pretty car
Description: EVs seem to have a bad rap in the world of automotives, but nobody can complain on a 3,637lbs supercar that can run from 0-62mph in only 2.8 seconds and hit a top speed of 195mph. On a single charge, ...
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abc123 May 09, 2012
this is still a good car though and Croatia is a very nice country
abc123 May 09, 2012
1000 hp and 195 mph top speed? oh wait a minute its an electric car dumba**!
abc123 May 09, 2012
@Brady you are such a dumba**.
Jason Brower May 07, 2012
Who honestly cares if top speed is 195, there's only a handful tracks you would ever be able to actually drive at speeds over that. Just going in a straight line up to 200 is pointless. I'd rather have a 'box that let me get up to speed fast.
Abraham Mendoza May 07, 2012
What if the gearing (or whatever it is) is meant for acceleration rather than top speed.
Trevor Leon May 07, 2012
1,000+ hp and only 195mph?
Kenneth Williams May 07, 2012
I'm Impressed with the distance in between charges but I guess for a cool million it should be.
Joe Fats Harper May 07, 2012
Lol.. Now everyone hates Brady... Cuz he's a dumba**
Devin Babyn May 07, 2012
Brady you just made yourself sound like such a dumbass
xenozonda May 07, 2012
373 miles on a charge? im impressed, but i bet that could only be achieved by VERY conservative driving. if I was driving thing I'd be lucky to get 100 miles on a charge
wfdowns May 07, 2012
u must not know to much about the car world since ur stupid enough to compare a bike to a car, bikes weight an ass load less then a car and there power to weight ratio is alot better
Brady Jacoby May 07, 2012
3000 torque and the 0-60 is slower then a 600cc motorcycle? That's pathetic...
Jason Brower May 07, 2012
Those are HRE wheels, so they are American wheels. The muscle part I don't agree with as much though.
Mike Lasenby May 07, 2012
American muscle called, they want their wheel design back.
Nick Tadych May 07, 2012
I completly agree with that statement
Matt Martir May 07, 2012
Front has a vette feel to it. The roof line looks like a 350z. And the rear quarter panels remind me of the fat a** of the veyron.
Bob Thebuilder May 07, 2012
Front mildly reminds me of a Jaguar CX16
Devin Babyn May 07, 2012
Why can't carbuzz just block this kid. All he does is troll
Ben Bright May 07, 2012
VVV haha, that's a good one!
Abraham Mendoza May 07, 2012
You know Matt, I always thought the MR2, Miata, Civic SI, and Supra were pretty.
Matt Piccolo May 07, 2012
U know a cars ugly/girly when it's "pretty"
Bob Thebuilder May 07, 2012
It is very pretty
Carlton Salmon May 08, 2012
I still don't understand why there's almost zero visibility in a car with no combustion engine behind the seats? That's not design, that's just dumb!
Mark McRearie May 07, 2012
hate the way the back looks
James Patrick Delaney May 07, 2012
Nothin wrong with that